Review: Arsenal All Or Nothing Episode 6 – Still aiming for Top 4

Review: All or Nothing – Episode 6 by Dan

The narrator tells us information he needs to tell his manager. Don’t inform us that Lacazette only has 3 goals by February. Talk to the geniuses who thought it was a good idea to give away our best striker for free without buying a replacement.

Arteta himself says the game is decided by the two penalty areas and that’s what decides top level sport. Don’t then give your best striker to Barcelona!

Steve Round shows Lacazette video footage of Benzema, the only issue being that Laca is not …. Benzema.  Round says, ‘you’ll score again Laca, that I have no doubt’…… that was just wishful thinking!

It’s sad that no one sees the irony of the constant mentioning of our small squad having to cope with a hectic schedule, when it was Arsenal’s own choice to offload 5 squad players in January.

It’s great to see the dressing room despondent after beating Brentford but not keeping a clean sheet. As a gooner concerned about the mentality in the team I’m delighted to see those standards.

Watching Arteta interact at home with his family is content the series has lacked in general.

I have appreciated how the Spaniard seems to have an original pre match team talk for every occasion. (Any other viewers clearly see a duck and not a rabbit in that image he puts up?)

The celebrations after Wolves win shows how far the club have fallen.

Why I wanted Ramsdale as captain is evidenced by how despondent he is after he’s beaten at his near post against Liverpool. Seeing how much the players care has made fans connect with them again.

We keep hearing how the target is top 4, not any mention yet of how 5th is progress…

I’ll keep watching for it…

Dan Smith


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  1. I watched Lacazette kicked Henry-Francis after getting robbed during a training session, then he grabbed Soares by the neck when Soares defended the youngster. This reminds me of the quarrel between Ceballos and Nketiah

    I agree with what Lacazette said that it was the effect of being highly competitive in sports. But we can see that some of our players cracked when they were under heavy pressure, despite having a lot of experience as senior players

    Arsenal should’ve signed Aubameyang’s replacement after he left, but we shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. Those videos showed the ex-Gunners’ true characters, but let’s keep moving forward with our current players

    1. GOA, No, we should have signed a Aubemeyang replacement BEFORE he left – that is one of the reasons we lost out on CL, along with, as Dan rightly mentions, the offloading of five squad players, with not one replacement.

      Remember the stick AW got for only signing ONE player in a transfer window?

      1. I am sure, everything was done to find a forward, who would fit our strategy, but it was probably impossible at that time and with short notice.
        Maybe we could have signed “any” forward, but what would we have done with him now?
        What happened was far from ideal, but nor would any panic buy have been.

        1. Impossible at the time and with short notice !
          We chased Dušan Vlahović all transfer window knowing that he didn’t want to come here ,we could have bought in an older experienced striker just on a 6month loan which now could have seen us playing CL football this term .
          The spuds bought the 2 lads from juve in the same window and look what happened ,they now play in the competition we should be in .
          Plenty of players we could have got in that’s on Arteta ,stop looking for excuses when there are none .

          1. Rubbish.
            You are acting as if it was a given thing any striker would have made the difference, and as if it is a disaster how we finished.
            Our strategy is first and foremost to develop a title challenging team over a period of time. Finishing 5’th was a pity, but maybe it was an important learning experience, and obviously those who decide don’t consider it a disaster.
            Only the anti brigade see an idea in that label.

      2. It would’ve been better if we had signed the replacement before he left

        I guess Arsenal wanted to buy an excellent one like Vlahovic or Jesus. But they could’ve loaned a CF instead, such as Jovic

  2. If we had signed an experience striker on loan for 6month what was the assurance that the striker will adapt or fit into our system right away.

    Moreover, we had a striker in laca who failed to deliver before he was finally benched by Nketia. Moreoso, will didn’t miss out of top 4 because we didn’t replace Auba. We missed out because our team was unbalanced due to injuries to key defensive players.

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