Newcastle Review – Arsenal only just lose out in the Battle of St James Park

Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal squad travelled to St James Park to face off against in form Newcastle on Saturday night and walked away defeated for the first time in the Premier League this season. A gutting loss for Arteta and his squad as the game was filled with plenty of drama and plenty of talking points. Football really is a game of small margins, and it just wasn’t Arsenal’s night. Squandering a chance to catch up to reigning champions Manchester City and walking away defeated.

The whole game was a battle of the midfield and the game started off very even, with the ball going for one end to the other, with both teams getting a lot of chances, but just weren’t clinical enough to get back each other’s defence. A game of high tempo football and great stuff from both sides, It was anything but boring. As the first half went on things started to heat up and get a bit more physical and aggressive, after a nasty tackle from Kai Havertz made him almost see red.

The first half finished 0-0, both teams having a good half of football but Arsenal seeing most of the possession and keeping Newcastle to only 4 shots and none on target. Seeing more cards than shots, both teams set up well tactically and managed to keep each other’s attacks to the minimum.

In the second half rain started to pour down over Newcastle and the game started to get even more aggressive and nasty tackles started to be thrown around. But again, the half started off with end-to-end football and both looked raring to go.

In the 64th minute a cross came into the box just over David Raya’s head and landed on the head of Joelinton who headed to ball to the feet of Antony Gordon who scrambled the ball into the back of the Arsenal net past Raya. After a long VAR check and some questionable moves in the lead up to the goal, Newcastle was awarded the goal, putting them 1-0 in front.

Arsenal spent the remainder of the game on the front foot and tried their hardest to get an equalizer but couldn’t snatch a goal. Walking away defeated for the fist time this season in the Premier League and missing the chance of catching up to Manchester City. A disappointing loss for Arteta and his squad and after losing against West Ham mid-week, Arsenal fans will be hoping we can bounce back mid-week against Sevilla at The Emirates.

What’s your thoughts on the game Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. With our current strikers and midfield besides the more reliable players, aren’t talk of the Premier League a little too ambitious?

    And with our current squad and crop of midfielders/strikers, isn’t it surprising that we even have the courage to, sometimes, discuss a possible disposal of Partey?

  2. Yes we currently have no chance of title, let’s be real.

    The mistakes Arteta made during summer are now evident:

    – wasted limited budget on Havertz who by no means is an upgrade on Xhaka

    – wasted money on Timber who got injured immediately. Now, I know this seems harsh to say because his injury was unexpected and they boy looked good in preseason but even if he would be fit right now, I can’t see how his presence would make us any better. IMO our defenders are the least of our concerns and I think the money spent on Havertz/Timber, could’ve been spent on other, more urgent positions

    – relied on Zinchenko/ESR/Partey/Jesus fitness although there is evidence of SEVERAL SEASONS of recorded injuries among these usual suspects

    – can’t drop Raya to save his ego. Ramsdale was dropped for a good reason but the same thinking doesn’t seem to apply dropping Raya

  3. Money wasted on Timber.R U avin a larf?.Think he’ll make you eat those words big time in the New year.His injury left a massive hole in the midfield.In a game like yesterday he would have been huge for the physicality.
    Having said that.As much as some posters are happy enough to accept the current state of officialdom ( Arteta certainly isn’t)I’ll call it for what it is.Blatant corruption.How do you get 3 ,arguably 4( if you throw in a handball)decisions wrong on one incident?Answers on a postcard.

  4. I thought a 0-0 finish would have been a fair result in that tough match.

    Unfortunately VAR is a disgrace and harming the league. It was a clear foul pushing Gabriel; Joelington all over him, and both arms extended when he pushed him.

    Wolves robbed, twice now we have been robbed, Liverpool was robbed, it is an absolute disgrace. Scrap this subjective embarrassment where it’s out one week (Rashford), but not this week. Not a foul on Gabriel, but it is with City or Everton.

    Arteta 100% right to be furious, and all fans should DEMAND action.

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