Review – Brilliant win but Arsenal could have scored a lot more!

Good – but we need to be more clinical by JH

Arsenal picked up a good 3 points at home, it was easy, almost too easy, a match that finished 2-0 could and perhaps should have finished 3,4,5 but for a very good performance from Jack Butland, and the wastefulness of our attackers, Walcott should have struck twice before he scored, Sanchez probably should have got one, and I feel Ozil should have done better when put through by Cazorla. We also probably should have had a penalty when Giroud was hauled down whilst trying to convert his second of the day.

But all in all, it was a good performance, our defense was solid and assured (with the help of a very poor Stoke) Coquelin and Koscielny were head and shoulders above Stoke’s attacking players. Gabriel once again looked solid, and even gave Arnautovic a clout for Debuchy. I thought Bellerin was superb, I think his performance was simply overshadowed by the likes of Coq and Kos, But young Hector was solid at the back, and caused quite a bit of trouble down the other end too.

Santi Cazorla was at his mercurial best, earning an assist for his lovely free kick into Giroud. Mesut Ozil was once again superb, His ball for our opener was fantastic, he created a total of 7 chances for his teammates, he is now on 76 chances created for 2015, more than any other player, More than the genius Silva, more than ex captain Fabregas, more than player of the year Hazard, more than much heralded Coutinho, but don’t forget, Ozil is not worth £42 million. Mesut is a genius, He has created at least 4 chances a game this season. He can’t finish them as well.

Sanchez seemed to have his energy back today, he was still lacking that final finish, but he hit the post twice today, he is getting closer, hopefully he can net vs Chelsea. Ramsey did well, he showed his inevitable energy and industry, perhaps could have added a goal, but was off balance when he was shooting, would be harsh to criticise him for it.

Now where to start on Theo Walcott, he scored the all important first goal, his touch from Ozils ball over the top was superb and he showed great composure to tuck past the previously unbeatable Butland. But, he should have had another 2 before he scored, I think we need to be patient with Theo, people attack him for not making the correct runs or lacking the instinct of a striker, but for this he simply needs time, games is how he will learn this, I would think he is getting good advice from AW and perhaps our new U18s Attacking coach The King can give him some tips. One thing I must point out, when it comes to the is Walcott a Striker argument, Theo has scored 11 goals in his last 11 starts. Olivier Girouds last 12 appearances have brought 2 goals. Nuff said?

Arsene Wenger speaking after the game once again proclaimed his belief that Walcott will become “a prolific goalscorer”. Perhaps Giroud should get used to just having the last 15 minutes.

Today interested me, we pressed collectively and very well, forcing Stoke into mistake after mistake, but it was more than that, we saw Cazorla, Coquelin even Koscielny striking from far out, I think I counted 5 or 6 times where we just played the simple ball over the top looking for Walcott, it will be interesting to see if this was just a one off, desperate as we were to get a goal at home.

With Chelsea’s humbling defeat at the hands of Steven Naismith and Everton. We have moved 6 clear of them after just 5 games. We are now second favourite for the league, and are in fact second as we speak. Arsenal hit goals through our starting striker and our substitute striker. Not too bad for a club in crisis that are desperate for a striker.

I believe if we can go to Stamford Bridge and pick up the points, we might well go on one of those runs a little earlier than usual.

By JonnHirons

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    1. It takes forever to see that combination, its just the beginning, we will be more dangerous. +Alexis also around. Ozil must be smiling right now, because he know more people will value his game soon. That pass will never be recognise with Giroud up front, he will do what he is best at (Hold up the play). Theo’s goal is one of the fastest goals we scored for while. The ball was with our opponents then 30 seconds later its gooooooooal for Arsenal. Hope we will keep seeing such on a regular bases.
      Wow just wow.

  1. I hope we adopt this wining mentality against Chelsea because they are not doing good with much demand from their fans.
    Lets play them to win not draw, all i need is the 3 point


  2. Good result vs stoke 🙂 hope we get all 3 points at stamford bridge! Whoever said ozil was bluffing when he said he wants to win the league ? #YaGunnersYa

  3. We have a big chance to beat Chelsea next weekend! The cumulative points and their position in the table will only demand from them to attack and score goals. This should play into our hands through counter attacks. But I have 2 concerns for this match. First, it will be after a long travel for an away UCL match while Chelsea will have and easy and a home match.
    Secondly, it is going to be an early kick off unless there was a change in the fixture! You know we have an issue with Saturday early kick offs.

  4. I don’t know what is happening with Wenger. I like the way he believes and supports his players. But there are better players in that position than Giroud and Walcott out there and he don’t want them. So he don’t want to make a better team? I don’t get it!! Me personally think Giroud will be a good supersub. And Walcott I don’t know, some people says he has potential but the team don’t have time. Right now we’re having some best world class midfielders that any team wants to have. Who knows they will be staying after 2,3 years later when Walcott will finally become another Henry. It’s about timing!! We’re all feeling that we just need one or two more addition (world class on-form one, not potential youngster or something ) to get together as the best team and win titles!!!

    1. @Dennis, Walcott doesn’t need 2-3 seasons to catch up, just remember the last time he stayed fit and played regularly in the 2013 season, 20 goals from the wing. My point here is: he is a proven goal scorer, just need to learn some few things to be a CF, and believe Arsene can help him to do that. And don’t forget KING HENRY is around to say a word or 2 as well. Let’s give him 5-10 games up front and see what happen. #COYG forget the transfer window please. Let’s concentrate on what is at the stake.

      1. @muda: don’t get me wrong I like Walcott and I think he is one of the best right wingers and a good scorers. However, I think he’s more natural on the wing. We’ve been talking about playing him upfront for years now, so I bet he has been learning something. I agree we should give him more chances. What I don’t understand is why Wenger didn’t want just one more CF when all we have is an average one and a ‘need 5-10 games’ one. Well believe me I hope Walcott will do well as much as you do. #justSaying

        1. Adebuywhores has just been released by the spuds,
          We all know that Wenger love’s a freebie! ?

          So don’t be surprised if he is back at the club ?

  5. OG has been pulled down now twice inside the box. Against Livepool and yesterday. That would be 4 goals he has contributed to in limited duty in 5 games. He should be up top with Theo and Alexis.
    I think having Ramsey on the right is not the way to go. His work rate would be helpful to Santi as the season progresses. Those two should split games and Ox should come on for either of the front 3 or LeCoq if we needed more in attack or if Ozil needs a breather.

    1. There hasn’t been much talk of that incident. Appalling decision!! Giroud went from perfect position for a tap-in to sideways in mid-air! Clear cut penalty every day of the week!
      Ergh.. Can’t complain too much. These moments happen. Best they happen when the games in the bag at 2-0 than chasing a goal.

  6. Nice balanced review.

    Gab is a beast and works well with the boss. boss. I see per getting more and more bench duty this season.

    Good result, but we need to convert more.

    Roll on on Chelsea game and a theo hat trick (ala Naysmith).


      1. Cracks are appearing at Chelski. Maureenho is bla his computer now for his teams loss.


  7. Good morning JonnHirons. The true is, we’d managed to put Stoke to the sword after a long struggle. And to my collegues Gooners, they shouldn’t be putting the cart before the horse as Arsenal next focus is Dinamo Zagreb and not Chelsea. Apart of the long lob by Ozil which Walcott collected and rolled in. Ozil didn’t impress me with his game as his passes was generally poor. And Walcott was generally poor too in front of goal as he profligated save the 1 goal he scored. He missed a sitter heading and can’t hit the ball well with his foot in front of goal as he looked to be passing the ball to the Stoke keeper. Something with his ACL knee? If so, let his train his other foot in training to become strong and becomes two footed like Cazorla. All the flaws from this Stoke game MUST be corrected before we go to Dinamo Zagreb for our Ucl opening game.

  8. Benteke and Martial 2 world class players….

    We should hv sign both of them….

    We would have create more and score more if we have botj Benteke and Martial playing in our team..

    1. Everybody has a right to their own opinion, but when they are as stupid as yours we would all appreciate you keeping them to yourself 🙂

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