Review of All Or Nothing Episode 3 – Arteta shows he cares

Review of Episode 3 – Arsenal All Or Nothing by Dan Smith

Episode 3 is an example of the benefit of watching a series with the benefit of hindsight.

It starts with our manager singling out Nuno Tavares for praise after his performance against Aston Villa.

A day later though his boss tells his staff he’s concerned about how shy the 22-year-old is and how a new way must be found to make him more vocal.

After two mistakes against Liverpool, the Portuguese struggled to shake the errors off. He’s now gone out on loan.

If you’re uncomfortable with Arsenal taking Amazon’s money to hang their laundry out to the public, you might be embarrassed by how Arteta prepares for the atmosphere at Anfield.

Our boss admits it was the one time in his career where he went missing as a player and he regrets it.

Every episode the Spaniard has a unique method on how to prepare his squad mentally for an occasion. Not all are going to work of course.

Getting a group of men to stand in a circle and rub their hands seems odd till they beat Leicester.

Something tells me in training getting loudspeakers to play You’ll Never Walk Alone might become a meme.

Most players say in practice you can create the atmosphere of say a penalty shoot-out, so it’s odd he thought the environment would be the same as on match day.

There are examples of why many (including myself) wanted Ramsdale and Tierney to be our next captain.

In a 3-1 win, it’s great to see how gutted our keeper is that he fails to keep a clean sheet. He is also the most vocal after we lose at Goodison.

Tierney meanwhile hasn’t forgotten where he comes from, talking about his battle with homesickness.

It seems an inside joke when it’s confirmed his personal chef and roommate from Scotland now has a job at Arsenal.

Yet when the full back talks about how mental health led to some friends committing suicide, it makes sense that the club would move his buddy down south with him.

You can’t accuse Arteta of not caring.

He defends his players after a 4-0 loss at Liverpool because they don’t hide, after a loss to Everton he simply walks out of the room.

Your thoughts peeps, so far….



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Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. A very fair summary Dan

    I never bought into the egotistical jibes that have followed Arteta since he arrived. I only saw a dedicated former player embracing the most fantastic opportunity to bring Arsenal back to better times.

    Whether his best was going to be good enough was sometimes at the back of my mind, but I pretty much thought he was a very able football man learning the nuances of management in a high profile club rather than at a lower league club which he probably should have done first.

    I was so impressed by the camaraderie on display at the training ground and like you, found the interview with Tierney enlightening. Tavares came across well too.

    The 3 episodes so far haven’t been jaw droppingly exciting but I have really enjoyed seeing how the club runs on a day to day basis and the attention to detail from the support staff

    Arteta walking out of the changing room without speaking was probably the best thing he could have done under the circumstances

    I’m looking forward to the next tranche

    1. Lovely comment sue and spot on. Haven’t seen anyone mention that the idea that Arteta tells the team to be defensive or drop off when winning has been prove to be completely false. The HT talks clearly showed the opposite and perhaps a bit of lack of experience and quality is what led to the drop offs. Also suspect given Arteta plays a similar pep style positional game with emphasis on knowing where to expect people to be that as they tired last year they found it harder to remember those training ground instructions. Why players at city often take a year to get up to speed. Wouldn’t be surprised to see grealish kick on this year for instance and cancelo is a great example of someone who struggled year 1 and is now a lynchpin.

  2. Kroenke has been tremendously supporting him, he was an Arsenal captain for several years and he announced his retirement at the Emirates, so he would most likely care a lot about Arsenal’s success

    However, don’t be disappointed if he leaves for another European club in the future. I believe most managers won’t say no if Real Madrid or Barcelona call them

    1. Barca will always be a worry, people forget he came through La Masia originally. Still feel he’s Arsenal through and through now and on the flip side barring the super League getting the green light arsenal are a better proposition for at least the next 5 years probably 10 years as project.

      1. If he becomes successful at Arsenal and prefers comfort zone like Wenger, he could stay for many years like his mentor and Simeone

    2. The problem with those two clubs you mentioned is they always want instant result.
      They don’t have time for projects or building.
      Their owner watch every match on the stand and they are always hungry for more success.
      They will sack anyone with immediate effect no matter the stand they have in that club.
      Wenger was wise to have rejected their offer. He wouldn’t last 3 seasons their without winning a trophy.
      Koeman didn’t last 2 season in Barca, Zidane only lasted 3 in first time.
      Arteta won’t last a season if he came 8th like he did with us at some point.
      Maybe if they change their owner, but both clubs current owners will do anything to find their team on top and that includes firing any manager.
      Their fan base are use to success as well, I don’t think they will be too patient to have their team on long time project without yearly success to back it up.

      1. Not everyone has such low standards as Arsenal fans, first those club won’t sign Arteta based on what he has done at Arsenal. In only Arteta die heart fans mind is Arteta world class and will be a legend, not in the eyes of people who see the truth and are not delusional. Let’s say these clubs and their fans are not blind like Arsenal fans are in Arteta’s love.

  3. Arteta the dictator cares? Wow, who would’ve thought so. I don’t believe it. I’m not gonna fall for this crap. The players already ate tired of him and the kids, he hates them and the players stopped fighting for him, so how can that dictator care.

    1. He is a bad man manager that falls out with big players.. He is a dictator that hates the like of Martinelli, EMR, Saliba etc.. All the players want to leave the club because of him. Can’t attract serious players.. The young players are scared of him, that’s why you never hear about them challenging his authority.. Dictator..
      Just a wannabe Pep.
      Pep’s waterboy etc…

      No one likes him..

      1. You lot are pathetic and that’s why Arsenal fans are always made fun of. One game and look at your comments. Plus what happened last year , with most spend in league your so called legendary manager could not even finish in top 4 😆😅🤣😂.

      1. Grow up
        Have a bit of respect for someone who as taking the time to write an article ,bunch of children

          1. Not at all Angus
            I only respond if someone try’s to belittle me ,we all know arguments start off against anyone who has negative word against Arteta as you do yourself .
            Find me a post where one anti Arteta fan as started an argument against a pro Arteta fan ,I await your reply .

            1. Dan kit, whilst I cannot speak for Angus, I can certainly speak for myself when it comes to unpleasantness written to me when I have supported Arteta- mostly during the first 18 months when results were decidedly patchy and the Ozil situation was in full flow. There were several times when I didn’t stick up for my belief that Arteta was a good man for fear of abuse from a small handful who could be particularly foul and definitely personal.
              Over the last 3 years on JA I have developed a thicker skin and have actively decided to not engage with certain posters. When I stepped over the line – usually emotionally on some topics – I had the decency to apologise

              1. Maybe you did have abuse sue I didn’t see it or would have spoken up about it .but have you ever seen me abuse someone without provocation ,same with Dan himself ,Reggie and a few others ,It gets on my grill how so many posters ,who wouldn’t say boo to a goose in person ,have this personal agenda against anyone who Speak out against Artetas short comings .
                What some fans don’t remember with me is that I was a massive Arteta fan when he first came in when these same supporters didn’t believe in him ,it obviously swapped over and now I have an agenda against him which is so far from the truth .
                I’ve only ever written 2 Articles on JA maybe Adpat could find the one where I spoke about Arteta ,and you can decide for yourself and many others if I have an agenda .
                My advice to you is if it gets given give it back ,it’s never let me down and I would never shy away from any argument.

                1. I’ll bear that in mind Dan kit
                  In the normal scheme of things I’m not particularly confrontational
                  Sometimes views on football can bring the worst out in us all. Even if we support the same club
                  C’est la vie

                2. Dan you were legitimately awful to me preseason/start of season you might have forgot I have not and clearly sue didn’t either. Selective memory maybe? Past is past move on but look in the mirror. Otherwise we are Arsenal.

                  1. You obviously have a short memory @Angus because no doubt you would have started any argument between us as you get so so angry while defending Arteta where you pretty much hijack the whole thread and tell everyone to shut up .

                    1. As you can see below Angus ,having just scrolled down your relentless mission to big up Arteta while bashing anyone with a different opinion.

                3. @Dan Kit
                  You used to be one of Arteta’s biggest advocates but that ended when he started exposing that little mayhem manufacturer weasel (Ozil).
                  Yourself, @Mrs Sue and @Ken1945 turned on Arteta because you had more affiliation toward your Cult hero Ozil. It became Ozil vs Arteta. You guys were deeply in the Ozil camp while a smaller group of Arteta fans and independents where stood up for Arteta..

                  Since Arteta won that battle you guys have retained this dislike, grudge and bias against him.. Can’t bring yourself to be objective when assessing Arteta.. It’s mostly biased, snarky or just pure full on negativity.

                  You guy did the same with Emery..

                  1. @goonster,just ignore that hypocrite as he does’nt rate odegaard who is of a kdb type of player and claims he has no pace whereby his cult hero ozil is not any better including at pressing opponents and creating chances which if we’ve got established world class attackers would be converted therefore massive increase in goals and assists…such a cry baby!!!

                    1. @FK
                      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

                  2. Nothing to do with Ozil what’s on goonster ,I wasn’t even his biggest fan ,it’s to do with Artetas whole management style .

  4. Relieved to see some asttempt at balance for once about MA by Dismal DAN.
    As Sue P corectly says above, I too have never been taken in by the agenda ridden so called “egotistical jibes” aginst MA.
    I have always read those jibes for the immature nonsense they are.
    I do, to a large extent, agree with DAN about the “benefit of watching a series with hindsight”, for the very good reason that it shows HOW FAR we have progressed during that year.

    I believe that people who pay huge sums to watch our club have a moral right to know far more about how the club is run and from the inside too, than we could have possibly previously known.

    However , personally, and the above having been said, I remain opposed to making public what happened in the dressing room during and just after games. Before is fine and also during training, but NOT DURING games. Just my take!

    Publicity then? Yes, but NOT ALL happenings should be aired .

    After all, where does this stop? Watching them in the toilet, perhaps ?!

  5. A more positive article, still couldn’t resist a captaincy jibe as you didn’t want ode but yeah fair assesment of the episode.

    1. Yeah ?
      That is okay lol
      All are you one of those fans who everything has to be called perfect else you can’t cope ?

      1. No but you seem to be unable to write a positive piece without taking some kind of dig. The whole negative Vs positive came from me personally arguing with people to wait until Nov/Dec to decide and then others getting onboard after we started winning. In your case it was trying to convince you we were actually in the race for top 4 in the 1st place. None of those are overtly perfect or over the top. Not about having rose-tinted glasses it’s about not deliberately being negative at any given opportunity like when you argued we were not in top 4 race with games in hand because we were the 10th. Your tepid palace write up contained no excitement, no mention of villas great home form last year and no mention of the fact it may well have the hardest of our 1st 8. You did however manage to relive the worst highlights of last year and you also claimed Arteta could be critisised for being cautious yet you just watched the all or nothing series where he never said any such thing at HT in those games and that lie was objectively proven wrong. Why did you do that? You literally had just watched the show.

  6. As aside because it’s not an article yet but anyone else seen that Guendouzi has fallen out with yet another manager and left the ground at HT. Colour me surprised. Set to be benched next game.

  7. You mean when I wrote well done to the girls for winning the Euros ?
    Or well done super Jack on his retirement ?
    Or what a great buy Jesus was ?
    Or a predictions game ?
    How bout such a great article I got invited to a film premiere to meet Mr Wenger ?

    I predicted arsenal would finish 5th as well , a position so many readers see as progress lol

    1. Women’s euros is literally irrelevant it’s a multi-club event and not the men’s arsenal we are talking about.

      Praising Jack who had long since left the club is again not related to arsenal now,l.

      Yes the fact that’s the best you have to say is everything, you can’t find a positive thing except the signing that became FPLs most selected in history, good job…. Insight. We signed a lot of players before then. What did you say about that?

      Predictions game I’ve always given you credit for but again it in no way relates to your reporting on AFC. You literally used that platform last year to claim we were not in the top 4 race.

      Finally you predicted 6th, you had villa 5th. I in response to your 6th predicted 5th.

      1. To your 6th I predicted 5th. Then real Viera called me a wannabe super fan and the rest is history

        1. Just giving you examples of articles where I’m positive
          Just because I predicted 6th does mean that would have been okay lol.

          1. You also said we were not in the race for top 4 you never backed down you moved goalpost and said we’d bottle it and have gloated about us finishing 5th since.

    2. Please Dan
      Please stop it
      It’s a plea
      Why is the ignominy of 5th still so important?
      When do we move on?

      1. Can only answer the questions Sue
        I’m being asked why am I negative about Arsenal?
        Answer is because in my opinion results and positions have not been good enough and I won’t be bullied into changing mind on that

        1. I’m not asking you to
          It’s a no win situation for any of us if we keep referring to the past. I know I have looked backwards occasionally but would much prefer to look forwards

          1. Sue you were one of the only people that was willing to stand up preseason, early season last year. Meant a lot to me because I often felt very alone at that time. Thanks for that. Unfortunately I became and still am to an extent more militant in response to the responses I got and if I’m drunk that goes 10x. In this case I brought it up, not aggressive but he’s replying to me. Disingenuously but replying non the less

        2. With Dan on this I brought it up. Noone is bullying you though Dan, seriously. The fact that you always refuse to answer questions and prefer to deflect on every comment section says everything, your not genuine and not interested in opinions. I disagreed with Reggie and when I was pissed out my head I was awful to him and I apologised because that’s what you do. Never needed to apologise to you because I never crossed that line with you.

  8. You still haven’t answered why you included the Arteta is cautious trope in your palace report having watched the all or nothing series. ???

  9. No I accept your opinion and would never try to change it but works both ways
    I read my palace review ( a positive piece ) and never said he was cautious in reference to All or Nothing
    He’s a cautious manager in my opinion but nothing to do with All or nothing

    1. Fair enough. You did say it about Arteta it is there for anyone to read There is no point in all or nothing where Arteta tells the team to be cautious not one and frankly the opposite based on his talks. More importantly the fixtures where that 1st became a thing are covered in the all or nothing and Arteta at ht tells them to carry on, be aggressive, push up etc not be cautious. You watched it why do I have to explain this.

      1. I don’t know what your talking about ?
        Send me where in the.palce review I mention all or nothing ?

        1. Deflecting again this is getting embarrassing. You said Arteta was cautious. In all or nothing Arteta was never cautious. If you want to claim that artetas documented by all or nothing HT team talks did not happen then fine.

          1. I have called Arteta a cautious manager long before all or nothing dude
            In his tenure look how many games we have failed to score in compare to Wenger era
            Again it’s up to you but I havnt been entertained by this football have you ?

              1. Who wasn’t ?
                I’m lost
                Your have to point out what I said mate that’s concerned you
                Which episode was it ?

                1. Point to the point when Arteta told the team to be cautious! Should be easy given your previous messages.

  10. I don’t think I have come across much of Daniel S articles but I have to commend him for his willingness to response to all these accusations.
    Do not let anyone bully you into admitting something you are not yet satisfied with or yet to see a significant progress.
    As for Many of us, we are Arsenal fans before anything and we shall remain that forever regardless of who comes and go.
    Owners, managers and players should be criticize and be questioned at all the time without exception.
    Wenger received criticisms, so does emery, and so does any managers that will come after them and this current management.
    If you think you need to question why some fans couldn’t support a manager that finished 8th twice and haven’t done better in terms of league position and Europa before the past management in almost 3 years, then you should continue doing so.
    Everyone have the right to choose weather to support the project or not.
    Yeah there have been progress and there have been a lot of improvement but for some fans they want more than that and you can’t question that.
    No matter what changes could be made and the improvement, if we fail to match the or beat the past management achievement, then there will always be question and criticism..
    Many wanted the korenke out and he was labeled all sort of names including a protest, I didn’t see anyone claiming those fans as No real fans, negative fans, anti korenke, korenke haters.
    I didn’t partake in any of that.
    So let everyone be free to choose what they support without being labelled as the pessimistic ones.
    As far as am concerned, the moment we start winning again, everyone will come on board.
    Remember not everyone is as patient as you.

    1. Cheers mate
      Some fans act like we finished 2nd and I’m still being negative
      Nothing anyone can say will make me call 8th 8th and 5,th a good job

      1. The fact you say Arteta finished 8th after Emery exposes you for what you are. He had 6th beat form (behind why on gd and Chelsea by a point) and a FA cup in that time? Obviously not 8th unless you intend to lie.

        1. In his first full season he finished 8,th ….that is not a lie , it’s a fact
          Think your looking for an argument dude
          Happy to debate but if we are going to say facts didn’t happen then this conversation is going no where
          Arteta finished 8th
          If that’s something you are now arguing then this is pointless

  11. Sooner we play Chelsea the better. They are playing and getting lucky results just like last season. Very very poor.

  12. Angus what’s wrong with you. In short what’s wrong with all of you. Why attacking Dan Smith, even Dan Kit. Do we have an Admin here. Can’t you protect your writers. Whoever pro Arteta is labelled a negative fan. Great article followed by disgraceful soft verbal attacks at the writer and Dan Kit. This is beyond embarrassing.

      1. It is sad Chapo
        Started off with him not liking I said Ode shouldn’t be captain
        I’m one person , one opinion , not right ,.not wrong
        Unless a child I can’t imagine grown adults getting worked up over a stranger’s opinion over football ?
        One reader even asked admin if we could have positive articles
        It reflects society . The moment you say something people don’t like ,they can’t handle it
        Eg , trying to say it’s a lie arsenal finished 8th ?

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