Review of Arsenal: All Or Nothing – Episode 4 – Where is Aubameyang?

As a writer who gets a hard time questioning the team’s mentality, it’s strange to see episode 4 start with our manager yelling at the dressing room, calling them ‘ soft’.

So, I’m not the only one?

This part of the series was the most anticipated so far with the focus being on what led to essentially the end of Aubameyang’s Arsenal career?

It’s an issue that our fanbase debate about to this day.

Would our top 4 hopes have been improved had he been managed instead of relying on Eddie Nketiah and Lacazette?

Given the latter’s goal output and that we finished 5th, we know the answer deep down.

The reason Amazon have paid us so much money to have unlimited access is to essentially highlight when the club is not being transparent.

One moment Arteta is downplaying the significance of his captain being on the bench at Everton to the media, seconds later he’s whispering to his press officer to be ‘prepared for an explosion’.

Did we get an answer to what actually happened?

We see the striker training and sitting on his own but never hear his account.

Rob Holding confirms to Elneny the issue is the player being allowed to visit his mother in Paris but was late returning.

Yet Arteta says to his PR adviser that he has documented times and dates of certain conversations if ever needed. Hard to believe him next time he says something in a press conference.

He and his employers must have known this was recorded and approved its innclusion so deep down they don’t mind the distraction?

There’s a lot of buzz words in this programme such as values, tradition and standards.

While it’s noble that Arteta and Edu preach this and even believe it, that only works if viewers don’t know anything about the club.

This is an organisation who, just the May before, agreed to join a Super League that would have changed the landscape of English Football.

I wonder if our manager and Director reminded the Kroenke Family of values then.

Did any of them personally express our traditions to Silent Stan when they were making staff redundant, having promised that wouldn’t happen if the players took a pay cut?

I guess Arsenal’s standards are only non-negotiable when it suits their agenda.

Not that I don’t believe Arteta’s passion is not genuine.

His speech before and after the Man City game is very real. The fact though at half time he warns about ‘game management’ is an example of a coach who knows his squad are mentally weak.

Again, I’m not the only one then?

Here’s a question … If Xhaka’s response to a red card was to walk off smiling and sit texting on his phone, what reaction would he get?

I always maintained that Martinelli is our one true hope and that if fit, he can develop into a world class talent.

That’s echoed by Edu and staff.

Not sure we got the answers this episode hinted we might get?

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  1. Xhaka is right leave our hero . Our fihter and every team ñeeds to have such aplayer

  2. I don’t understand what the fuss is all about regarding this Auba issue.
    Are we all gonna pretend the Athletic wasn’t reporting some of the senior figures at Arsenal getting tired of Arteta making excuses for Auba and treating him specially different from his teammates?
    Or we all gonna pretend it’s amnesia?
    Obviously it seems true then that he’s been protected a whole lot by the manager who kept records of it.
    Should’nt some of that trust been repaid by Auba?
    You’re the captain, the least you can do is change and put in efforts especially when the manager keeps tolerating and protecting your misdemeanors. Before he left Dortmund, their chairman at some point also mentioned he can’t always be tolerated.
    Tuchel’s way of handling him back then was telling him the team meeting was for 10:45, when it’s actually 11:00 just so he could make it to the meeting. It’s all there on the net, the interview is all there.
    He was younger and the manager had to find a way to sort his misdemeanors.
    Eventually that’s not the same thing as now. You’re a 30+ old man now, captain of one of the biggest clubs in England, and you keep doing the same nonsense you were doing years ago? What? And expected to be handled like he’s Martinelli, Saka, Patino or one of the other kids?

    Where’s the sense of responsibility?
    Nah, Arteta even tried.
    In any sane company, you’d have gotten fired, but since footballing contracts don’t work like that. Let’s act like Auba wasn’t in the wrong.

    The only reason people keep questioning the way it was handled is because Auba was and is a fan favorite.
    For a minute, imagine the player with that habit and a dossier’s name is Xhaka, Gabriel Maglhaes, Nketiah or Ben White?
    Tell yourself the truth if most will be enraged and questioning the manager. Especially if the name was Xhaka.
    Hypocrisy at its peak

  3. There are always two sides of a story. In my opinion, there were two possibilities:

    A. Barcelona had tapped into Aubameyang and he did similar thing to Dortmund

    B. Arsenal wanted to ship out their barren CF as soon as possible, because of his wage

    We’ll never know the truth, so I just remember him for his heroics in FA Cup 2019/20

    I heard Barcelona are open to sell him to Chelsea, since they’ve got Lewandowski and Torres. That’s how a ruthless big club should act, to support their management

    1. I don’t know what you’re on about though, media will alwaysake their reports but clearly Xavi himself has come out to say he really likes him a lot and wants to keep him.
      Now depending on their financial issues, that tone might change, but so far manager likes him, and he’s happy there too.

      1. Great if Xavi insists on keeping Aubameyang at Nou Camp, because his pace is deadly in counter-attacking tactics

  4. Apparently Bellerin is also being offered to Barcelona, for free of course..?

    We give players away for free because nobody want to pay for their high wages and they clubs know Arsenal will budge.

    That’s why Arsenal needs to sell players when they ARE PERFORMING.

    City always sells performing players for big bucks. Liverpool as well. They don’t claw onto their players with nails and teeth if a good offer comes in. That is different with Arsenal fans: they think none of our performing players are expendable. Everyone is expendable if replacement is secured and the money is right.

  5. Tbh Auba is gone who gives a shit. As someone said above he’s in his 30’s a senior player and was our captain. He should be the example turning up to training and meetings early like any leader setting the example. Let’s not forget Auba was not Artetas choice as captain and judging by the amount of players from Emerys squad we shipped out, he didn’t feel there was another leader in the group.

    I also read what that tit piers Morgan said that Arteta humiliated him , what a load of nonsense. Auba humiliated himself visiting his mum and being given permission by the club then insta himself out with mates in paris the night before he was due back at the club. 14 goals in 2 seasons was costing us 350k per week. Auba would not have made a difference in the top four race last year. This is the same player who continually would go missing against the big teams in particular Liverpool.

    He was a great striker in the first 2 seasons with us an all credit to him for that. But it was for nothing as we didn’t achieve what we were supposed to with him up top. It might shock you that ever since Auba signed we stopped and failed to qualify for the champions league since. We dint score goals from other parts of the team like when Giroud for example was our 9 and used to link play, similar to what Jesus will do for us now. The as all or nothing showed auba goes to Barca without the clubs knowledge while in contract to negotiate a deal to leave Arsenal for nothing.

    The fans have to get real and stop looking through rose tinted glasses. He used to be a top goalscorer he was never a world class player cause his all round game wasnt good enough. Its now done the manager and club did exactly what they should have done and got him out now we have a better striker as a result.

    Let it go

  6. A VERY FAIR SUMMING UP Pat, I thought.

    Can’t agree with what I see as your odd MartinellI comment about him being our ONE TRUE HOPE.

    We have MANY true hopes and now, at long last, , IMO only ONE REGULAR who is hopeLESS.

    No prizes for guessing who that REGULAR player is!

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