Review requested after refereeing decision went in Arsenal’s favour

Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett has called for a review of VAR after Everton forward Richarlison’s goal was scrapped against Arsenal on Monday night.

The Brazilian had two disallowed goals in fact, with the first deemed to have been well offside when seeing the lines drawn, but Hackett believes the second decision goes against the latest rule changes.

In the summer, the FA decided that the lines must be drawn larger, giving forwards a slight advantage over close calls, but that didn’t happen for the second goal.

Hackett has now called for the officials that were in charge to be reviewed.

“I was very disappointed to see the Richarlison goal ruled out for a very marginal decision,” Hackett told Goodison News.

“We were promised at the start of the season that broadcast lines to determine offside would be thicker, doing away with the toenail offside calls.

“This clearly did not happen in this game with VAR determining a ‘toe’ was offside.

“These are the type of decisions that chalk off good goals.

“I hope that the PGMOL management review this one and offer the appropriate operational advice to the VAR and AVAR operators.

“Come on, we want to see goals.“

I have to admit, I thought it was onside before the lines were shown, and when we were shown them, it didn’t appear to touch the players foot.

I thought the idea to give more to the striker’s favour was also a way to speed up decisions like these, and if it was too close to call within a certain amount of time, then it was too close to be called.

In the spirit of the game, VAR is wanted to be quick and efficient, and on this occasion I’m not sure it could be considered either.

Do you think it should have been called offside on what you saw?


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    1. Hackett did say he was surprised that Dean wasn’t called by VAR to review the foul again. We are given one side to the story for some reason! Dickerson there is no bias, we only get half of his opinion.

      1. I completely agree.

        I also agree with Hackett. VAR should not be used for these mm decisions, it is not what it is there for.

  1. So when the decisions go in favour of arsenal there has to be a review? But when it goes against us even when it’s crystal clear it’s very much ok? I see why we are where we are because in the two games we have had calls against us which could have positively effected the game in our favour to make us lose 6 points in this league of marginal points.

  2. There have been other similar “marginal” offsides this season. The decisions were correct based on the rules and arrangements agreed by the premiership before the season began. If there is to be a review it needs to be at the end of the season not mid-season.
    Can’t agree with Hackett on this one.

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