Reyes – Once a Gooner always a Gooner

We all thought the worse news for Arsenal this weekend would have been Spurs winning the Champions League. Yet in a week when gooners have been upset about the Europa League Final, therefore worrying about our transfer policy, the news from Spain has put everything into perspective.

Jose Reyes has died as of a result of a car crash. He was just 35. Anyone passing away so young is tragic but especially under circumstances that could have been avoided, with the midfielder driving at 105mph. It’s worth remembering as the driver, he was responsible for his passengers. By driving so fast, he’s responsible for the death of his cousin and injuries to the other, something he would have faced charges for if he had survived. If nothing else this should be a warning about the dangers of speeding.

Some felt the Spaniard was not tough enough for the physical nature of English football often being singled out when we went to Old Trafford while others were disappointed how quickly he became home sick, wanting to return to his homeland. Yet he has played a part in our proud history, with milestones no one can take away with him. In 2004 he became the first Spaniard to win the Premiership also winning an FA Cup while contributing to our one and only road to the Champions League Final.

He added a La Liga and 5 Europa Leagues to his medal collection. Arsenal have always prided themselves on being a family club and doing things the right way, lowering our flag yesterday, with tributes led by Arsene Wenger. He’s the first member of our ‘Invincibles’ to pass away, leaving 3 young children. That is the biggest heartbreak of them all.

RIP Reyes
Once a Gooner, always a Gooner


    1. Thomo says:

      The same Reyes that laughed when the Spanish manager made racist comments toward Thierry Henry

  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Very sad to hear he passed, but his recklessness cost another life, and that does affect how I feel about him a little. As always with these situations, sympathies must go to the loved ones left behind. I cannot imagine how tough that is to deal with.

    It’s sometimes easy to forget that he was an ‘Invincible’. Loved his style at Arsenal, and a shame it never really worked out.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Santiago Canizares mentioned about Reyes’ reckless speeding and he was crucified for his comment. You might be right about what would happen if Reyes survived, Admin. He might have to face serious charges due to his cousin’s death and another cousin’s severe injury

    Nonetheless, he was a fighter and never hid from the opponent’s challenge, probably because he was gifted with great technical skills and his natural position is a wide attacker. He was a wonderkid when he came to Arsenal and I preferred his brave playing style compared to Fabregas’ at that time

    I bet you borrowed Oxlade-Chamberlain’s quote about the forever Gooner, but it definitely described what Reyes is. Hasta la vista, Jose. Hope to see you again in another life

  3. Peter Eaton says:

    I Forgot how good he was, a real Arsenal man RIP

    1. ken1945 says:

      I don’t know what the speed limit was on the road he was driving, I don’t know if he was at fault with the accident that occurred and I don’t know if anyone can come on here and say that, at one time or another, they have not driven recklessley, broken the speed limit, or ever caused an accident either.
      I acnowlledge that I have done all three during my 60 odd years of driving, so I will not join in this wringing of pious platitudes.

      This is an Arsenal forum, not a judgement box, and one of our own Invincibles has passed away…let’s remember the footballer that he was and that’s what this site should concern itself with.
      A wonderfully gifted technician, who always had a smile on his face and will be remembered with great admiration by those of us lucky enough to have seen him play football for our great Invincible team.

      1. @KEN1945
        Thank you for your comment.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          I concur. Hopefully given that death and injury from road accidents is all too common, the tragic death of a fantastic footballer at such a young age will cause us to reflect on our own driving and attitude on the road.

  4. ForeverGooner says:

    Sad. He died too young

    BUT it must be said that He was driving at 147 miles per hour. Very stupid thing to do and he’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone
    I hope his death will deter others from doing this

    RIP and my heart goes out to his family

    1. Declan says:

      I completely agree with all your sentiments, he died far too young and all our hearts go out to his family and friends.
      He did kill one of his passengers though and the other is in hospital suffering massive burns.

    2. Tissiam says:

      He actually killed his cousin who was one of his passengers!

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