Richard Keys blames Arsenal for Ramsdale incident (Plus video)

Richard Keys has a vendetta against Mikel Arteta after spending the last few months accusing the Arsenal gaffer of coming off his line during matches.

The pundit has called on the FA to ban the Spaniard, but Arteta hasn’t even been warned because of his animated touchline antics.

Keys has now stepped up his vendetta and after the Gunners’ clash against Tottenham, he appeared to blame Arteta for Aaron Ramsdale being kicked by a Spurs fan.

The Arsenal goalie got some stick from the Spurs fans behind him and he responded in kind, which angered some of the supporters and one kicked the England goalie after the game.

Keys said, as quoted by The Daily Mail“Ramsdale has got form of winding supporters up and apparently had an exchange during the course of the second half with those Tottenham fans, Ben White as well who was over there. 

‘My fear is, and I’ve been saying this for a while now, the guy in the middle (Arteta) is the most to blame for the inflammatory behaviour on the touchline that winds people up. 

‘And if he’s not behaving himself, it’s likely the others in his team is not going to either, who ultimately then becomes the master of the discipline. There isn’t anyone.’

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Keys clearly has an agenda against Arteta and everything that happens around Arsenal, he will blame the gaffer for it.

The good thing is Arteta hardly cares about critics and ignores them long enough to win them over.

Piers Morgan criticised him for years, but now the British TV host supports the Arsenal gaffer and Keys will soon fall in love with the man leading Arsenal’s league charge.

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  1. Listen to the old pervert ranting like a twat! Nobody wants to employ him so he has nothing better to do.

    If you give a player stick on the pitch and he comes back at you – Be a man and put up with it. Don’t go on the pitch.

  2. Not cool man. No matter the opinion of anyone, you don’t wish them death. Admin kindly delete this post.

  3. I think it’s time to refrain from including any further articles concerning Mr Keys on this site.He is clearly unhinged and his thoughts are of no interest to fans of Arsenal.

  4. My eyes are firmly on the big jug, one pundit says Arsenal Arsenal is playing the best football in Europe just now.

    That’s a big shout out.

  5. Nothing today about how it was Tott players that surrounded the ref on more than one occasion. Even Conte tried to gain favor by talking about players intimidating officials. People are trying to skew Arsenal’s appearance in the eyes of the law

  6. Forget Richard Keys opinions, they dont matter. What matters is he should as a presenter be impartial to a point (impossible in real life, i know) but he is so biased to the point that his views as a presenter are embarrassing. How he is still in a job because of, is incredulous. Just be greatfull we dont have to put up with him in this country. Remind me again, WHY IS HE NOT A PRESENTER IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!

  7. The most worthless piece of being you’ll ever see on TV. Imagine this cretin trying to lecture us on morality/character? Isn’t it weird how he finds the courage to be the ethics cop?

  8. Nobody talked about the fact that Richalssios pushed Ramsdel while he was trying to take off is gloves which lead to the fan running over to kick The Goal keeper, just imaging its ans Arsenal player or better still Xhaka who does that by now his head will have been on a pike

  9. OT.
    There is this season’s winter transfer window report news I read on net. And which said: as a revenge to Chelsea for their highjacking the Mudryk transfer from Arsenal, the Gunners will next summer transfer window sign West Ham’s Declan Rice.
    However, I told myself why shouldn’t Arsenal deal with the pending issue of signing a top quality new holding midfielder this current winter transfer window once and for all by signing Rice. More so, as the need for Arsenal to reinforced their midfield in the Dmf position has surfaced when Thomas Partey got injured. But there wasn’t a top DM in the team of Partey’s class to cover for him. Save, Elneny who himself was injured and not in the class of Partey anyway, even if he wasn’t sidelined. To address the shortcoming, Arsenal went for Douglas Luiz signing but were unsuccessful in their bid to sign him to provide equal top cover and to start to Partey when he’s available for the anchors man position role in the team.
    Since this issue of Signing a new top quality Dmf of Partey’s caliber for top options in Arsenal Dmf position is yet to be addressed. I think it’ll be better for all of us Arsenal if it’s addressed this winter window. By Arsenal doing the signing of Declan Rice.
    But wait till next summer transfer window to do it? NO!!! For, by then things at the transfer market might have changed that could make it hard for us to get Rice.
    Odegaard has a top cover to him in Fabio Vieira. Elneny can provide cover to Partey but it’s not top class kind of cover. And he can’t even do it longtime if Partey is layoff. Lokonga provides cover to Xhaka but not top class cover yet.
    At the front line, ESR who is back can provide cover to Martinelli and can even start while Martinelli can also cover for him and start also. But who in the team can cover for Saka adequately? Reiss Nelson? Maybe he could if he’s fit and in top form. But he isn’t. He is down injured with hamstring. Sorry! So, Arsenal should sign a new top quality rightwinger this winter window for top options at the RW position? YES!!!
    But what of the striker position currently being manned by Eddie Nkethtia? Since Gabriel Jesus will be back in February. Arsenal could take the risk to not sign a new top quality striker this winter. But leave it till in the summer to do it if need be. In meantime, if need be, Martinelli can be deployed to the striker position? Yes, why not.

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