Richard Keys continues his vendetta against Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta is one of the most animated managers on the touchline. The emotional Spaniard often steps out of his area while giving instructions to his players or protesting for or against a decision.

He has rarely been punished for that, which does not make sense to Richard Keys, who has repeatedly called for him to be put in his place.

The pundit watched as Arteta moved around and outside his area in the feisty 0-0 draw between Arsenal and Newcastle United yesterday and attacked the Spaniard again.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Seriously – when is someone going to get control of Mikel Arteta? He’s an embarrassment. Totally out of control during games.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta is an emotional manager who constantly stands up to ensure his players are focused on the task.

Keys has a problem with his behaviour, but it leaves you to wonder why because he does not work for the FA and cannot change anything.

As long as Arteta is not warned about his behaviour by the authorities, we have nothing to worry about.

If his animated presence on the touchline is why we are winning matches, then we advise him to continue as long as it brings a result.

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Arteta on two points dropped by Arsenal and the transfer window

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  1. Keys is a donkey but MA should calm down a bit around the technical area. If I was the captain Ödegaard, I would mention him about this.

  2. Arteta living rent free in this guy’s head. Pity he has nothing else to vent his frustration on, can’t wait to read his whining if we win the league this year.

  3. Football is a game of passion unfortunately Richard keys has no idea about that. Anyway what can one expect from an English moron like him who lacks such passion…

    1. I remember this guy very well back then when he lost his job with skysports for making degrading comments on female referees. He actually has a big mouth am not surprised at all.. just a lousy commentator

  4. Keys should focus on himself and be happy that people believe in second chances and are forgiving of past mistakes

  5. As much as I think Keys is a total sexist n*b, Arteta does need to dial it in a bit in certain situations. The thing is, Keys is a failed pundit basically banished from U.K. tv because of his views and has an agenda against Arteta but why on earth his views get airtime on JA is beyond me, but of course……’s for clicks!

  6. I said it last season that he is OTT on every detail when the game is played be it telling players how to throw the ball in or shouting at officials .
    Referees and assistants will have that in the back of their mind when decisions have to go our way .

  7. Chelsea once had a coach by the name of Andre Villas- Boas, the fans love him for the passion he shoes on the touch line, it appears even Abramovic did like him as well

    But you got to have that fire in your belly to understand the passion that some times boil over, honestly most times I see the controversy and complaining to the fourth officials as sheer entertainment, maybe that’s why a camera is their for viewers like me to know what is going on. In the dug out as it’s part of the package.

    But we have been well behaved in the pass and the officials never take it into consideration.

  8. The awkward moment when Richard Keys calls someone else an embarrassment. This is a man who had an affair with the best friend of his daughter while his wife was battling cancer !

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