Richard Keys hit out at Mikel Arteta after his claim over tactics

Bein Presenter Richard Keys has responded critically to Mikel Arteta’s claims that he uses multiple formations within a single game.

Arteta has overseen a transformation of the team since his appointment, and the club has been delivering strong performances across various competitions.

However, this season, Arteta has faced accusations of taking excessive risks and experimenting with the team’s setup. Despite the criticism, Arteta enjoys the backing of the club and supporters.

Keys, in response to Arteta’s recent interview where he discussed using multiple formations in matches, expressed his dissatisfaction with the manager’s approach.

The presenter said, as quoted by Metro Sport:

‘When I saw that, I was totally bemused. He’s saying when they played Manchester City, there were 46 different formations on the pitch. Come on! Then, in the next game against Fulham, there were 36? It’s just nonsense! That can only baffle staff.

‘Of course you can play the same system as you had last year, you just put different personnel into those positions. This is a case of too clever by half in my view. I think he will start to lose Arsenal fans if he’s not too careful.

‘He’s not a professor. He’s not changing the game. He will have to accept there are basics by which we’ve all had to abide by since the year dot. It’s basic, it’s not as complicated as he wants to try to make it.’

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Arteta remains one of the finest young managers in the game and we are blessed that he is our gaffer.

The former midfielder will continue to prove his worth and will always have our backing as long as the team continues to perform well in the games they play.

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  1. Arsenal will fail with trial-and-error unsteady 1000 formations in one match. This shows unprofessional sense of instability. All we need this time with new addition of players is to discipline players who trip off in the pitch losing passes careless, by benching them to know how serious they can be. In today’s march with Man U., more attacking formation holds the magic wand to frustrate and humiliate our opponents.

  2. The man is dead right, What nonsense formations makes fan hold their breaths until Ref’s last whistle.
    Basics , basics and basics saves a lot of head and heart aches

    1. Actually he said it was 43 formation in different phases of the game, good when the gaffer is thinking and being alert, but I think he may have been exaggerating a little there.

      But come what I just don’t want any experiment today because as the rate at which the gaffer was going Raya could start as a lone striker up top.

  3. When you consider players breaking formation to fill holes in midfield or defence or transitioning between defending and attacking then yes, the formation changes continuously throughout the game and reverts back to standard when defending.
    Whether that is 1000 times a game is an exaggeration obviously.
    Richard Keys is obviously trying to make the UK football community aware of the fact he and Andy Gray are still alive – waiting for that opportunity to get back into UK punditry and not in the outer periphery of Qatar – what better way than that by giving an opinion on everything..

  4. Take something that works

    Replace with something that’s not working

    Tell them to stick to it till it works


    HE’S STILL LEARNING HIS TRADE, THIS SEASON HE’LL LEARN AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TEAM THAT : “u don’t need to over gamble – don’t tinker when it’s not needed”

    We fans saw this year as an opportunity to push better than last year
    ARTETA sees it differently, he thinks his super brilliance is what helped him last year, so he wants to try another one of his brilliant ideas

    When we’re like 10-15 points behind Man City then he’ll have learnt his lesson

  5. I didn’t see the interview, but it sounds like Arteta was sending the interviewer up, but he does change formation within games regularly to accommodate subs & to whether we need to be on the offensive or defensive at any particular time.
    It’s called tactics Richard.

  6. I think Postecoglu explained it better. He made the point that while you have a formation when you look at an actual game players are rarely in it as they react to opportunities and what the other team does. The manager’s job, according to Ange, is to ensure the players can react instinctively to what is happening on the pitch. Maybe Arteta was trying to say something similar but didn’t explain it well.

    1. Actually he expalined it VERY WELL, using analogy of him making his way home but using different routes, depending on time of day, weight of traffic etc

      I thougfht it an EXCELLENT AND PERTINENT ANALOGHY, esp as English, as we all know, is not MA ‘s first language.
      I also think MA is far more understandable than is PEP when using English speech, in press conferences and to journos.
      Wenger , even though practically fluent, also never used the word “also” but always said the uglier, “as well”.

      . I will not be alone in noticing how those without first language English skills try expaining thermselves. Some are very easy, others make litlle sense at all. That is life!!

  7. Why do we get article about this idiot here?
    No friend of his daughter is available i guess since he has time to spout his bs.

  8. Last season we came out the blocks flying after the summer transfer window. The disappointment this season is, we dont look like we are confident in what we are doing and are not convincing. After spending over 200 mil, thats a worry. Our tactics look muddled and so do the players.

  9. Arteta let’s face it is not a coach he’s inexperienced and was lucky last year with a bunch of kids running ragged for him. He was lucky having those kids work so hard for him , but now after the accolades have died down and spending over £ 200 million of Kroenkes money along with another amateur Edu, we will see the fruits of his labour .,The man has no idea about tactics, strategy , game plans , team formation . It’s pure luck when the team go out in the field . playing Havertz instead of Viera is madness . Poor performances like we’ve seen lately will continue and after 2:3 seasons where we are mid table again and again he will be replaced . Then hopefully Arsenal will get an experienced coach ,

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