Right now who would you give a new contract to? Ozil or Alexis?

Who deserves a new contract between Ozil and Sanchez?.

The two star players at Arsenal are yet to sign new contracts, well that is not news! However, I just want to try and analyze the impacts of both players this season and maybe conclude on who really deserves a contract renewal, which involves improved financial terms and bonuses.

Alexis Sanchez: The Chilean start began the season with a bang! At the early stages of this season, he scored quality goals against Chelsea and many other teams. He is currently the highest goal scorer at Arsenal. He has contributed a lot the few successes we have witnessed as a team this season. He is strong, fast, and skillful and has an eye for goals. He has also assisted players to score goals this season. He is the complete player any club can’t afford to lose. However, the lack of competitiveness of the Arsenal team has not gone down well with him. He does not like to be on the losing side and he exhibits his displeasure whenever the team does not play well which is apparently annoying the rest of the team. His contract negotiations with the club have dragged on for so long and it is high time it got sorted out.

Mesut Ozil: Arsenal’s king of assist last season has not really been impressive this season. He also began the season on a bright note; he scored a beautiful goal earlier in the season against Chelsea. He played beautifully against PSG in the first game of the Champions league. The hat-trick he scored against one of our group opponents in the group stage of the Champions league, will be one of the few bright games he has played for Arsenal this season. However, his performances of recent has not been a reflections of his status; his performances in big games is nothing to write home about this season. Is he worth a new contract?

If you were asked to choose who to offer a new contract between these two players, who would you pick?

By Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Sam, need a striker says:

    Sanchez all the way …

  2. Budd says:

    I’d give it to both but I am not Wenger or Kroenke or Gazidis.

  3. bran99 says:

    keep both

  4. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

    Alexis is our best player and the most hungriest member of the squad. He is our Messi/Rinaldo.

    If the club and fans think Arsenal needs to win the EPL/UCL soonest, then it must be their number one priority to extend his contract.

  5. Alexis Alexis Alexis!!! Ozil can go I will have no problem with that. I now understand why Mourinho was constantly subbing and benching him. He is too lazy a player to make any meaningful contribution in 90 minutes.

    1. frank says:

      Hahaha Jose called him a coward. Ozil actually reminds me of a slightly better Joe Cole. He plays one or two nice balls a game and then hangs out on the wing.

  6. chinaka1 says:

    But can’t we keep the two FFS!
    Big club indeed…or inneed.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    This Arsenal team is not strong enough to placate an Ozil. Barcelona or Bayern would be his ideal destinations as they are rarely without the ball. This league does not suit Ozil. He will defensively weaken any team within it. That team being us makes it extremely more difficult to win a title. If I seen Ozil on the Chelsea or Manu team I would say, nice one, this makes winning the midfield battle a bit more likely. The midfield is where the battle for points is won and lost. Alexis, very easy to please, you just point and say go get them!!. Alexis is truly world class. He’s worth 250 to 300 a week. Look at the players on three hundred a week and tell me Alexis isn’t better than them all.

  8. lord wafflebury says:

    I think it is too late with sanchez, he has already made up his mind…it is not all about the money…he wants success..he is off whatever. That is why ozil has apparently been offered 280k and sanchez hasnt.
    Is ozil worth that ?…not on recent performances he isnt. I am with the others who say he goes missing and sometimes a tad lazy. 200k maybe, final offer or go…no more..end all this uncertainty..its affecting team morale.
    Incidentally, its reported they are both seeking parity with Pogbas 290k a week…even my man u mates are saying he is not worth it and that they paid over the odds for him !

  9. Gworm says:

    Today, Ozil. He came on against Lincoln and instantly made us dangerous by making probing passes through the lines.
    Next match, who knows?

  10. Jansen says:

    I would give a new contract to Simeoni, if he is not interested I would give it to Allegri,
    if he is not interested I would give it to Koeman, if he is not interested I would give it to Jardim, if he is not interested I would give it to George Graham, if he is not interested I would give it to Big Sam, if he is not interested I would give it to Tony Blair, if he is not interested I would give it Bon Jovi, if he is not interested I would give it to the tea lady but only if she has
    served tea for less than 2000 games, seems to be an unlucky number.

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