Rio Ferdinand makes bizarre Mikel Arteta suggestion over Man Utd role

Rio Ferdinand has suggested that Mikel Arteta would eagerly accept the opportunity to become the next manager of Manchester United if approached to coach the Red Devils.

Arteta is currently performing admirably at Arsenal, and it seems unlikely for him to consider coaching another Premier League team.

His tenure at Arsenal is far from over, and the expectation is that he will remain with the Gunners for an extended period.

Manchester United is facing consistency issues under Erik ten Hag and may be in search of a new manager in the summer.

Several names have been linked to the Old Trafford position, and Ferdinand believes that Arteta would not reject the chance to coach the Red Devils if presented with the opportunity.

The former defender said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘No one is saying it’s happening but if Man United in a wild dream said, ‘do you know what, Erik ten Hag, thank you’ or Erik ten Hag has been poached by Bayern Munich, and he goes there, and then Man United say top of the list is Arteta. 

‘Arteta is going in and saying to the lads, ‘listen guys, it’s been emotional but I’ve got to move, I’ve got to go.’

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This is such a shocking suggestion, and it hardly makes sense because Arteta has always been a United rival.

The only club that can convince him to leave us and join them is Manchester City because he has a history with the Citizens.

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  1. Good old Rio, dumb as ever when it comes to united and The Arsenal.

    Why would MA go to a club where the stadium is falling apart, the squad is falling apart, the owners are falling apart, the fans are falling apart, while everyone of those points are the COMPLETE opposite where he is now?

    Carry on making a fool of yourself Rio, your following in the footsteps of the Neville brothers and Michael Owen as far as punditry goes 😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡.

  2. Rio, dear “child”. I have some bad news for you!
    Father Christmas is not REAL and nor is the Tooth Fairy.

    When you are grown up, you will learn that fantasies are fine for liitle children but adults need to live in the REAL WORLD.

    Hope your enjoy your train set though! You can pretend its a real train. Choo choo!!

    1. I’m gutted!!
      Father Christmas not real? Not the tooth fairy either? 😩

      We should be flattered that Rio thinks that Arteta may wish to join the biggest club in the world according to Ratcliffe but heaven’s sake- why would he want to join the shambles that is Utd?

  3. I respect the love he has for his old club, but he is being delusional and fanciful. Utd squad is chaotic, egos abound, and he likely would not have the patient owners like he has with the Kronke family.

    I just don’t see what the draw would be. Money? he is paid very well by the Arsenal, and has been backed heavily in the market.
    Squad? I believe Arsenal is better in every aspect of the pitch.

    The future is bright for us, while Utd. is close to the rebuilding stage that we went through.

  4. Well he’s already dismissed being interested in the Barca job and why on earth would he be up for the poisoned chalice that is Man U? The only club I think might interest him is Man City, but not until he’s made his name with us, which means a Premier League🏆 or CL 🏆 which won’t be for a little while yet. Currently he’s a Gooner through and through.

  5. Unless he is fired, I don’t think Arteta will go to any other team in England. He is Arsenal through and through and why would he leave a project that he put his time and sweat in and leave it when he is about to enjoy the fruit of his labor? Also, why would he go to another project that is more worse than Arsenal when he took over? If he had to go, he would more likely go to the blue side of Manchester than the red side.

  6. We Gooners ought NOT to dignify this fantasy statement, reportedly made by the envious Ferdinand, by taking this fantasy suggestion seriously.

    Just mock it for the silliness it is! As I did in my post above!

  7. United are in a sorry state, with their stadium falling apart, the team underperforming and ex players making ridiculous statements.
    Why would Arteta even consider leaving Arsenal for such a position?
    Having said that, I think Mikel’s an ambitious person, who will eventually look for one of the very top jobs, and not necessarily with another club.

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