Rio Ferdinand tips Martin Odegaard to be the EPL Player Of The Season 23/24

The Greatest Show on Earth, the new Premier League season, kicked off last weekend. There are many predictions for this new season, like Who will be the Premier League Player of the Season?

Rio Ferdinand claims Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard will be the one to beat this season’s. While speaking on the Official Premier League Twitter page, the Manchester United legend tipped the Arsenal playmaker to be so influential this season that he would bag the Player of the Season award.

The ex-Real Madrid star has made himself the one that other Gunners look at when they are looking for something to happen on the attacking front. When he isn’t creating chances, he is scoring or assisting; last season, he had 15 goals. He dictates the attacking play, as, at times, his link-up with Saka on the right side of the attack overwhelms opposing defenders.

Looking at Odegaard and realising he was only signed for £30 million, it is a steal; at the current market rate, he would have been a £100-million-plus player.

Surprisingly, as he backs the Norwegian for Player of the Season, he says he will win the individual Premier League award even if he believes Arsenal will finish third. The legendary PL defender feels the Manchester clubs will have better seasons than Arsenal and predicts Pep Guardiola will win his fourth league title in a row.

Oegaard was given the Arsenal fans Player of the Season award at the Nottm Forest game, could he go on to win the big one this season?

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  1. Maybe, if Haaland gets injured

    OT: Romano just said Nottingham Forest made an offer for Tavares. His contract will expire in 2025 and I highly doubt he can play inverted-fullback, so Arsenal would likely sell him if the price is good

    1. If its true that we have an official offer for TAVARES,surely we must hasten to accept it, provided it is even half way decent.

      Tavares has some talent but lacks BOTH mental maturity and football intelligence,IMO.

      1. I think Tavares should be trained to play winger, but no big club would have the time to retrain a 23-year-old defender nowadays

        The last time I saw a big club did that was when Spurs moved Bale up to LW position

        1. Forest is in the habit of pushing their players up the park as Danilo who was a defensive midfielder is playing as an attacking midfielder.

          Arsenal it is believe to be holding out for £13.9 mill for the service of Nuno Tavares.

  2. Man utd and Liverpool former players should be banned to give opinion about the EPL because they are dishonest and biased twats.

    They can’t help predicting title for Man utd without looking fools so they settle for 2nd. Every godamn season they predict great things from them and yet how many years now we don’t see anything?

    But what should I expect from the confirmed cheaters in and out of the pitch?

    1. HH AND NOT A SINGLE Gooner could ever be biased too, I presume!!?

      If you are serious in banning ANYONE who has a biased opinion, you might as well shut down JA and ALL football fans sites anywhere, today!

      1. But we are not professional pundits paid millions to cheer for our favorites. In one way or another Arsenal fans contribute salaries for these excuse of pundits.

        There should never ever be cheerleading in professional punditry. It should be pure professional. I have watched pundits from few countries and I have seen this only with English excuse of pundits. Near zero analysis but full of biased opinions.

        1. You make a fair point (even though your “paid millions” is way overestated).

          But bias is bias and is a natural human quality. Personally, though I do not like it , I have learned to expect it in all my fellow it creatures, just as I also recognise it in myself.

          Being well paid make does not make ordinary humans who are pundits, different from the rest of us. Money rarely cures human faults, but often makes them worse. Just my take as a life long observer of our race.

          1. I have looked at different pundits predictions since yesterday and surely the only ones predicting Man utd for 2nd are their former players.

            I will ignore them for my own peace of mind going forward because of what you have said in your 2nd paragraph.

  3. The pundit could be right, he has been a greater inside the box in the last campaign and his expected goals have gone up.

    The lists of stats he stands out for goes on, and his creative numbers have also been exceptional. No body in the premier league better his tally of passes before the assist, not even the generational talented KDB, in the last campaign.
    To add to that only KDB and Fernandes have created more chances for team mates in open play.

    So the pundit is right Odegaard could be even be more effective, if Arsenal sign Vlohovic.
    Jergen Klopp recently tried to convince Caicedo to join him at Anfield, it’s the manager responsibility to convince a player why to join.

  4. In my experience,this award is typically given to the best performing player in the team that wins the Title. So to answer the question I will pose a few questions. Can Arsenal win the league? Yes. Can Odegaard be the best performing player for Arsenal this season? Yes,he’s proven he can,although it can easily be Saka,Martinelli,Saliba, Rice or even someone else who will be more of a surprise.

  5. I agree that the top player is usually picked from the winner of the EPL title. So that’s our first priority but in order to do that we have to surpass last year’s points total. The LOWEST points tally to win the EPL over the last 7 years was 86 points in 2020/21 and the highest 100 points. We achieved 84 points last season which was phenomenal but still ended 2nd. which puts into perspective the strength of our domestic competition. Imo we have to surpass that figure to to win our first title for 20 years. A big ask but doable with a bit of luck!

  6. We need to ignore all these words from unreliable ex players. Even our captain would prefer to hit 100 points and win EPL title than any individual accolades.

  7. I think we have to go back to our mantra “a game at a time”. It’s a long season and we have to start well by winning the first seven games.

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