Risking Costa proves Arsenal ARE title threat to Chelsea

Arsenal have had so many injury problems in recent times that most of us fans feel like medical experts. So when we saw Diego Costa pull up after just 12 minutes of Chelsea’s narrow win against Stoke City last weekend, it appeared likely that the Brazilian born Spanish international would probably miss the rest of the season, or most of it at least.

And with Costa’s hamstring having dogged him all season and having escaped the scans last week, you would expect his club to be extra cautious with him. In the normal scheme of things they would, but as reported by The Telegraph, both the striker and his club are willing to take risks and are pushing for him to be available in a couple of weeks, when Jose Mourinho brings his title chasing team to the Emirates to face Arsenal.

This indicates to me that the Portuguese manager has a real concern about this game against his old enemy Arsene Wenger. Maybe it is just that Mourinho wants to keep up the record of never having lost to the Frenchman, but I think it is much more likely that he believes his recent claims that Arsenal are still in the title race.

Now if QPR at the weekend or Man United next weekend could just do us a favour and get Chelsea’s bum nice and squeaky, perhaps we could prove him right and we know how much he loves being right, right?

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  1. I think we have to admit that we are the big threat to Chelsea and their title hopes. IF there is any game in their run in which causes alarm bells, it’s against us. Of course they want the best team possible to play us – beating us means the title is won. Ignore any other factor about Mourinho wanting to 1up Wenger and realise it is the last game where Chelsea can realistically lose the premiership.

      1. I’m not saying we are a big threat – just we are the biggest. If they beat us, it’s over 100%. The ONLY doubt will be is if we rock them. Realistically the race was over a few weeks back when City dropped further off the pace and we’ve been gone for ages.

    1. Sorry but I don’t agree. Objectively speaking Chelsea could lose 3 games and still win the title. First of all let’s not kid ourselves here, were we going into crucial fixtures we’d want our starting 11 to be fit. It doesn’t matter who it’s against, this is the premier league.

      Secondly its not as if its just us and Chelsea separated from everyone else by a 10 point gap. United are literally 1 point behind us and for as much as has been talked about City, they are a mere 2 points behind us. One poor result an it could find us closer to 5th than 1st.

      If it were us in the situation we wouldn’t care where we won it a long as we did. Moreover how is it that we thnk Chelsea are capable of dropping points to relegation teams and United yet we conveniently overlook that we play 3 of the bottom 4 and United as well?
      We find it more plausible that Chelsea are going to lose more matches in 8 games than they’ve done the entire season while we collect maximum points.

      Guys I get it, this is the closest we’ve been to a title in over 10 years but we’re bordering on arrogance here. In recent weeks almost City’s enire starting 11 came out talking about Chelsea going to drop points they forgot t focus on the one thing they could control, their own form.

      Let’s not make the same mistake, it is as both Wegner and Mourinho said, Chelsea are in a comfortable position. It’s harder for the chasers because we need te wins more than they do. The title race isn’t over, but it isn’t just between Chelsea and Arsenal.

      Let us focus on ourselves and see what happens

      1. I agree with everything you said. Re-read what I said and you’ll realise we are the last and biggest hurdle. Man Utd will play them before us so will be a challenge passed or failed before meeting us. If we’ve achieved wins in our games up to then, we’ll be the closest team to them and losing to us means squeaky bum time IF they’ve dropped other points. It is realistically the only game where the title can swing though after the utd game. If they beat us, there is nothing to stop them on the home straight and they can even win mathematically in that game if results go their way. I’m not saying that we have a shot at the title, but more that if there is any game where they need the extra boost to get over the line, it’s the one against us. Bare in mind it’s also the only away fixture against a top 6 club they have…they’ve alrady got this wrapped up but if there was a moment that could cause panic, it’s losing against us.

    2. Think the author of the thread is reading too much in to the Costa injury and Chelski being worried. No matter how people articulate their hopes and fears regarding the title race everyone is agreed that is highly improbable for us to do it but not impossible. I wouldn’t bet a quid of my own money but there is enough history and precedent to cling on by your fingertips to a dream.

      The most points lost in the last 8 games by eventual champions in recent years has been Man U (10 pts 2007, 9 pts 2013), Man City (8 pts 2014), Chelsea (8pts 2006). Also perhaps surprisingly, the Invincibles dropped 10 points in their last 9 games!!!

      We have won the league in a variety of different and unlikely ways: goal difference last match of the season (1989), coming back from 13 points behind at Xmas and 11 points in March (1998) and at a canter by 13 consecutive wins in last games of the season (2002).

      And how far fetched is Chelsea drawing against QPR(a) and ManU(h)? If that happens and we win our next 3 PL games that is 72pts apiece and although they have a game in hand it goes to the wire.

      Like I said highly improbable but not yet impossible. There is history and precedent to keep hoping and there are plausible scenarios where the race will get much closer. And we all know there will be at least one further twist, Costa out for the rest of the season? Matic or Hazard injured?

  2. Right… We will show them and treat them same way we treated Liverpool!! They were lucky to beat us at Stamford Bridge, Revenge is nice!

    1. wont be as easy…JM will play for DRAW, even if it means parking a train…(his usual style against teams he scared off)..

      1. Did you watch the game? We dominated them at there half the tension in the crowd and players was insane till cescs pass to costa

        1. I have that game on my pvr, we didn’t dominate anything. We had 53% possession, 10 shots and 0 on target. We had lots of meaningless possession in the final 3rd comprised of mostly backwards and sideways passing. The only time we ever looked like scoring was when Courtois was knocked out by Sanchez and a Wilshere attempt.

  3. for today, im a blackburn fan. i have this very good feeling about that game. i really think they’ll knock out liverfool. an from then on we must regain the FA cup. and a possible 2nd in the EPL, it would be a good season

  4. As much as I hate to say it but there is no way we can make up a 10pt deficit assuming Chavski win their game in hand. Just not possible!

    1. I think overturning a 10 pts deficit is going to be impossible at this stage. If there were like 10 more games then we’d have had some real hopes. Chelsea must play us, liverlool and manures. Supposing they will lose all these three games (and we win everything) there will be one point between us. But if this is to happen, by that time manure will also be in the race meaning that we will actually play a very different game at OT.
      People often forget that if Chelsea is to slip there are three other teams ready to pack the trophy: us, manure and citeh.
      As for myself I will aim for the 2nd spot. This is very doable and we may even beat chelsea in the process.

  5. I guess Mou regrets selling Schurle now, huh…
    If Chelsea had to win the league, id say it had a lot to do with JM tactics being lucky to have pulled through..Chelsea players look fatigued – luck has been carrying them through the latter parts of the season and poor opposition errors has gifted them..

  6. I just looked up Chelsea’s transfer fees for players like Willian, Oscar, Costa, Hazard, Cesc it was mind boggling.

      1. Hey Muff maybe I can’t get over the fact still that Eden went to Chelsea. I think he is a great player and certainly was on our radar for years and TV’s cousin.

      2. Hazard absolutely. £30m for Willian with his 2 goals? Hahah. Oscar?hahaha. Cesc I don’t rate I know people will disagree and costa will flop next year mark my words.

  7. They feel scary so they will make the riks. But I think they make mistake, Cheslea on way down, ARSENAL ON WAY UP!!!

  8. All the English sides failed
    miserably in the ECL.
    The EPL is weak.
    Chelsea are the best of a poor lot.

    1. Sorry internet crashed!
      Bellerin, Kos, Gabriel, Monrel
      Le Coq Ramsey
      OX Ozil Sanchez

      I would put cazola in ahead of ozil or ramsey on current form but i’m just thinking of the strongest possible team ( not individual talent). Also depending on how Walcott does when fully fit and recovered, he could get back into the first 11! 20 goals and near 20 assists two seasons ago!

      What is your strongest team with everyone fit?

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