Costa injury risk shows Arsenal have Chelsea worried

Despite his assertion this week that losing to Arsenal on Sunday would not really mean all that much to Chelsea or have a say on their ability to retain the Premier League trophy they won at a canter last season, not many Arsenal fans or anyone who knows much about football really believes Jose Mourinho.

And his decision to play the Spanish international centre forward Diego Costa at Wembley tomorrow just reinforces our feeling and makes Mourinho’s words seem as hypocritical as ever. Actions speak louder than words they say and to play their star striker in what is supposedly a fairly meaningless game just a week before the Premier League begins and just after Costa suffered a twinge to his dodgy hamstring in their last pre-season game, speaks volumes to me.

Of course Chelsea and Mourinho want to win, we know that and it is no surprise, but risking Costa tells me that Jose is desperate to preserve his unbeaten record against Arsene Wenger. And not just for the bragging rights, although he does so love to brag, but because it may well remove a key stumbling block for Arsenal and our own ability to keep improving and take the title away from Stamford Bridge this season.

Do not forget that Costa missed a great deal of the second half of last season. The last time Mourinho took a risk with him, and admitted that he had, was bringing him on at halftime when they were drawing with Stoke. The striker limped off after just 10 minutes so you would think Mourinho would be extra careful.

Is Jose really ready to take such a risk because he is worried about what would happen if Arsenal beat him in the Community Shield or am I reading too much into it all?

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  1. k-ool says:

    Let me experiment.
    I will be bold and say Arsenal 3 – 1 Chelsea.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Roy keane’s a prat…….. When the time comes ……. Gonna force him to eat his bullsh*ts with a cutlery!

  3. truegunner12 says:

    Is there any quality control for these articles? Honestly this site has the whole gamut of football to talk about and we keep posting this kind of stuff.

    Why is it that whenever it suits our point it’s just a pre season game yet we want to take so much away from it?

    You are reading too uch into it. I’m just interested in how our team plays against quality opposition, not Mourinho, not Chelsea.

  4. Champagne Charlie says:

    Jesus christ it’s the Community Shield, nobody cares about the result in this match. Chelsea scheduled a preseason tour of America the week before, does that sound like they give two sh1ts about it? No.

    It’s a curtain raiser for the season, it means diddly. I’m saying this ahead of time because I’m NOT going to be indulging in the false dawn, should we win, or the post-mortem should we lose it.

  5. leo says:

    acc to Spanish media Benitez wants Perez to sanction the return of Álvaro Morata from Juve and wants Benzema out

  6. Twig says:

    Which do you prefer lads?

    – Walcott scores a hattrick in an Arsenal win. Wenger says, Oh well it seems I don’t need a striker after all (THUMBS UP)

    – Hazard and Fabregas embarass Arsenal once again. Wenger panics and makes a firm bid for Lewandowski (THUMBS DOWN)

  7. wenger must sign Cavani.

  8. rpk says:

    Yassin fortune n Jeff looks like great signing.. Really excited to see these guys. Great signings Wenger.

  9. davidnz says:

    If I were a Chelsea fan
    I would be worried about
    Costa’s hamstrings.
    He’s f#cked for the season.
    Jose will have go to the market.
    I’m worried for Arsenal too
    because Benzema would probably
    choose Chelsea over Arsenal.
    So mmmm Lewa? Cavani? Bale?

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      uhm.. Falcao

  10. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Its only a friendly……no one bothers….theres no points…

  11. Dash says:

    I’m tired of people claiming the community shield is nothing but a glorified friendly, that’s like we already accept defeat…. Even if it is, there’s more to this match than it just being a friendly, its Mou vs Wenger when will people ever understand that? Mou started playing the mind games with Wenger earlier than expected and you think this is just a match? Y’all need to wake up and I as a fan I’m happy Mou finally is having a headache due to our squad, its a great feeling and it shows we’re actually getting on the right part… With everything I’ve read Mou say about us, he partially is conceding defeat already and that’s what we need to win the league ( scare the opposition to concede defeat)… A win for wenger will go a very long way to boost our title credentials…

    Opinions divided tho… What do y’all think?

  12. ceezee says:

    off topic
    we damn need a TOP TOP TOP striker…. theo walcott is not physically and technically mechanized for that position. he will definitely perform against a mediocre and average team like the spuds but not against a formidable team in any country. however, i have a wry smile on my face whenever i read fans agitating for theo to fit into that over size shoes and a huge vacuum which eclipse is natural ability to perform against a world class team. he’s best a winger even cazorla ones acknowledge theo should stick to the wings. Wenger can promise heaven on earth, he will never utilize theo on a permanent bases but on a temporary occasion.

    Benzema will be an upgrade to some extent but i hope we acquire a Lewandoski or a cavani. Fingers crossed…… COYG it’s high-time Arsene shut that maweeeno to the oblivion.

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