Rival injury woes giving Arsenal Premier League hope?

The chances are that, soon after writing this about the injury problems that Arsenal’s Premier League title rivals are facing, we will see one or more of our own big stars pick up a knock and be ruled out for a long time. But you could also say that we have already got plenty of injury problems to cope with, including Welbeck, Ozil, Koscielny, Coquelin and Cazorla who all missed today’s win over Brighton.

That is something that Arsene Wenger has to deal with every single season and so perhaps we are better equipped to cope. And perhaps the fact that we are in the Europa League while all the other big EPL clubs are in the Champions League will be a factor, as Wenger can afford to play a second string side without any pressure from the fans.

We will have to wait and see what effect the injury problems of our rivals will have, and you have to say that Man United do not seem to be missing Paul Pogba too much at the minute, but the France international is said to be out for some time and this could tell in the long term.

Chelsea losing Morata and Man City losing Aguero could have a bigger impact though, and with Arsenal now back in the groove and winning games it might just allow us to catch and overtake these two title rivals. Now if someone could just send some dodgy Lasagne to Tottenham’s in form striker Harry Kane…



  1. Agree with you totally, dodgy lasagne and all!

    Let’s profit from the ‘misfortune’ of some, like they profit from ours.

    Remember the well-worn line that injuries are part of football? I am not going to mourn for anyone who drops down the league table for that reason.

    I just hope all our boys come back from these silly international break totally injury-free, so that our winning streak can continue.

    Happy days ahead for us…

  2. No chance we can catch 2 Manchester Clubs and Tottenham… We are far behind them… The only way we can get into Champions League is by winning Europa League…. It is much easier than finishing in Top 4… We can only dream about Top 4 and not winning Premier League… We short of 4-5 players… We Subotich or Hummels in Back 3 or 4… We need Jean Seri in midfield.. And we need Lemar and Draxler into wings… If these players are there then you can compete with 2 Manchester Clubs and Tottenham and Chelsea…

    1. In all honesty, coming from someone who plays the sport as well, I don’t think it’s quite fair to be wanting injuries on others. Yes it would mean that Arsenal has an advantage but why do we have to wish injuries upon someone and not that every team has their players fit and all fighting for the title?

      That being said, I hope y’all doesn’t jinx it on our players because we’re already missing some first teamers. Cheers

      1. @ Jerick. The author isn’t wishing injuries on our rivals. The truth is injuries are part of football and nothing we the fans say or wish can make players injured. The author’s reference to Morata, Aguero and Pogba is factual. They are injured for now and that has nothing to do with us the fans, just as we cannot blame the supporters of Arsenal rivals for the injuries to our players. However, I think it is fair to talk about what impact the absence of injured players can have on a team and how opponents or even teammates take advantage.

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