Rival manager plays up Arsenal’s title hopes – ‘Have the squad for it’

Ruud Van Nistelrooy saw his PSV side downed 1-0 in last night’s Europa League clash at the Emirates, and moved to praise Arsenal’s chances to win the Premier League.

The Gunners struggled to break down their rivals yesterday, but managed to find a breakthrough thanks to Granit Xhaka’s second-half strike, and both sides deserved credit for their efforts in stopping their opponents from created too many clearcut chances.

Van Nistelrooy has come out to praise his managerial counterpart after facing his side for the first time, before talking up our chances of winning the English top division.

“Of course, I know Mikel, the way he wants to play,” RVN said after the full-time whistle.

“The way he has developed his team into the team you see and how they play. I was very looking forward to prepare my team against Mikel’s team. I admire him, the way he plays and the way he lets his team plays. He’s an example in that sense.

“He’s a young manager who had some rough patches last season and I’m very happy he survived that and was able to build his side and see how they’re playing and how they’re doing now in the Premiership.

“I was able to share my appreciation for Mikel, the way he is building his team, the way he’s letting his team play, the signings he has made to make his team play the way he wants to play, and he’s connecting it with results.

“If you are 10 games ahead in the Premiership, winning nine of them, you are definitely a contender. Obviously, it’s the youngest team in the Premiership – that is the challenge, but they have the squad for it, quality for it and manager for it.”

I don’t think many would have said that we have the manager or squad to win the title before the season begun, but we definitely added strength in a number of our weaker areas, and it really is paying off at present. So far, we are four points clear at the top of the table, and should we manage to maintain our current form we will win the title, but it is definitely going to be difficult to continue to win 90% of our league matches. The World Cup is a strange obstacle to contend with also, but I do believe in our squad and the way we are playing.


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  1. My mother always tell me if a fish comes up from the bottom of the sea and tell you that a shark is down there you should believe.

  2. The body language in the photo is interesting.

    RvP trying to look dominant, arm around MA (easy when you’re the bigger bloke). But he still lost.

    If he’d played his cards right, he wouldn’t have gone to MU for a bit more money, he might be an Arsenal fan favourite, possibly even in line for managing the club instead of being essentially… for want of a better description…a traitor.

    Nowadays, I remember him for getting TH sent off in the invincibles season. Instead, he’s managing in the second tier of football… what goes around comes around.

    1. Good one ☝️ 😂
      Thankfully I didn’t go down the “English language course “else if I didn’t atleast know abit about football I wouldn’t be able to come on a football forum and correct someone who puts his English language over his football knowledge .

    2. You’re getting mixed up here – this is van nistelroy, who joined utd from psv, and was their main scorer for a few years. He was their answer to Henry (although nowhere near as good obv), before RVP rose to prominence at arsenal. He kind of got Vieira sent off during the invincibles season – although I’d blame the ref more than him on that one – and scored the penalty at Old Trafford in the game that ended the unbeaten run.
      I never liked him because I saw him to be a diver and cheat, although in retrospect, it was massively over blown in my mind because of the club rivalry at the time (not that he was angel of course). He went to Madrid after utd and did very well. Not a traitor to arsenal in any way, just an old “enemy”.

  3. With those presumably pretentious kind words of praising for Mikel Arteta the Gunners boss by the PSV Coach Van Nistlerooy. But which I think Arteta and the Gunners should take on it’s face value ahead of their travelling to St Mary’s Stadium to play against Southampton in the Epl next Sunday’s afternoon.
    Needless I should say that, it is very important for Arsenal not to lose focus by seriously thinking and delveling on VNR’s pleasantries. But update themselves by focusing totally on their important Epl match away to Southampton. At where us have to collect all the 3 points at stake in the match. So as to keep our winning streak in this season’s Epl titlewin challenge going without giving any of our title win rival teams the chance to narrow the gap between them and us in the table which us are on top of it.
    But instead, capitalized on any drop points which any of our title win rival teams might dropped over the weekend by widening the gap between them and us in the table by beating the Saints unfailingly. Which I believe those dropped points may happen again this weekend just as they happened in the mid-week games when Tottenham Hs and Chelsea dropped valuable points for Arsenal to profit.

  4. Our off-the-ball game v PSV was simply amazing, we swarmed them like a hornet’s nest had been kicked, front to back, solid.

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