Rivals warned that they should be ‘concerned’ by Arsenal’s positive transfer activity

Darren Ambrose has claimed that ‘Chelsea and Manchester United’ should be worried about Arsenal’s recent transfer activity, with seemingly the most active side in the window at present.

The Gunners have completed deals to sign Marquinhos and Fabio Vieira at this early point of the close-season, as well as having deals in place to sign Matt Turner and Gabriel Jesus also, and there is no signs of us slowing down at present.

The likes of Chelsea and Manchester United have only seen outgoings thus far however, with both losing key players in Paul Pogba and Antonio Rudiger already.

Ambrose told TalkSPORT listeners that Arteta may be putting pressure on himself to succeed with another strong transfer window, with expectations certainly going to rise after another transfer splurge.

“I think Arteta is putting pressure on himself again.” he said on The Saturday Session.

“They spent the most last summer. They’re heading, at the moment, to be spending the most this summer depending on what other clubs do.

“I think it’s great for Arteta. He’s now building a squad, his own squad, a big squad. He seems to be the only manager that realises there’ll be five substitutes next season.”

He went on to warn other Premier League clubs, insisting that they should be worried about being left behind in the market by their top-four rivals.

“If you’re Chelsea and Manchester United, where nothing is happening at the moment, just links, you’ve got to be a little bit concerned,” he added.

I’m definitely impressed by the work our club appears to be doing so far this summer, and it can only be positive for us to be successfully landing our targets this early in the window.

At this rate we could have majorly improved our squad of options ahead of the beginning of pre-season, and that can only help our new players to integrate into the squad ahead of the new campaign.

Do you think our rivals will be concerned by our movements thus far?


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  1. Yeah I think Arteta obviously put the 5 substitutes allowed next season into perspective. We complain about lack of squad depth towards the end of last season and arsenal not splashing the cash…. We certainly can’t complain of having too many players now or paying over to get what we want. If we are 2 points shy of champions league last season despite our signing, sky is d limit for what we can achieve dis season if all our target were successful

  2. Maybe they should be, but I see MU and Chelsea linked with other players than those on Arsenal’s radar, although some are the same Arsenal have got ahead in the contested transfers (or so it seems at the moment – have to wait until pens are put to paper to be sure).

    The 5-sub rule is a big factor for sure, but there’s also teh impression it creates in the minds of players. They see c lub who failed by an inch to qualify for CL last season being very busy early in the market and signing a number of very good players, strengthening weaker positions and covering others. Seeing this will make them want to be part of that.

    So any further targets will be looking at the new team thinking “Added Jesus, exciting new AM, young forward, more defence coming in with Saliba returning… that on top of all they already had… hmmm I could be the extra piece that makes this team great”.

    If I were Martinez, I’d be thinking that ab out Arsenal and looking at MU and thinking “They have a lot of rebuilding to do and they have a recent history of the next manager always being the saviour, but they never really improve”.

    I’d look at Chelsea and think “Pet oligarch gone, new era. Unknown quantity. No guarantees that they will continue as they did before”.

    Spurs, I’d think” Purple patch. Conte has done well, but he’s fickle and tends to fall out with club Boards then he’s on his way in a hurry – after that, it’s anyone’s guess what happens”.

    And… I’d think “I’m signing a 5-year contract, next season is only 20% of that”. And I’d choose Arsenal.

  3. Our rivals will not be concerned at all They wili pursue their own targets, as we will pursue ours. FAR TOO MUCH FUSS IS MADE about not much actually completed as right now. UNTIL PLAYERS ARE SIGNED ALL DEALS CAN FALL THROUGH.
    That being said, I am relaxed about our still to complete signings and advise against panicking far too soon . That applies to our rivals too, since this article is concocted from nothing tangible at all.

  4. Does Darren Ambrose really think our rivals willlbe concerned about our transfer dealing so far, if he does he’s not much of a pundit. Oh, hang on he’s on Talksport the station where the crap pundits gather.

  5. @ Marty i wont have anything bad said about my lovely Laura Woods lol.

    Look let’s get the sales over the line before making comments like these. This sort of talk just gets people unrealistic and then riled up when said players don’t come in. Yes we’ve been “linked” to some decent signings. But until the likes of Jesus, Raphinha, Tielemans and Martinez/Hickey are signed it’s wrong to be talking trash to about other teams.

    Look at Spurs bantering clubs when again they’ve won absolutely nothing. They’ve signed 40 year old back up GK, a potentially over the hill 33 year old winger from a shit league that’s nowhere near the standard of the prem and a serial sex offender(who admittedly is a good player). All of a sudden they’ve had an awesome window they’re going to challenge City for the league and win the Champions League. When we all know the fact we threw away 4th last season with a young, injured and tired squad. Not because of the “Conte effect” lmao.

    Let’s see where we are in the next 2 weeks. For me we’ve already taken too long getting our top targets in. We’re almost in July and we’ve yet to sign a top striker, a winger to give Saka and Martinelli a break, a new top CM and back up for both FB positions. I do like the Vieira and Turner signings and who knows how Marquinos will turn out. We’re still very short of quality, I’m starting to get itchy about it tbh

  6. Far too much is being made of transfer activity so far. There is a long way to go. There have been very few transfers completed.
    None of the top teams has any real reason to gloat or be concerned at this point.

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