Riyad Mahrez created his own problems over Arsenal move?

It would appear that Riyad Mahrez has always wanted to play for Arsenal and has made no secret of the fact even while he was playing for title-winning Leicester. He won the Player-of-the-Year and still dreamed of joining Arsene Wenger at his dream club, but with no offer from Wenger he foolishy agreed to a new extension with Leicester and a massive increase in his wages.

He has therefore given the Foxes total control over the selling price if Arsenal come calling, and this is why they will not budge on their £50million demand if he is to leave this summer.

According to a report today, a source at Leicester has explained where the Algerian went wrong in his actions last summer. “Mahrez’s problem is he has talked about a move to Arsenal for two summers now but on both occasions he has had three years remaining on his contract.

“Therefore he is in no position to dictate the next move or call the shots — all the power lies with the club.

“Leicester’s owners do not need the money so unless it’s a staggering deal and the kind of offer which would be stupid to turn down, why would they sell for less than £50m in this market?”

“Arsenal didn’t make a solitary bid for Mahrez last summer.

“Since then his value has doubled and so has his salary, but his form dipped last season.

“As for Roma, the serious money is in the Premier League, not Serie A.

“That would be a backwards move and as Mahrez has a young child it’s unlikely he will want to move to Italy anyway.

“All the cards are in Leicester’s favour.

“When Liverpool can turn down £72m for Philippe Coutinho do you really think Mahrez will go for less than half of that figure — a year after he was voted the Player of the Year?”

This report certainly makes sense. Mahrez reckons that the Leicester heirarchy promised him that he could leave this summer if a bid came in from Arsenal, but they certainly didn’t give him any assurances on what price they would demand, so he cannot complain when they demand the going rate from the Gunners. I am sure Wenger will be hoping they will come to a compromise at the end of the transfer window, but they are well within their rights to keep him for another two years if they want to. That’s football life, and perhaps Mahrez should not made his feelings so public. He may regret that if Wenger refuses to pay up….



  1. paulus says:

    as usual, the dithering and trying to get players on the cheap is causing us problems… we could have had Mahrez last summer for £35m, but wenger dithered, so no deal, if wenger is such an admirer of Lemar, why did he not go in early with a serious bid, before Monaco had sold half their team, and secure the deal.. as usual he’s hoping to shop in the ‘end of window sales’ for a cut-price deal, 2 weeks to go till the season starts, so if we buy anyone, they will have not had a pre-season with Arsenal getting to know their team-mates, and the way we play… groundhog day again… we were promised investment in the team, Lacazette is a good start, but where is the rest….

    1. kev says:

      You’ve said it all.Arsene really does some poor business sometimes.We could’ve have also gotten Lacazette for cheap last two seasons.Funny enough people here said he wasn’t worth that price at that time.Fast forward today and he’s our record signing.Where lies the sense in that?However,I disagree on the Lemar part.Monaco were never willing to sell Lrmar or Mbappe on the cheap this season.To Monaco those sre their most important players.Even stats will back me .They’ve rejected very good bids from Arsenal and I think Wenger was fast enough.I’m not even keen on spending £55 on him.That money should be better used.Bernado Silva is as good as him or even better but is going for less.Lacazette proved himself over several sesons but was deemed not to be worth it.

      1. Kostafi says:

        Bernado Silva isn’t as good, more creative but not as good. Check the stats- Lemar contributed more in terms of goals plus assists for Monaco last season and he went for £43.5m. Monaco clearly value Lemar more. £55m is however ridiculous. Lemar to Arsenal means either Sanchez will be allowed to leave (stupid move) or Ramsey will get more bench time. Record buys don’t sit on the bench.

        As for Mahrez, if he really was desperate for anArsenal move, he shouldn’t have signed a new £100k a week last summer. He’d have 2 years left on his contract and the ball would be in his (Arsenal’s) court. Similar to Lemar, Mahrez in signals Sanchez out and I know which I’d prefer…

        1. kev says:

          Don’t let the stats deceive you bro.He might have the stats on his side but talent is another thing.A lot of young players don’t have Lemar’s stats but are as regarded and talented as Lemar.Anyone who’s watched Bernardo Silva knows that he’s as talented as Lemar.I’ve also watched them both and I feel he’s as much of a threat as Lemar.As for Mahrez he clearly signed for the money but he must assumed we’d go all out for him this transfer window feeling he’d impress us to make the move.

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      Lemar is due to be announced this weekend or sometime next week along with jordan sancho.
      Ozil and ramsey extensions also to be announced as soon as next week is what I’ve got..
      Mahrez is as stands, Alexis no clue and don’t believe anyone on alexis except alexis and official club announcement. Journos link him everywhere because it makes a good story. Club are looking at targets as well, just like all other clubs but that list is endless and keeps changing..

      1. kev says:

        Have we really signed Jadon Sancho?That’s the bargain of the season for me.He’s the biggest talent in English football right now.

      2. John Ibrahim says:

        How many next weeks?

        Since your announcement, Monaco has already mentioned a number of times that hes not for sale

        and Lemar is still training and playing for Monaco

      3. AUGooner says:

        Read that the jadon sancho deal is being hijacked by Dortmund, have you heard anything on this?

    3. TH14-TW14 says:

      Can you tell me the team that has completed all major transfers the are going for this season?

      Chelsea – linked to Sandro, Llorente, Van Dijk.

      Man U – linked with Matic, Sanches

      City – linked with Sanchez

      Spurs- Done nothing yet

      Liverpool – Linked with Keita, Ox

      Outside of England Barcelona, PSG, Madrid are yet to complete major deals.

      All of you should stop whining at everything and declaring who would challenge and who wouldn’t. Challenging goes beyond huge transfers. City and Man U have spend more than the rest in the last three years and both have never finished outside the top 2 in those years. It’s just nauseating seeing people jump up and down telling us you need so and so number of new players to challenge. Remind me again how many of such players Chelsea and Tottenham added last season or Leicester before them.

      1. Valentine says:

        U gotta look at ur team and be able to tell where the team’s weak point lies. We’ve watched Arsenal for ages and we know we have suffered severe but unwarranted and avoidable failures in our Title pursuit because we haven’t done the needful. If we complain about the defence, it is because by watching Arsenal play, you see VERY CLEARLY the frailties in defence. We have clamoured for reinforcement in the DM section, and the need there is as glaring as daylight. We suffered for years because our strikers were outstandingly inefficient. You only need to watch arsenal play and you’ll notice these issues “at first sight”. Everyone knows about these problems, only Arsene doesn’t. You also need to look back at when we had MERCURIAL forwards, POWERFUL midfielders and SOLID defenders, your eyes testified and your heart knew those guys were good. The trophy cabinet was a witness, too.
        And, fast forward to date, with your eyes you can see that our football isn’t as good, and the result? A barren trophy cabinet (for the EPL) in over 10 years!

        The teams you have also fronted as examples (except Spurs & Lpool): they have all won the titles at least twice (except Leicester who won it once). Since we last won a PL trophy (2004), Chelsea have won 5 times, ManU have won 4 times, City won it 2 times. Liverpool haven’t won, and the quality of their squad makes a good case why they haven’t won it. But they can still take solace on the fact that they are one of the two most successful clubs in England.
        We don’t need to even talk about Barcelona and Madrid, they are consistent world beaters, their squad quality justifies their achievements. Quality doesn’t lie.

        We aren’t there yet, when we get there, you only have to look at the squad quality (both the skills and hunger) to know.
        I hope we overcome the odds this season, I’d be ecstatic. COYG

        Quality doesn’t lie.

        1. neil says:

          So the three richest clubs have won 11 teams between them since Arsenal last won… says it all ! Arsenal cannot compete with someone like Pep who spends 250mn to try to buy the league.. nothing special about a manager like that but he still wont be guaranteed to win league this season… Moaninho spent world record on Pogba and 300k per week on Ibrahimovic and couldnt win league .. how much will he soend this season ? Chelski have spent possibly more than others and started the whole ridiculous transfer fee saga …. thats not sport its accounting !!

          FFP is a joke !

          1. ZA_Gunner says:

            Football has moved on and you either get in or you lose out simple.

          2. Valentine says:

            It’s as simple as that…the silver lining being that you can actually compete with a bit of wise/smart business. Imagine that a Ferguson is still in this league, trust me, he’ll compete without necessarily paying over the odds.

        2. ZA_Gunner says:

          Well said, plus I think we have been rotten with this squad for many years now with many players who have overstayed their welcome. If you comparing with other teams you are looking at other variables for example, Chelsea have been winning titles with that squad; Tottenham have improved over the couple of seasons and Leicester had the element of surprise but look at them last season. Point is we cannot be looking for excuses because we certainly have not improved and being out of the Champions Leaue proves just that! We have to look within and be honest with ourselves, can we really challenge with this team, this management and system? I’m afraid not.

  2. kev says:

    As far as am concerned Leicester have reduced their asking price to £40.Even they themselves know what will happen if he doesn’t leave this season.He can even force the move.Arsene Wenger should test their resolve with £35 bid plus add ons.He’s worth that bid.If you think Arsene Wenger will spend £50 or above on a winger and get us a quality CM then you’re wrong.The likes of Rafinha are also available.What’s he waiting for?Just get one of them and a quality CM then we’re good to go.This is such an easy transfer window for Arsenal.What makes it esier is that the playerswant to join and can force the move.

    1. neil says:

      So easy just to ring up and buy who you want and even get Ocado to deliver for free !

      Of course no other team is looking to buy any players…
      and the selling clubs should just accept whatever fee we want to pay

  3. benstar says:

    de truth is arsene wenger keep admiring players and wish to buy but won’t buy. he openly said he liked mahrez but uptill now he hasn’t made a bid. leta it will be said hw mahrez nearly signed for arsenal, same as messi and Ronaldo. pls nearly can not kill a bird. get deals done pls

  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Yup, Leicester have dropped their asking price down to £40 million. Meanwhile, PSG and Barcelona are both set to make announcements within the next 24 hours and that’s surely to do with Neymar being sold for a record fee. Barcelona are also reported to be in talks to buy Coutinho, which makes sense on why Liverpool have now become interested in Mahrez. Wenger best pull his finger out.

    1. kev says:

      News coming in is that Jurgen Klopp has told Barcelona he won’t be selling for any fee anytime soon though Barcelona are set to make another mammoth bid for him.Coutinho has also not handed a transfer request so everything is in their favour.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        No player has ever turned down a move to Barcelona ?? just wait and see, he’s probably packing his bags right now ??

        1. Valentine says:

          You’re right…”the little boy” in you would scream Barça! Bcoz in Barça, you can win everything from the bench.??

    2. kev says:

      News coming in is that Jurgen Klopp has told Barcelona he won’t be selling for any fee anytime soon though Barcelona are set to make another mammoth bid for him.Coutinho has also not handed a transfer request so everything is in their favour.

    3. James Slaughter says:

      Leicester have not dropped their asking price to £40m – it’s still £50m. The reports of the new asking price were very wide of the mark.

  5. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    The latest is that Sanchez is willing to drop his wage demands for City lol.
    Wenger needs to act fast otherwise we going to get left behind again. The delusional fool is looking to offload two of the signings that he made within the last 18 months (Perez & Elneny) which speaks volumes.

    1. kev says:

      PSG have given Wenger the chance to include Lucas Moura/Blaise Matuidi in the any possible deal for Sanchez.Who would complain if Wenger sold him abroad and took Matuidi?Then we can now focus on a top quality replacement and go all out.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Neymar has told PSG to keep his buddy ?Lucas at the club, he has also asked them To get Coutinho and Sanchez too ?? he doesn’t want much, does he?

        1. kev says:

          Well if Arsenal should ever sell it should be abroad and if it’s to PSG then we need Matuidi and not Lucas.That will be the best possible deal.I don’t see Neymar leaving Barca though.But I guess it’s just me.Are they really on the verge of siging him?

    2. TH14-TW14 says:

      Tell me how long these players lasted at their clubs after big money moves:
      Di Maria/Depay at Man U
      Cuadrado at Chelsea
      Sissoko at Spurs
      Carrol at Liverpool
      Bonny/Mangala at City
      Zalatan/Alex Son at Barcelona
      Hermes Rodriguez at Madrid

      Not every transfer works out and stop being foolish. Wenger everyone knows you who are you.

    3. neil says:

      Maybe wasnt his decision to buy them but Gazidis to appease the fans

  6. James Slaughter says:

    The problem is that Leicester’s owners have no desire or intention to sell Mahrez, which means they’re unlikely to come down from the £50m asking price. Why would they if they don’t want him to leave? In a normal transaction both the buyer and seller want the sale to take place, which means a compromise on the price is possible. In this instance Leicester does not want to sell Mahrez, so they won’t back down. If Arsenal want him, he will cost £50m.

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      I personally think that if alexis leaves then arsenal will snap up mahrez. This is my personal opinion not fact.

      1. James Slaughter says:

        If they offer Leicester £50m, or very close to it, then yes, of course it could happen.

  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    I just like to take this opportunity (in advance) to say ” Fork Off to Benzema ” ?

  8. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Monaco have agreed to sell Mbappe to Real Madrid for €180 million.
    No doubt that this will kick off the Benzema to ??? Rumours! ?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Fat and ageing 30 yo Benzema??

    2. TH14-TW14 says:

      Madrid does pay weird transfer fees but I will bet my annual salary that they would not be foolish enough to pay £161 million on an unproven 18 year old who has only shone for half a season. The Mbape hype is just nauseating. An interesting talent he is but he’s still what he is – a prospect. 19 year old Anelka shone for Arsenal and Madrid paid £22.3 million for him (A fee at the time which bettered the world record fee paid by Real Betis for Denilson the previous year and a world record fee for a teenager). Did he turn out better than Henry whom Arsenal bought half the amount to replace him? We all know the outcome. Mbape is no Messi or Ronaldo Da Lima. I just don’t get this hype around him. I have watched his goals and I would remember seeing any come from taken on and beating defenders. His strength is in his pace and finishing (Walcott has the same. Yes, I said it) in addition to some good footwork. He doesn’t take freekicks either. Enough of this Mbape hype.

  9. gorin says:

    pls we need to be in oneness. let’s get de players dat will help us achieve our goals. mahrez is a gud player. lemar deal is waning. we need good players to support lacazete.

  10. Shino says:

    When Arsenal do not make a damn bid for Mahrez why are we arguing about his wage increase or things that Leicester did!!! ??

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