Rob Holding admits he doesn’t like watching football games

A couple of months ago, there was a big debate amongst fans after Arsenal’s new 50m defender Ben White admitted that he has never really enjoyed watching football, and would much rather be playing.

The difference with Rob Holding though, is that he does enjoy watching a few other sports, and with his girlfriend being American, he particularly enjoys the NFL.

Holding has now been at Arsenal for six years since arriving from Bolton, but he certainly doesn’t get to play as much as new arrival White, but in an interview with, he explained what he did during the last international break. “I went to watch England v Australia in the rugby at Twickenham on the Saturday,”

“Then on the Sunday I spent my time flicking between the Formula One, the T20 cricket final, and then the NFL in the evening. So that was my whole day!

“That’s a regular weekend for me to be honest, keeping up with the sport. Every Sunday between 6pm and midnight I watch the NFL coverage. American Football is probably the main sport I follow now. I watch a lot of it, and know quite a lot about it now in terms of players at each team. I watch basketball too, but over the past few years NFL has taken over for me.

“I’ve watched it for about eight or nine years, I started to get into it at high school and then watched it more as it was on TV more on Sundays. I really love it now.

“I’m a 49ers fan because that’s where my girlfriend is from – it’s the nearest team to her – so I thought that made sense. I went to the stadium and spent a bit of time in San Francisco while visiting her, so I have grown an affiliation with them. I like their kit as well, the red, white and gold – lovely combination.”

So, we often hear of some footballers spending all their spare time watch other teams and other League, and learning from different tactics and managers.

Do you think it is weird that a professional player never watches any football at all?

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  1. I am not sure, I would call it weird. But I do think any 100% ambitious athlete will take any opportunity to study what the best of his rivals/competitors do, and try to learn from it in order to improve his own performances.
    Maybe Holding is lacking that little bit of extra drive to become the best.

  2. I don’t think players need to be completely consumed with football 24/7. Is it necessary for players to spend their free time watching football on TV?

    I don’t see it as a problem, but that is my personal opinion. I think time away when presented can foster a healthy mindset.

  3. it’s completely weird.. obviously he choosed the wrong sport.. If u love something u will be passionate about it, and that will only drive you to improve and succeed.. The truth is that we have too many of this people at Arsenal aside Holding and White…
    Hector Bellerin was all about Fashion
    Aubameyang cars, and Formulae 1
    we can only succeed if our players actually care about the sport in general

  4. The fact that Holding has rarely been used this season surprises me as he has the physical attributes which are necessary to cope with a big striker such as Richarlison who have White and Gabriel a tough time on Monday last.I think Holding is a very decent CB who ought to be given more game time by deploying White in a DM role particularly when Partey and Elneny will shortly be off to the AFCON competition.There are occasions when a more astute Manager may think in terms of switching to a back three system against the likes of Chelsea as David Moyes did successfully last weekend, in which case White can be used as the right CB where his attacking skills could be used more effectively.Unfortunately, our Manager does not seem to trust Holding sufficiently to bring him in, and given these circumstances, I would not be surprised if Newcastle moved for him as they need to shore up their back four.

  5. Not weird no! But unwise and I would suggest less than a professional outlook. Any top level paid professional would be expected to know as much as possible about the sport thye play and, not to watch Prem football, to my mind , shows a lack of professionalism.
    Certainly, a defender such as Holding would be wise and mature IF(which he does not)he spent his down time studying other attacking opponents . That he chooses not to, is IMO to his discredit. Moreover, he would be wiser not to admit not watching football, even though he does not. Not an impressive or wise statement then IMO. At best, I consider it immature.

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