Rob Holding issues rallying call declaring there is no crisis at Arsenal

Rob Holding claims that Arsenal is not having that many problems.

Rob Holding has insisted that Arsenal are not in crisis despite all the negative news surrounding the Gunners.

Arsenal hasn’t won any of their last 5 games and lost their last match 2-0 against Leicester City.

There have been reports of player unrest in the dressing room as the team continue to struggle to get to grips with Unai Emery’s methods.

The Gunners have a long way to go now if they want to finish inside the top four but Holding is optimistic that things will get better and played down reports of the club going through a crisis of any kind.

“We just need to string a couple of wins together and I think that will lift the confidence again and hopefully set us off on a run,” the Arsenal defender told Sky Sports News.

“We just need to stay calm and stay positive. We’re sixth, we’re not a million miles off it.

“We’re going into a busy Christmas period now where there’s going to be three Premier League games a week.

“We’re eight points off the top four but if we have three wins in a week we’re back up within touching distance so it’s not crisis point by any stretch of the imagination. We need to keep calm, keep positive and keep working on what we need to improve on.”

It is ok for Holding to be all positive, it is a good thing but to state there is no crisis is simply misguided. The club is in a mess, players are seemingly out of control liking anti-Emery social media posts and such like.

Arsenal has some winnable fixtures after the International break and the fans will be expecting a turnaround in fortunes over the next four games, at least.

Unai Emery also knows his job is on the line after he was given until January to turn things around or get the sack.


  1. Durand says:

    Don’t expect Holding to ring the warning bell, but he is far off with his comments.

    Everyone can see the team underperforming, they are worse than last year with arguably more talent as well. Emery hasn’t been able to improve the results, and the football they play is trash.

    Fans are rightfully unhappy, and the tactics and selections are wrong.

    Perhaps he should be speaking privately with Emery, and maybe he has. Unfortunately he’s trying to sell a bag of farts to the public and fans, but no one is buying.

    He’s currently off the boil and should focus on improving his play rather than convince others the titanic isn’t sinking.

    1. Durand says:

      IMHO better served letting improved play do the talking on the pitch rather than make comments like that.

  2. fekede says:

    The team was regressing over the past 30 pl games or more. It is funy that he promises to change things with Athe next thee marches. Even when they won the have naver done it conviencinglyexcept in few league cup and Europaleuge matches.Emery out.

  3. Patrick_G says:


    1. Dboy says:

      In that case Rob should start showing up more in games. I know he came from an injury but he needs to stand up and be counted.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        And a few others as well. They’re not earning their money at the moment.

  4. Positive from Holding. But he and all others must perform much better to get the desired results. These days even smaller teams are not afraid of playing Arsenal and we better go on a long winning streak and the sooner the better.

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