Rob Holding tells Arsenal fans what to expect from him!

Holding tells Arsenal fans what to expect from him!
When Rob Holding signed for Arsenal from Bolton he was named a classic conventional Arsene Wenger style signing given that he was young, cheap and held plenty of promise. Many expected him to be a quiet player ahead of the upcoming season and it seemed likely he’d be heading out on loan. The English youth product however seems to be slowly growing on some people and he’s beginning to make a better name for himself at Arsenal.
Bearing in mind Holding has just signed from League One outfit Bolton, not too much was known about his style of play and what we can expect from the club’s latest signing. Luckily in an interview with, Holding was keen to tell Arsenal fans that they can be excited to see him out on the pitch.
Holding said: “[In terms of my qualities], from the videos that have gone on the internet, a couple of tricks maybe in the box, which I probably won’t do straight away! Then just bringing the ball out and playing it on the ground to feet is what I think I do best. But I know when to clear it if there’s any danger. I’m not one to take risks.”
Holding is very much a ball playing defender, something that Arsene Wenger seems to love in a centre back. We see both Laurent Koscielny and Calum Chambers content with the ball at their feet, especially the former and now Wenger can also utilise Holding in that style.
Despite receiving a little stick due to the fact Arsenal fans wanted a world class centre back rather than a £2.5 million buy from Bolton, I think Holding seems to be pretty promising. Admittedly I have seen very little from the guy aside from the Internet videos that he mentions in his interview, however he is a regular in the England set up alongside Calum Chambers and seems well trusted by Wenger to go straight into working with the first team.
At 20 years old and with little experience on the top level, it was anticipated that Holding would probably go out on loan this season to gain more competitive experience. However it seems that Holding could get his chance to show us what he’s got earlier than expected.
Per Mertesacker and Gabriel are ruled out with injury and illness respectively and we await to see how much of pre-season they will miss. Koscielny will not return to training with the Gunners until a week before the Liverpool game due to his progress with France to the final of the Euros and so it shows that Arsenal are once again weak at the back when the injuries kick in.
This means that as things currently stand, we only have two fit centre backs in Chambers and Holding going into the start of the season and so we could see these two pairing up on the pitch sooner than we think!
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    1. Yea, me too..and am happy he is not going on loan too as I have high hopes for him seeing as he is English and English defenders are mostly solid!

  1. lyon have just put out on there official twitter that arsenal have bid 29 million for lacazette
    which of course was rejected…

    oh dear, been here before?

    1. I think 29 million is pricey for a player who didn’t make his national team. Arsenal was spot on this time around.

      1. well due to negligence on our part lyon like other clubs know were desperate for a striker- so true values means feck all

        an i dont even rate the cassette

    2. I personally think OL’s value of Lacazette is quite high…But if Arsenal thinks he’ll add value to the team, and we value him as a player, I’ll say GO GET YOUR MAN.

      I however hope it’s not one of those things where Arsenal bids for a player, knowing it’s going to be rejected…so that Wenger and the board can come out to say ‘We tried but couldn’t get him’.

      1. every strikers valuation is high this window cause there are barley any good strikers in this market. I’m tired of Arsenal penny-pinching. If they want Lacazette then we should stump up the money which the entire footballing world knows we have, cause we’ve barley spent any of it. Lukaku, Higuain, Morata are even more expensive. Everyone knows EPL teams are drowning in cash right now. What’s the point of penny-pinching for a striker we can so easily afford if we put in around a 35mill bid…

        1. oh, just read we bid for around that amount… well if OL want more give them more. It’s not like we’re signing anyone after we get this guy anyways. I know we’re going to end up with Giroud as our only striker yet again. I just know it. I can already hear the “we couldn’t find the right player” speech ringing in my head.

    3. After signing flops Chambers
      Debuchy+ Gabriel for 44 mill
      Wenger has to cut costs by
      signing 2mill Holding.
      Replace Arteta and Flamini with 7 mill Elneny.
      Replace injury wrecks Wilshere and Rosicky with Xhaka.
      Who will replace Cazorla? Some 2 mill signing from Crewe?
      Up front replace 16 mill flop Wellbeck with Sanogo and the shirt sales man from Japan.
      Lyon want 40 mill for Lacazette so Arsenal offer 25 mill 🙁
      So lets get a cheap unknown French striker for 8 mill.

      1. ah u mean ben yedder.
        i heard rumour an honestly thought he was from academy , never heard of him

        welbecks no flop , he will come good.

        gabriel neither, wenger messed with his place too much, first half of games he played he was a monster, no messing old school defender. but he tailed off drastically.

        to be frank yedder or lacazette wont make us title contenders, but if we add mahrez to either of those- who knows 🙂

        makes me wonder why vincent janssen wasnt considered….

      2. I don’t think they are flops mate. Debuchy is well sought after, only that Hector came on strong and was better. I for once will be happy if holding can take his chance and bench BFG and Gabriel. Chambers has not been used often in his natural position and he is still young.

    4. and it’s BREAKING NEWS on skysports……… Arsenal £29mil bid for Lacazette REJECTED

      yea we knew that was gonna happen….. Bid below what Lyon wants and the baulk off…..u Lose the Target

      & its doubtful if wenger will return with an improved bid….
      Arsenal never cease to amaze me!

    5. Only wenger would bid less tna a previously rejected bid for Lacazette……knowing fully well, it will be rejected!!

      What could we really make of this kinda man????

    6. A smart buyer offers low on his first bid knowing a smart seller will always reject that first bid. Both sides are simply setting the tone and attempting to find a middle ground.

      If Lyon didnt want Arsenal to come back to the negotiating table, they would have said outright “no he’s not for sale”. Lacazette to Arsenal is still very much alive.

  2. Man U signed Bailly or whathisname for 30m..(A defender)

    Chelsea signed a young Batshauyi for 30+
    Liverpool signed Mane for 30+..
    Just to mention a few….

    But Wenger wants to sign Lacazette for 29m???????
    It is ridiculous but IMO, Laca shouldn’t be more than 35m…max!

  3. Now that Wenger has failed with his £29.4 million bid, I think the most sensible thing to do is:

    Come back with an improved £29.4 + 1 pound bid.

    1. he’s done for the summer. Now he can say that he tried, and there’s proof of it. He put in a worthless bid that he knew OL would never accept. Well done Arsene for wasting everyone’s time. Clubs must absolutely dread doing deals with Arsenal. We’ll do anything to save a quid.

  4. Wenger is that type of manager who will haggle for a better price for Messi.

    I know the prices are now inflated but we have to move with time or get left behind. We are Arsenal and not Hull City or Sunderland who are not “global brands” or have less financial muscle to be bidding less than the players valuation each time. I bet if for Holding Wenger must have first tabled a 1.3 before it was rejected and offer improved.

    We are now turning into the laughing stock of world football by been rejected by small players and teams. Had we bid 45mil and not that silly 40 plus 1 bid for Suarez all this striker hunt would have ended.

  5. I expect Wenger to make a second bid, for laca . i would actually take yedder too( he uses both feet) and very mobile, a very clever player, would an interesting addition

    1. Yedder isn’t going to win us EPL so we have no need for him. Lacazette is way safer. How much does anyone know of Yedder besides youtube?

      1. I saw that he’s quite consistent in Ligue 1. Consistent in average. 13-18 goals per season, never more.

        I figured he’s on the same level as Chamakh.. and then it hit me. He’s a 100% Wenger signing LOL.

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