Rob Holding to Burnley depends on Arsenal getting Jonny Evans

I can see there being oodles of business done on the last day of the transfer window if even half of the speculations regarding Arsenal players are true. The bookies have Arsenal down as very short favourites to sign West Brom’s Jonny Evans, despite Alan Pardew admitting that he had received no bids so far.

It has now been revealed that Sean Dyche wants our young defender Rob Holding on loan for the rest of the season, but as Holding and Chambers have been our most likely backups if Koscielny, Mustafi or Monreal have been unavailable it is extremely unlikely that Arsene Wenger will let him go unless he brings in another experienced centre-back, which is fully expected to be Jonny Evans.

Arsenal have already sold Walcott, Alexis and Coquelin and sent a few youngsters out on loan (Ben Sheaf being the latest to go – to Stevenage) so the size of Wenger’s squad is being reduced considerably, so I would very surprised if Holding went anywhere without a new arrival.

But hopefully we will see the arrival of Aubameyang, which would probably end with Giroud being loaned out as well.

Can you see Wenger sending any more senior players leaving before Wednesday’s deadline?



  1. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Holding would be allowed to go. But maybe Giroud and Debuchy could go (if Aubameyang comes tomorrow as what @kev the man a.k.a @RememberResource? a.k.a @Resource said).

    Ozil could also leave suddenly, if there is a good offer like Sanchez case. There is no way Arsenal would leave Ozil, a 42 million player, leave for free at the end of this season.

    1. Eddy Hoyte says:

      every time I see “@kev the man a.k.a @RememberResource? a.k.a @Resource”
      it cracks me up??

      1. muffdiver says:

        david ornstein has just made an announcement

        BREAKING: Arsenal close to reaching agreement to sign to striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund for club-record fee in region of £60m. Transfer won’t be sanctioned until #BVB have replacement lined up – remains unclear if that will be Olivier Giroud or not #AFC

  2. Sue says:

    I thought he was injured last night.. although thinking about it that doesn’t matter, he’ll still be signed, although I hope not, he was pretty crap last night

    1. Rkw says:

      He’s been crap for years!!! Evans to arsenal would signal the mediocrity of the club

  3. John0711 says:

    OUR window is typically shocking
    The club Couldn’t run p#** down bank

    1. muffdiver says:

      oh dear john

      aubameyang change ur mind?>

  4. Sue says:

    Will Evans be our big buy on Wednesday just before the window shuts??

  5. Ackshay says:

    Sean dyche is a good coach, sending holding here might give him the essential defending training he wont get with clueless wenger. Arsenal would be beneficial in sending young players to clubs like Burnley and Bournemouth, they will learn that its either good workrate or no match.

  6. Shortboygooner says:

    If we stick with this stupid 3 at the back formation. Keep holding. As we need the back up. If not allow holding to get some extra playing time and show his worth. Let the new greek boy settle in. And firget evans we can do better

  7. barryglik says:

    Holding to WBA to lower the
    price for the Evans deal perhaps?

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I was about to say the same. People keep talking up Holding’s potential, but if he really has got potential, why do we rarely see it? I just don’t rate him, and he does look like a £2 million signing.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        well…u need experience players to play along side him….

        you cant play two 20 or 22yo together in a back 2 or without a senior player alongside a back 3

        currently kos, mus and monreal are ahead of holding in terms of experience and form

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          I agree about playing with experience, but he has a lot of the time. He’s been poor this season, although to be fair, all our defenders have bar Monreal.

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            well sometimes a player is still human after all…

            long periods on the bench makes one rusty and coordination poor

            if you ever play football or a team sport before you will know

            or perhaps he has some personal or family issues that preventing him for staying focus in games

          2. ThirdManJW says:

            Could be some of those, but one cannot keep making excuses. The harsh reality is that most youngsters at top clubs do not make it. I am all for giving youngsters a chance, I just do not rate him. He needs consistent football under a better defensive manager, then we can see what he’s about.

            Granted he’s not been here as long, or played as much as other young flops that came through at Arsenal like: Walcott, Ramsey, Bellerin, Bendtner, etc, but like I said earlier, I don’t see anything in his game to suggest he could be top quality.

            Cesc came through even younger, but played consistently because he was performing. You could see he had something, I don’t see that in Holding. I see quality Maitland-Niles, who’s done pretty well, whilst playing completely out of position. Niles is the youngster I am really excited about at the moment. Would love to see what he can do in central midfield.

          3. John Ibrahim says:

            cesc had his bad days as well but he kept playing and improving….

            maitland wasnt that great either when he started but as he played consecutively he got better

            for holding after the top performance at the Fa cup final…he was constantly benched and played randomly…

            but it is good he goes out on loan and play regular football to boost his confidence and increase his experience

            at least he does not cost 50m…look at stones….now pep signing Laporte to potentially replace him

      2. jon fox says:

        I totally agree. I see nothing in Holding to make me think he will ever be a top player. Nor Chambers. Chambers is far too slow and neither are dominant in the air. A few ok perfs do not make a player good enough to be a regular at Arsenal. Even the useless Walcott had a few decent spells over twelve years but he was still too “little boy” a type of player, like Iwobi too. Esp in defence , players must have power, much physicality and will to win. We have lacked this type right through the club over the last decade with just a tiny few exceptions, Sanchez being one of the best examples.

  8. Terry Clements says:

    I believe Rob Holding will captain England one day. If he goes on loan it could be a perfect way forward under Sean Dyche he will learn so mu

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    klopp 380m spent in 2 years and no trophies..

    world class manager…fan favs

    1. Yes but what is his net spend? He has sold over 270M worth of players. He has only burned about

      1. In fact, after close analysis of your figures, they are absolutely inaccurate. Klopp has spent 232M and brought in 270M. His net spend is actually positive. Id say he is doing a good job improving Liverpool while also avoiding losses.

        1. TH14-TW14 says:

          Stop this net spend nonsense. A single big sale like Coutinho can skew the whole data. Again, we a good quality player can come in for free (like we got Kolasinac), does the fact that such a player is free or came in for less than he would normaly cost mean that your team is not of good quality? Besides, You lambast Wenger for the years we won nothing but forgot that the “net spend” for Arsenal in those years was super positive.

  10. Innit says:

    NO Please.
    Holding is needed here
    He is a good young CB and we need him in case Kos or Mustf get injured
    Chambers is possible but i would prefer him to stay too unless we get a new CB

    Im not too crazy about Evans especially for £30 mil or even £20 mil

    Surely, we can do better than Evans innit
    (And i know “Yes and don’t call me Shirley” joke)

  11. Ronny says:

    Breaking sky sports also close to PEA signing for 60m!!
    I don’t like the word close but sky sports are always pretty concrete 🙂
    Wenger want him in for the Swansea game?
    We had to buy him with sanchez and walcott gone we’d lost pace in the side, auba has pace in abundance reminds me in Leroy sane when he gets moving.
    Please let it be true!!

  12. Phil says:

    We need Top top quality defenders at this club and Rob Holding does not and never will fit into that bracket.If Burnley want him then he should be sold not loaned.Evans is not the answer either so do not buy him.We should have enough cover to get through the season if not get rid of Holding in the close season.

  13. oba (AUBA)arsenal of lagos says:

    Its auba baby!!!! Meanwhile Johnny Evans is not arsenal quality neither is Chambers, as for holding? Burnley will do him a lot of good,wish we’ll get a quality beastlike leader defender who’d shout at his players and take responsibility,how I miss keown.perfect Transfer will see debuchy,chambers and an aggressive defensive midfielder join auba and miki

  14. oba (AUBA)arsenal of lagos says:

    *Debuchy chambers leave

  15. dutchy says:

    Fantastic if Aubameyang joiins.. Where is our new DM we so desperate need. Buy one for 60 million pounds, i don’t care how much he will cost. I’ll buy two shirts.

    1. muffdiver says:

      seems spoilt of us
      but yes we badly need one

      can u imagine ?

  16. Innit says:

    We spent too much on Chambers (£16 mil) and Xhaka (£35 mil). Perez was a waste of money.

    Eleny (£5 mil most of the time you get what you pay for) Lacazette (£55 mil) and Mustafi (£35 mil) were pretty much worth their money

    But Holding (£2 mil) and Kolsanic (free) were real bargains

    DM- Analysis
    Xhaka isnt one, not a good central midfielder and certainly not worth £35 million. I think Wenger thought Xhaka would be the next Goretzka
    Wenger doesn’t believe in spending big on defensive midfielders
    Eleny is not good enough and Wenger only got him because he cost £5 mil
    We had Coquelin by luck really as he came from the youth group

    Wenger doesn’t realize how valuable Viera was. You NEED a top defensive midfielder ie Kante, Matic, Carrick, Toure, Roy Keane, Mekelele or a top central midfielder who is good offensively and defensively ie Viera, Scholes, to win the Premier League.

    Wenger doesn’t know how to win the PL anymore or intentionally wants to do it differently. One of the reasons Wenger MUST GO!!!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      guess you are confuse with a DM and b2b?

    2. McLovin says:

      I think Perez will have resale value. We already got a loan fee from him and he is performing for lowly Deportivo Coruna. According to Transfermarkt, he cost only £13 millions..

    3. Break-on-through says:

      Wenger wont buy an out and out DM. At best we can hope for a B2B one that is great at the defensive side of his game. He wont get a Gilberto.

      Diaby Wilshere Ramsey Cazorla Xhaka and then cheaping with Coq and Elneny before selling the former, that tells us allot. Mkhit can play CM, again the master at work.
      I think he thought Xhaka would become a Fabregas. I believe one will come in as Santi is all but gone, Elneny could follow him.

      I reckon he’ll forget about the defensive frailties and try to replace Cazorlas panache, or maybe he’ll get a taller B2B. Also with us having three CBs, I believe Wenger thinks this counter balances that out, one can step up or else numbers wise it’ll make up.

  17. iffybright says:

    Aubayamang is coming….. I can’t wait to see this officially

  18. Manoj says:

    its officail in BBC . Mr. reliable

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Read the BBC but not Ornstein. BBC and Sky now click bate with the best of them, or worst of em depending on how you feel about that stuff. I believe this one is true now, sounds like they are making headway. I heard a few say on Sat that it could be done on Mon, and some in here had that info too.

      Would prefer if Giroud said. I know getting games will be tough, but I’ve always said that I came here to win trophies. With that in mind, and a few good seasons left in me, I will stay here and fight for a place but most of all I will fight for the badge. Auba Laca Oli, that gives us great options and Oli rarely gets injured. Without him it’s a waste of a good/another tactical option.

  19. John Ibrahim says:

    Suprisingly moneybags Chelsea and City are complaining they do not have money…

    Chelsea failing to pay Roma whatever they want for Dzeko and Pamelri

    While City could potentially make only 1 signing in 55m Laporte and after spending over 400m (including Laporte) and 18 players signed….Pep is complaining they do not have enough money to win the Quad..

    Pretty sure Pep would love to spend another 500m on top of Laporte and sign at least another 4 – 5 world class players if possible

    1. Break-on-through says:

      And there it is, the secret to success.
      Not the only route, but if you greatly out spend the nearest teams, well then it is only a matter of time.

      R Madrid knew it. PSG now know it. Juventus know it. Man utd knew/know it. Celtic know it, Rangers knew it. Ajax sort of knew it. Every league that has a big daddy team knows it. It’s also why they say that our league is the most competitive around, because the wealth is spread around. Oh yeah, and if there is one man in football who knows it, no it’s not Arsene ……Pep knows it.

  20. Break-on-through says:

    I’d like Burnley to work with holding over the next three seasons or so and then we take him back if/when he becomes a rock for them. Holding would be good for Burnley, he came up through Bolton and was aggressive as well as intelligent in defence. I think he’d like to go back to basics and just defend.

  21. Grandad says:

    Burnley engage defenders to defend full stop.Arsenal expects a lot more from their centre backs.In other words it’s easier to play in a defensive back four at Burnley than it is at Arsenal ,Man City etc.Holding would flourish at Arsenal if AW played a defence minded back four.A back three system is not employed by the top European sides other than Juventus and Chelsea.It is basically an Italian system which suits their defensive mentality but restricts their attacking potential.Why play an extra defender with limited technical skill when you can use another energetic box to box midfielder example. Evans is a good player but is not what we need to shore up our defensive frailties.Only a change in our Managers philosophy on the art of defending can do that.

  22. Vlad says:

    Old. ManU reject. Not very good. And now injured… Perfect Arsenal material. Sign him up!

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