Robin van Persie at it again trying to convince people why he left Arsenal

Robin van Persie has revealed, yet again, that he left Arsenal because the Gunners didn’t offer him a new deal and seems to suggest that they were probably tired of him.

Van Persie left Arsenal for Manchester United in one of the most controversial transfers in recent seasons in 2012.

Most Arsenal fans branded him a traitor and till this day most fans haven’t forgiven him for making such a move.

However, the former Gunner has once again reiterated that he had a decision to make because Arsenal was not forthcoming in terms of offering him a new deal and that they were probably tired of him after eight years together.

He revealed that at that point he still had ambitions of winning the Premier League and he had three options in terms of his next career move.

His first option was to go abroad, his second option was to join Manchester City and his third option was to move to Old Trafford.

He said, as quoted by Sun Sports: “You can compare [me being at Arsenal] to being married. Me and my wife – Arsenal – were married for eight years.

“After eight years, my wife, possibly got a bit tired of me. Those are the facts.

“If Arsenal are not offering you a new deal… you can have different views on things but the fact is Arsenal never offered me a new deal.

“Then you have a look around. I was ambitious. I still wanted to win the league. That is life.

“I ended up having three options. One option abroad disappeared quickly. Then it was City or Manchester United.

“What people don’t know, during the transfer, loads of things are happening behind the scenes.

“You have to take a lot on and make a choice based on what your targets are but also deal with the facts.

“One of the main facts was that Arsenal got tired of me. That was the starting point – they didn’t offer me a new deal.

“We had loads of chats with Wenger, with [Ivan] Gazidis. They gave me no decision to make.”

I am sure he trotted out this excuse in the past so why he is at it again I do not know. Maybe he thinks that if he keeps on repeating the same thing over and over again that the Arsenal fans will all of a sudden forgive him and demand a statue be stuck up outside the Emirates.

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  1. Love the guy for his scoring ability. Noone -besides Thierry – have scored goals like RvP. And that snake-bull leaves me cold. It’s his life and his career. And for all the sideline pundits: who among you who is without sin – or is a better player – may throw the first stone.

        1. Now you are throwing stones, Ken. Watch him score, man. 132 times for the Gunners – and almost everyone of them is a goody. If we had a guy like him today we would be in Heaven… He was much better than Auba.

  2. This hating on Van Persie is pretty immature, Fabregas left, Henry left, no doubt Aubameyang will. All a bit disappointed with an ownership and executive hierarchy lacking ambition. All three, have been shared how they tried to force the club to act with more ambition, whether it be transfer target, spending, coaching set ups. These players are not local lads, ultimately the club has to match the ambition of top players to keep them.

    1. Had he said all this the at the time he left it would’ve helped a lot. I don’t know why he kept quite then. I actually commend him for his move to Man utd. That showed our management are better in pissing to the fans contest than actually running a club.

      Had I been a top player for Arsenal I would’ve left too. I advise the great Auba to leave too as the pissing contest is still ongoing.

      With our management we deserve the Luizs and the Xhakas and the Sylvesters.

  3. His justification doesn’t make sense – why would the club ‘get tired’ of him when he was finally having the best seasons of his life?

    Either way, if it’s true the club didn’t actually off him a new contract that’s very worrying.

  4. May be the boy inside him tell him to keep repeating such nonsense. Why didn’t you leave during your six years of injury? The snake….

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