Robin van Persie comments on Arsenal title chances should not be dismissed

Former Gunner Robin van Persie has come out with a bold statement claiming that Arsenal can challenge Manchester City for the Premier League title.

In fact, the Dutch legend believes that we are already close to City and that we have been there for years.

‘Of course they can, yes, because they’re close already, they’ve been close for so many years,’ van Perise told BBC Sport when asked if he felt Arsenal are genuine challengers.

‘It goes in periods. Now you have Manchester City, who are doing unbelievable. To win back-to-back titles is very special – that shows, really, that you’re a proper team.’

Some of the thinking behind van Persie’s opinion is that he feels things will shift when Pep Guardiola is no longer in charge at the Etihad.

‘It goes in phases,’ Van Persie added. ‘Maybe Guardiola will leave next year and that does something to a club.

‘Maybe Liverpool will take over and they will dominate for the next few years.

‘But I hope and wish Arsenal all the best to win the title. I know how difficult it is.’

Taking his comments at face value one can easily be forgiven for having a bit of a giggle and look on his opinion as being outlandish but we should not forget that Liverpool where 25 points behind City last year and closed that to just two points this season and so being 28 points behind the Premier League champions is not necessarily insurmountable.

Who knows how well Unai Emery will progress next season after his debut season in the English game, you have to remember it took Liverpool a few seasons to get where they are now under Jurgen Klopp and City themselves fell well short in Guardiola’s debut season.

Emery is completely new to everything in English football, the intensity, the pace, the tactics and style of play and has had to adapt fast and in his first season has got us to the Europa League final and fifth in the league, just one point behind fourth.

I am not saying that Arenal will challenge next year and I am not saying that van Persie is 100% right but I am saying that his opinion should not be dismissed out of hand either.


  1. When a player leaves arsenal to win the league with another club, gunners fans simply cannot take his post-retirement comments seriously.

  2. His comments and his statement/hopes, they don’t line up. He talks about City in a big way, then says that Pep might leave. He says Liv will prob dominate in that case. Then like, why do you think we are not far off, because we’ve always been close, I’m sorry Robin but if you think we’ve been close over these last couple of seasons then I’d hate to see us when we fall off the pace.

  3. Can’t work out why RvP is obviously trying to suck up to our fans, most of whom have long turned against him. Were his comments not so ridiculous some would perhaps even choose to believe him!

    1. Good afternoons sir
      Hope all is well as another season draws closer to an end.
      Must admit RVP mad me chucke as we are light years away from catching city at the moment but baby steps and we might do something in a few seasons time..wishful thinking
      As for lambasting rvp still..for me self the hurt numbness and disappointment of him leaving in the manner he did has subsided
      And to tell you the truth he done what all great pros would do and move for medals
      He wasnt going to win it with us.
      Whilst it hurt me to watch the goals he banged in for the red ..deep down inside I clung on to the fact that we made him softened the pain
      Onwards and upwards
      Keep well

  4. Deluded mindset of Van Persie. Football is 99% of the time based on the best players and we actually have too many poor players even by basic standards. Auba and Laca have rescued our team from collapse. I pray we can replace Aaron Ramsey with James Maddison. I pray we can get players like Harry Maguire and Wilf Zaha. I think there is a big probability that Satan Kroenke will not subsidise that level of player. Like teams such as Seville etc we are going to spend years on the periphery, just also rans. When Kroenke meets the grim reaper maybe then someone who loves the team will buy it. All those shareholders who thought Kroenke was the GOODIE and sold to him must be hanging their heads in shame. You sold out. Meanwhile make Kroenke aware he is not wanted.

  5. Just for info. Colorado Rapids, Kroenke’s MSL team, are so completely the worst team in the states it beggars belief. They are what could happen to us. If you follow Kroenke in the states it will become clear he is totally despised there. Kroenke must go.

    1. ??Sean, I’m waiting for the redevelopment application for the Emirates as high priced appartments to be submitted to the council. After all Kroenke is going to make a killing from redevelopment of land surrounding the LA Rams stadium.
      Making a football club like Arsenal FC successful takes money, which he refuses to invest. Property development on the other hand he understands.

    1. I feel you Sue,he lost my respect when he joined the Mancs in the manner he did.As good as he was,he is one player who will never be a legend for any team.I actually enjoyed how his beloved Manchester disposed him off at the earliest opportunity they had.

      1. I can’t stand him, Cliff! The Mancs of all teams – and when he’d score against us, was absolutely gutted!!
        If he’d stayed with us & scored all those goals, I believe we’d have won the league.. but no, he couldn’t wait to jump ship!
        I totally agree with you – I loved that too! Was glad to see the back of him in the PL

  6. Obviously smoking White Widow on a floating “coffee shop” somewhere in Amsterdam. ?

  7. I can think of 3 anagrams that come to mind concerning RVP………….Penis Over Brain…………….Brave Iron Penis and the last one where he should be……….Beaver in Prison !

      1. What do think of Piers Morgan, Sue ?…………….as he has probably the best anagram name ever and I`ll post only if you dont like him or if you do like him and want to know a pretty please will do ! 😆

        1. I can imagine another penis incoming!! ?
          I actually don’t mind him, LCM. Bet I’ll now get slaughtered for saying that!
          I’m curious now… so pretty please ??

          1. I dont mind him either and you are correct with your first sentence ! hahaha

            His full name is Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan…………check it out if you dont believe…………………and that relates in anagram to………………..Huge Fat Penis Sperm Organ !……………enjoy ! 😆

  8. If one player deserves our fan’s utter contempt, it’s this person.
    Crawl back under the stone you emerged from “little boy” and if The Arsenal ever took him back in any kind of role, that would be me gone for good.
    A real Judas in name and action regarding our club, manager and fans.
    My only consolation is just how much it cost manure to allow him to win one championship medal.

    1. Slightly surprised to see you use language more usually associated with someone like me, Ken. Not really your style I would have thought. I do agree, though am less harsh on RvP than you, ONLY because life has long ago taught me not to expect ANY modern era player to show loyalty,( though there ARE exceptions) even to the club and fans that faithfully stood by him through all his injury years, and lauded his name , only to then be kicked in the teeth. Of course that is wrong but it’s also par for the course these days , sadly. I always remember that players are not fans and usually just pass through. That’s modern football behaviour. Again Sigh!

      1. Sue, as you are in to abbreviations etc at the moment…
        R(eally) V(ile) P(erson) suits this little boy perfectly, along with the anagram for Piers (I know everything) Morgan.
        Must compliment you on your “stand” regarding Ozil, what a difference in attitude to the person above.
        Looks certain we’ve got two more years watching his sublime skills and I think he will be the ace card in keeping both lacs and aba at the club.

        Jon, not sure what you mean when you remark about my use of language, can you expand dear sir?
        have you given your thoughts to the Leno/Cech debate?

        1. That is brilliant, Ken!! Spot on!
          2 more years – looking forward to that! I hope so, I don’t want to lose either of them! Can’t wait to see who we sign too!
          I hope you had a nice holiday btw! ?

  9. I’ve had the perspective that RvP pushed Arsenal to compete and threatened us with his contract situation, he’d sign if we show ambition…

    We signed Cazorla (turned out to be great but not inspiring at the time), Giroud (again, uninspiring) and Podolski who only had a decent left foot on him in footballing terms.

    Let me ask you all, if you made a threat to try and make Arsenal compete but Arsenal called your bluff on that threat, would you meekly accept anything the club gave you or feel forced to follow through with your threat?

    I challenge everyone who is abusive to RvP, I challenge you to find information that disproves RvP wanted to win with us and used his contract to try and force it to happen. If you can’t then can you accept that RvP may have tried to do his best by us and the abuse should stop!

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