Robin van Persie explains his controversial statement which angered Arsenal fans

Robin van Persie continuing to try and explain his acrimonious departure from Arsenal.

Robin van Persie has revealed that he regrets his choice of words when he left Arsenal for Manchester United in 2012.

The Dutchman left Arsenal for £24 million that summer after rejecting a new contract offer from the Gunners and delivered what seemed to be a parting shot at the Gunners on his unveiling.

He claimed that he listened to “the little boy inside of me in these situations” before making the move and those words seemed to rub pepper into the wounds his transfer had caused Arsenal’s fans.

He has now clarified his comments and admitted that he should probably have used another word.

When asked about the statement, Van Persie said as quoted by the Daily Star: “Yes, maybe I should have chosen different words.

“I didn’t want to upset anyone, I was just trying to explain why I made that decision to win and to accept this challenge.”

It does seem that van Persie is trying to rewrite history a little bit now, he keeps “trying” to explain away what went down, for example, why he left saying that he was not offered a new contract and so on.

I am highly doubtful his latest comments will make much difference to his standing within the Arsenal community.

Van Persie was a hit at Old Trafford in his first season with Sir Alex Ferguson’s side, helping the team 26 goals and with 15 assists in his first campaign at Old Trafford.


  1. Sue, as we have both always maintained, a judas…both in actions, words and the attempt at re-writing the history of his making.

    OT Sue: Fully expect Dein to influence the game in favour of pompey tonight – a red card for Mari if he plays?!?!

    1. Ken, Don’t know why RVP bothers trying to explain. I doubt a single Gooner does not consider him a Judas. And its Mike Dean tonight then! Oh goodie. NOT!!! I don’t think him biased but do think him an egotist and a maverick ref.

      Matter of interest , where would you rate RVP in a list of our strikers under Wenger and since ? I cannot forget that he missed so very many games and had only ONE real top season with us, so he’d be way down my list, personally.

    2. Too right, Ken 👍

      That wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest…. on the other hand, will tonight be the night he awards us a penalty? Nah, don’t be stupid, why break the habit of a lifetime!!

  2. What a chick, I can recall the pain we endoured when Van Persy was at Arsenal. He spent half of the time in the treatment room. Even when he was available to play he was not prolific. Alter all the training we gave him, he moved on to United and that’s where he managed to do anything substantial. He has never spoke positive about Arsenal. Who cares about Van percy. Or what you call him?

  3. Jon, I know this is chidish of me, but I just can’t even be bothered to think about and/or remember what he did at our club.
    To me, he is the complete enema of an Arsenal footballer – second to none in his complete betrayal of the club, the players, the manager and the fan base who trusted and supported him through thick and thin.
    Let’s see if manure regard him as a legend, something he was well on the way to at The Arsenal, until he stabbed everyone in the back.

    As for Dean, Sue and Jon, he will want to be the centre of attraction once again, he will “see” things that no one else will and every incident will always be weighed towards ANY team playing against us – Riley putting two fingers up at us once again, by appointing this official for an Arsenal game.

    Just my “considered and “well thought out” appraisal of three men I have no time for.
    I’m certain they couldn’t give a toss anyway!!!

    1. “Three MEN” eh Ken? No doubt you are right; anatomically! But REAL men have balls, metaphorically as well as physically. REAL men also have courage and morals. In true order of being “proper” men, I would put these three, all equal third!

  4. I remember when he cost us a champions league match against FC B I have never liked him since that day

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