Robin van Persie finally reveals why he left Arsenal for Manchester United

Robin van Persie puts the blame squarely on Arsenal.

When Robin van Persie moved from Arsenal to Manchester United in the summer of 2012, he was branded a “snake” and so many other names.

The Dutchman did pen a letter to the Arsenal fans that he was leaving them but he never mentioned why.

That has been a secret for such a long time but not anymore as he has finally revealed the details of what led to his acrimonious exit from Arsenal.

The Dutchman had taken over the mantle of scoring the goals for Arsenal after Thierry Henry left and he had become a fan’s favourite.

However, with a single season left on his contract at the time, Van Persie decided to force a move away to Manchester United where he would eventually win a Premier League title.

He has now revealed that he left the Gunners because the team didn’t offer him a new deal at the time.

He claimed that the Gunners probably got tired of him so he had to leave.

He said as quoted in the Sun: “You can compare [me being at Arsenal] to being married. Me and my wife – Arsenal – were married for eight years.

“After eight years, my wife, possibly got a bit tired of me. Those are the facts.

“If Arsenal are not offering you a new deal… you can have different views on things but the fact is Arsenal never offered me a new deal.

“Then you have a look around. I was ambitious. I still wanted to win the league. That is life.

“I ended up having three options. One option abroad disappeared quickly. Then it was City or Manchester United.

“What people don’t know, during the transfer, loads of things are happening behind the scenes.

“You have to take a lot on and make a choice based on what your targets are but also deal with the facts.

“One of the main facts was that Arsenal got tired of me. That was the starting point – they didn’t offer me a new deal.

“We had loads of chats with Wenger, with [Ivan] Gazidis. They gave me no decision to make.”

Personally I do not believe him and unless the club comes out and confirms or denies his claim we will never know the real truth.

However, if the club did refuse to offer him a new contract then that does put a little bit of a different slant on things. But still, his behaviour after he left still makes him a snake.


  1. VP was injured for several years and wenger was scared of giving him a contract extension while he was almost always injured, then he got over his injury woes and rediscovered form just when he had about two years left on his contract.Mistake we get and the board made was that they didnt offer him a new contract immediately because they were still scared he could pick up injuries yet again. They had to wait till after eighteen months, when he had about twelve months left on his contract to offer an extension. Who does that really. You can Blame him all you want but it wasn’t his fault. Can you imagine the best damn striker in the epl waiting for a whole 18 months to get an offer of a contract extension while his existing contract was dwindling.

    1. Sounds about right. Arsenal seem to always be counting the Penny’s and not looking at the bigger picture.

      It will be interesting to see what happens with auba. I would be offering him a new contract and making it very public o have done and want him to stay. If he leaves it is then entirely down to him. We know clubs will low ball us at this point regardless so why not out the ball in his court and get other clubs interested at the same time if he was to refuse.

    2. Leaving emirate stadium was decision and we have to respect that, but what pains me it that he never respect arsenal when he left. He celebrated even when he score against us.

    1. We extended van persies a couple times despite him being injury prone, he owed Arsenal but snaked out. He’s lying, he stated in his letter to the fans he decided NOT to sign a new contract, this was at the exact time when negotiations were taking place. Now Arsenal may or may not have finalised a contract offer, but why would they when a player has come out publicly and stated he won’t sign it? Van Persie is playing with words, deep down he knows he’s a snake but has to justify it in his mind

      1. Yes.
        That Wenger, who loved Van Persie almost like a son, would give him a contract after contract when he was injured and not as good just like he did with Diaby, but would not offer a new contract when he became top quality and playing regularly just sounds like a dreadful lie that no one with common sense will believe.

        Even Wenger haters have to agree on this one…

  2. Its all about profit with the owners, when fans get tierd and start asking about the running of the club, the get a new director of fotball. But we have to belive in Arteta en the young talent we have in the club. Its looking way better now then for years. Up the Guns!!

  3. All that I read about him delaying on signing the contract and his statement at the end does not tie in with what he is saying now. Why is he always bringing it up? Keep trying to wriggle out of it I guess.

  4. RvP is never mentioned as an Arsenal legend. CAN’T THINK WHY(he added , sarcastically!) RvP, AS ALL SEEM TO KNOW, WAS A MERCENARY AND SNAKE, PURE AND SIMPLE AS THAT.

    1. Jon
      All modern day footballers are mercenaries now days. Loyalty to one club is none existent now days but saying that I dont personally hold a grudge against rvp. Why wouldn’t some one of his calibre go off and win the big one which he certainly did.
      We had a team going no where but had a player that stood out and gave us some wonderul moments to enjoy with some sublime goals scored.
      If it is true that afc didn’t offer him the contract then more fool us and good business to mufc
      Here is to getting at least 5th this season and sneaking in the back door to the champions league

    1. I hope this sticks, Sue! I can’t imagine Pep would want to stick around if it does. Huge blow to City, and Arsenal need to capitalize on it and go for 5th place.

      1. Wow… I can’t imagine him sticking around either… maybe he’ll come and be Mikel’s assistant 😉
        I hope we really go for it… the lifeline has been thrown!

  5. City are OUT of UCL next two seasons. Which means 5th place is up for grabs for a UCL spot… City can still appeal though, but it seems pretty serious. Arsenal need to step up NOW. Our season has been thrown a lifeline but we have to start picking up results…. if this ban holds.

  6. Stop lying.You were given contract when injured,is it when you were at your best a contract will not be given to you?You ridicule yourself when you say such things. You betrayed the club that paid you while injured.

  7. i don’t know how someone in a sane mind will believe this nonsense he’s spurting out. you were given contract 2-3 times when you were injured. u played just 1 full season in the last 2 years of the last contract. you categorically said you’re not gonna sign a new contract then. now you saying this. lol….the shameful thing is that as spectacular as you were, you won’t be a legend in any of the top clubs you played in bar your boyhood club. That’s what back stabbers face.

  8. He like Frabrigas, like Nasri, like Cole, like Adebayor, like Vierra, like Henry and others i can’t remember, left Arsenal for the chance to win leagues and they did. Whether they left under a cloud or on a magic carpet, they all left because they could see what Arsenal had become. Thats football.

  9. Arsenal took care of him and helped him through out his injuries time and recuperation. Arsenal made him a superstar and he turned judas on them. He can go and f…. himself with his epl medal

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