Rock bottom! But adversity CAN inspire Arsenal

Relax! Arsenal often play better in adversity! by DN

Well after seeing how badly Arsenal handled the expectation today we can only hope that we deal with adversity a lot better. All that confidence and momentum, instead of inspiring the Arsenal players to a good start seemed to be like an anchor dragging them back in the first Premier League game of the season against West Ham.

It was a collective problem as well, so it will be as a team that we get out of this mess. If you have not done so already, Gooners, then I would not look at the Premier League table if I was you. It does not feel good to be rock bottom but it could actually help the team.

It is only one game after all and as long as we bounce back then this one defeat might not matter. Hopefully being bottom will spur the players into action and bring an extra special effort away to Crystal Palace next weekend. This is not just me being hopeful either because it is a trait we have seen increasingly from Arsenal in recent years, such as last season after the Monaco disaster.

With a bit more luck we might have scraped a draw today but while that would have given us one more point at the end of the season, it would not have been a real kick up the arse like this result. To be honest I often feel that Arsenal do better when our backs are against the wall, like when we clawed back a big gap to pip Spurs to fourth spot a few years back. Can we do the same thing again after this early setback?

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  1. I am telling you guys. Whenever debuchy plays, arsenal are in trouble. Bellerin has the exact sense of timing of when to attack. Fullback is such an underrated position. It helps to break down the bus defense. And as much as ox is great, he doesnt make runs like walcott to create space. I still believe walcott should be a right winger when benzema arrives.

      1. Something is deffo wrong with Wenger but Bellerin is out injured at the mo hence his absence in the team or on the bench so whatever is wrong with Wenger has mo bearing on his decision to leave Bellerin out

    1. Debuchy didn’t play any worse than the other defenders today. He played as poorly as Koscielny, Mertsacker and Monreal. Actually, Cech and Coquelin were not great either. It was a poor team performance. Attack too. Giroud missed two good chances

      I think our best player out there yesterday was OX.
      But overall terrible team performance

    2. You’re cuckoo if you think Bellerin is superior to Debuchy defensively. He adds more dynamism in attack but he’s suspect as f*ck going the other way – totally understandable given his age/inexperience.

      Defending wasn’t an issue today other than a couple of lapses in concentration. The overwhelming embarrassment was how inept we were in attack. We were at home vs a mid table side and their keeper had cold hands in August. Shocking from a so called “attack minded” team.

      I hope we get Benz to add some real class up there, but the main issue is the performance level of our current ‘stars’, Ozil/Rambo need a massive boot up the a*se. Cazorla should never see the wing again, and I would like a better footballer at DM rather than watching Coquelin continually spray balls out of play.

      It’s 1 game though. Toys can stay in the pram.

      1. Its not just me mate, Even BBC pundits agreed with me. Go watch MOTD. Bellerin is better in possession, attack, good against pacy wingers. If you had watched how he played against willian, you would know it.

      2. Basically agree but would still prefer bellerin in team … Defensively the worry is BFG and coquellin …. The former past his sell by date some time ago and the idea that a decent 4 month spell converted latter in to some kind of world beater was so absurd it doesn’t need further comment … Need to see Gabriel on team sheet and a DM and an attacker in over next two weeks ….

    1. I fully understand we just lost one game and uts not the end of the world but am struggling to deal with is the consistent lack of mental toughness that are the hallmarks of all title winning teams…we need to be proactive and stop been reactionary, simples…we had what is in all honesty a good couple of matches begining of the season WINNABLE games but we already fell short at the first hurdle now all the talk is about bouncing back, whatever happened to eyes on the ball straight from the off…a Westham side with a new manager, some new players and a 16 year old making his debut beating Arsenal at home is just plain disgraceful and whatever happens next does not in any way mitigate against that…..

  2. Getting tired of this “touch and go” predictable tactical illiteracy from a manager who clearly does not have the “tools” nor the tactical capabilities to win the league.

    If I was thinking about it maliciously and as a neutral, I might assume that Cech did it on purpose… Because it was just pure amateurish goal keeping… This is from a guy supposed to gain us 10 to 12 points… Motherf*cker just handed 3 points to West Ham!!!

    Anyway, for the fans thinking that something different is coming, you are delusional and nourishing high hopes… At Arsenal we like our routine and the day to day “same thing”.

    Another manager may be, but Wenger will never, ever, win the EPL again… That is just a fact!

    As a matter of fact, he could win the CL before he leaves (hopefully soon) with an abundance of luck and favourable circumstances.

    But if you cannot destroy West Ham at home, what’s the point really?

    Anyway it is the first game, but back to reality for all those who thought we were going to win the league or were contender… Same old Arsenal (and Wenger) not bringing the players we need and gambling on guys like Welbeck (sh*t player), Wilshere (eternal hope, but will never be top) and more of the same Wenger craps!

    1. I hear you on cech….I was paranoid too thinking he did on purpose.
      It’s so unbelievable that it leads to think that.

  3. Wenger has a 80% approval rating (measured after the preseason)… I mean, I know for some fans he is like a “God”, but come on… This is beyond the joke!!
    Wenger could not win us the league even to save his life… No f*cking chance!

    Why is he not bringing a top striker?
    May be because everybody is telling him he has to (even Henry).
    Why is he not bringing another DM?
    Because he is gambling on Arteta and Flamini (deluded fool!)

    1. we need to add a LW and a cb tooo

      without Sanchez we couldnt play……and Sanchez cant play in every game….

    2. While other EPL clubs play Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich in pre-season in order to gauge themselves against the very best, to see what needs to be added to their squad, Arsenal plays Singapore 11, Lyon, Everton etc. to see where we are, this my friend serves two purposes, 1) Maybe our aspiration is no higher than Lyon, Everton and Singapore level and also to pull the wool over our eyes by dominating much lesser teams to generate massive support for the status quo.

  4. The sooner the fans realise Wenger can’t win us the league the better for the club. Countless sackable offences were committed in past few years.

    2012: Sold the league’s best player and basically the title to Man United. Sold our only proper DM to barcelona for no adequately explained reason (and fail to replace them both)

    2013: Desperately needed a DM and striker, bought an injured 31 year old player from Russia (Dafuq?)

    2014: Started Yaya FREAKING Sanogo in a last-16 UCL tie against Bayern Munich (This gotta be the joke of the year). Started a war of words with Mourinho and proceeds to get hammered 6-0 in his 1000th game in charge. Still no DM and Striker in sight.

    2015: STILL NO DM AND STRIKER IN SIGHT (my god). Sold the whole idea of winning the league to the gooners and proceeds to lose the first game of the season (at home, no less)

    Not to mention continually keeping crocked players like diaby and wilshere at the club for 6,7 years. FFS we are a football club, not a charity home. Take a look at above and tell me which manager of the top club can commit all these and get away with it? Its time we wake up and smell the coffee!

  5. 2012: Sold our best player and title to United. Sold our only proper DM to barca for no explainable reason. Fail to replace them both

    2013: Crying for a DM and Striker to maintain our lead at the table. Bought a crocked 31 year old guy from Russia. (smh)

    2014: Started Yaya Freaking Sanogo in a last 16 UCL tie against Bayern (wtf?). Started a war of words with Mou and proceeds to get hammered 6-0 by the chavs in his 1000th in charge. Still no DM and Striker.

    2015: Still no freaking DM and striker. Brainwash 80% of the fanbase into thinking its our F*cking year (god, we sound like the pool fans during pre season) and goes on to lose the 1st game of the season AT HOME.

    No other top club will tolerate his mistakes and still worship him like a messiah. Wenger is a freaking genius at selling hope. Time to wake up and smell the coffee gooners!!

    1. Actually, I remember Sir Alex Ferguson being asked about Wenger years without a trophy a few years ago. Sir Alex said he would never have lasted that long because he would have been fired. lol

      But I still think Wenger did a remarkable job keeping us in top 4 with very limited funds because of a new stadium

      It’s just since 2013 that we could spend big and got Ozil. Since then we have also got Alexis and he has delivered us two FA Cups

    2. 2012 – best player refused to sign a contract and said he’d leave on a free. Was extremely unhappy and forced a move to United even though there was foreign offers. Arsenal left without options. Song has disagreement with Wenger and Barca coming knocking with an offer. This season we still have financial restraint but bring in Giroud (top goalscorer in France), Podolski (long time German hero) and Cazorla (great midfielder). You can’t do everything at once.

      2013 – Inflated table position due to not having played big teams. By end of January market had already slipped away from the top spot. Kalstrom was a bad signing though.

      2014 – A year RAVAGED by injuries. Lost our most consistent attacking force (Theo) and continued to have best players injured. Sanogo was a change because our striker couldn’t get a bloody goal to save his life at the time.

      2015 – Best DM in the league for the past 6 months. Striker still an issue but NO WC OPTION IS READILY AVAILABLE.

      Who says we worship Wenger like a Messiah? I think he makes mistakes like ALL managers but I don’t believe we’ve been in a financial situation to challenge. Over the past few years the 1 big transfer mistake I saw him make was Kallstrom but the medical staff clearly screwed the pooch on that one. At the time we DID need a midfielder – we were literally running on empty due to injuries that year. Bad signing, we get it. I just don’t see how another manager coming in with financial restraint would have done better.

      The last 2 years we’ve won 2 FA Cups. If that means nothing to you than your sights are set FAR too high. Due to our league composition and our current finances we will NEVER be able to dominate the league like we did 12 years ago. It just won’t happen. This then reflects into Europe as well. I think we need to be more realistic with expectations, not bash the manager every time we have a bad game.

      It’s 1 frigging loss. If in 3 more games time we’re still looking like rubbish then you can talk. Until then, stop bringing up every mistake out of context.

  6. Right!

    Yet more insanely ridiculous article. There’s only about a certain tiny percentage that can be attributed to determination, hardwork, fortune and what-have-you in the course of becoming league champions. Fundamentaly, you did have to have the requisite quality as an underlying strength. You can have all the enthusiasm and commitment as you would want, still, without the required quality, the aforementioned attributes are rendered redundant. It simply confounds me as to how anyone can honestly conclude that the present lot could challenge for the league title. That would be akin to attempting to overstretch the law of averages.
    Taking from a famous axiom: a wise farmer goes to the farm with appropriate tools not with bare hands–which also can be interpreted as a tool, especially by characters who exhibit neurotic debilitating compulsions as is the case for Wenger and his delusional little internet warriors self-style as AKBs. Pff.. Good riddance!

  7. I’m sorry but it won’t happen. He still has another season after this on his contract and the board love him.

    The Board loves his financial system and they love MONEY. That’s why Arsenal are the only one of the Top Clubs (United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool) to increase ticket prices this season. We also are only 1 of 3 PL clubs to raise prices this season.

    Also, Wenger delivering us two FA Cups and continued CL is good enough for the Board to keep him.

    So he will 100% be manager next season ( barring health problems or retirement)

    1. I’m sorry I don’t quite buy that. It’s is up to the logical and less sentimental fans to ensure that he’s read the riot act; just by the manner of pressure we exert on him to produce. Otherwise, his position become untenable for the mere fact that he would know no peace. Furthermore, concerned fans must be categorical in conveying clearly to the clubs board as to the keg of hot pepper they would have opened if there are any moves to renew his contract without successfully accomplishing outlined targets. That’s the responsibility of true fans.

  8. Wenger must go….

    same old shit every season for the last 10 years

    and fans still love all the excuses…..

  9. Few things to ponder on after the debacle on Sunday.
    1) Wenger keep making the same excuses. After the Chelsea game, Wenger lauded how well prepared we were, after the West Ham game he says we were not prepared enough and were nervous, more nervous to play West Ham than Chelsea, give me a break.

    2) If Wenger is intent on using the preparation excuse, then the quality oppositions we play during preseason needs to be revisited. While other top flight clubs gauge themselves against the very best in the world, we gauge ourselves against mediocre or less capable teams.

    3) If we start as badly as we did last year and haven’t won or challenger for the league, Wenger will not have a job next year, and if he does I don’t think (can’t blame them) Ozil or Sanchez will be around for the 2016-2017 season.

  10. When was the last time we completed a season without losing at home??? That’s the true embarrassment. Seriously if you can’t win in front of your home crowd then at least don’t lose, PERIOD. Yes it’s just the first game but damn, the Emirates needs to be a fortress against all and that’s including Champions League games. If we’re to get eliminated then it should be after an away match, not at home for crying out loud. Now we face an in form Palace away where we really struggled last season and were lucky to come away with 3 points. As it’s looking we might be the ONLY so called contender to lose on opening day. #speechless #whyalwaysarsenal

  11. but but but…. petr cech is the best keeper in the world….. he’s the signing of the season…. he’s gonna win us the league….. Seriously, we need to stop acting like united fans and be a bit more realistic…. I know that cech is a good keeper but he’s old and is used to play with a bus infront of him

  12. Aaron ramsey’s overconfidence is spreading across the squad.
    Everyone on the pitch took the game for granted and thought it would be a walk in the park. Ox was the only player that turned up and shame on those who’r trying to blame the OX for the 2nd goal….
    If wenger is really serious about winning the league then he needs to stop f***ing around and start playing players in their proper position, instead of trying to fit in his favorite players. He needs to make a choice between cazorla and ramsey….

  13. I thought about cutting sanchez some slack because last year was his 1st season afterall… but then watching him play reminded me of why i hate him in the first place.. and what really p*ssed me off, was that photo of sanchez running on the pitch doing the rounds on fb and twitter…. Instead of focusing on the embarrassing loss, all arsenal fans could do was circle j*erk over that photo -_-

  14. Ramsay, Wilshere, Santi, Ozil just can’t play on wings……..fact

    Theo and Giroud not good enough when it comes to compete against equal or better opponents, actually they are not good finishers, absolutely not, not even on good days……fact

    Sometimes Wenger is too stubborn, when I see him not buying player which we all fans think are must, (at least 90% of fans think this way, if not less) and not rotating players when we are winning………fact

    Theo isn’t a striker, no qualities, better as a winger…..fact

    Ozil is no good when its a physical game………fact

    Boss is an absolute world class defender, and a worth 100 million…..fact

    Mertasacker is an old school defender……..fact

    Amongst all the players…..Boss’s salary should be highest…..fact (I think I can defend this fact)

    1. I am not saying all of this, merely just on the basis of yesterday’s loss, but, what I have seen over the past 2 seasons…..!!

  15. Jack can play better as an attacking midfielder, it suits him, Mertasacker is only surviving, not living, because of Boss……Monreal is good while moving forward, but his man marking and defence is not good……Gibbs a better defender in such situations……….Bellerin over Debuchy……game sense is better, if not some defensive skills…..(someone already mentioned it above)…..!!

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