Role model OX urges Arsenal starlets to follow his lead!!

No Arsenal player has played in as many games for the Gunners this season as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, although 10 of his 24 appearances for us have been as a substitute. That is probably more than the dynamic young England international expe3cted though, because with a fully fit squad, Arsene Wenger would often leave the Ox on the bench.

Chamberlain is well on course to enjoy his best season in an Arsenal shirt this time, which will go some way to making up for his injury hit campaign last time. He has done so well in the absence of Gunners like Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and Jack Wilshere, that they might find it hard to dislodge him.

And that attitude needed to take your chance when it comes is just what the Ox is urging from the young Gunners in the Arsenal squad to face Galatasaray tonight, as revealed in an report. The 21-year old is already an inspiration and a role model to those hoping to break through from the Arsenal academy because of how well he has done for club and country at such a young age.

A big part of his success has come from his fearless approach to big games and pressure and that is just what he hopes to see from any of the six youngsters who get their chance in Turkey.

He said, “All young players have to start somewhere and you have to be challenged at some point, so if they have the opportunity to play they have a chance to prove they are capable.

“From what I have seen, they have all got good quality, they are all good lads and I am sure they will be up for the challenge and trying to prove to the boss they are good players.

“The pressures of the game at this level can be different for everyone but when you’re young you do play with no fear and that can be the best way to approach a big stage like the Champions League.

“The boys who have been here before have a responsibility to help the young ones to get through the game and cope with it.”

Let’s hope they follow Chambo’s advice as well as his example and we could see a few stars of the future being born.

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  1. Respect and good luck to our young guns,

    Guys we should not expect too much tonight we are playing with our “C” team for sum it’s their first CL and only a few first team expiriance,
    if we win its a miracle if we draw it’s a result if we lose no shame.

    Galatasaray stadium is know as hell and you will see baners to that effect WELCOME TO HELL

    1. Off Topic____

      Will it be nice to have Cavani in January?

      Yeah, very nice but it means either Podolski or Campbell or both will be leaving.

      Honestly, I do think Welbeck is far better than Haha_Sanogo. Sanogo should go out on loan.

      Hopefully, the Wise One will purchase a good CB that can do better than the giant German snail, while we could temporarily try Chambers in the DM position until the end of the season (now that Debuchy is back and Bellerin seems a better) than Chambers). But it would be great to have a good DM if any is available in January.

          1. sorry @kickassfan, you’re asking the wrong person. I’ve never been a fan of Cavani. I honestly think he’s overrated, but that’s just my opinion. But hey, if he joins AFC (which prob won’t happen) and starts scoring 30+ goals, he’ll be my bestest friend ever.

            1. “But hey, if hejoins AFC (which prob won’t happen) and starts scoring 30+ goals, he’ll be my bestest friend ever.”

              Lol! @Mesut O-grillz. Well, if that happens and Wenger wins the league, he automatically becomes my adoptive father.

    1. I would be like “I hope we don’t get the second team in group F.” Barca or PSG? Pick your poison.

    2. I would be like, “Should i go for Chinese or Traditional to treat myself?”

      But seriously, this would kill half the ill-feelings towards the club at the moment. And give us a better chance in R16.

      But travelling to Turkey and getting a result will be tuff.

  2. I am so happy Campbell will be getting real play-time today! I hope he seizes the opportunity to shine.


    Wenger says “judge me at the. end of the season…”

    I am confused here! Judge him? Based on what?!
    The problem is that it has become all too predictable where his team will finish at season’s. end -FOURTH! And majority of the unhappy fans are no longer satisfied with fourth! This is the reason why they are judging you already. Because the pattern they are seeing this season is all too familiar to them. This team is definitely going to have a good run of wins, and it WILL eventually make it to 4th (maybe even 3rd) position. They know that! They don’t have to wait till the end of the season.

    As for me, I will pass judgments based on how you use the next summer transfer window.

    1. It was in the Turkish media today that Galatasaray had meetings with Arsenal officials regarding Podolski and Campbell transfer in January.

  3. Good luck squad, please do your best and show some fight – something us fans haven’t seen in a while… on the pitch i mean.

  4. @Twig.

    Who the fcvk was your for the lineup for tonight? Come next transfer window, I hope he is around to give insider information on Wenger’s plans. Since he has got a 100% accuracy record.

  5. Hey guys… I did some calculations, we’ve made a profit of 30 million this summer (from clearing players and after purchasing the ones we purchased) did you guys know this??

    Then an additional 30+million for CL qualifications+8 million for entering the round of 16 (looks all set to go)

    Going into January we have this reported “20 million transfer kitty”, where the hell is the $76 going? why do we have only 20 million to boost up (DM/CB/??????)

  6. Glad Debuchy is back. VERY glad. Hopefully that’ll take the pressure off the young lads. I’d take going out of cl next round (we’re nowhere near to actually competing), buckle down, and go on a second half season run like Liverpool. If we can’t dominate domestically, what chance do we have with world elite teams. I still despite everything this season have a lot of belief in this team. Much like the England team is trying to emulate the long term project of the 2014 world cup winners, arsene is trying to do the same.

  7. We were told Arsenal youngsters
    would play v Galatasary.
    Of course this has not happened.
    Barring Sanchez this is as strong
    a side as we could put out.
    Bellerin plays because both Monreal
    and Gibbs are under injury clouds.
    Podolski and Sanogo are as good
    as mediocre Giroud and Wellbeck.
    4 of the bench can not possibly play.
    So its a image thing with no reality.

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