Roma asking for more help from Arsenal over Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s salary

Despite struggling to meet Arsenal’s asking price for the attacker, AS Roma is also looking to ask Arsenal to pay some of Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s salary to make his permanent move to Rome happen.

The Armenian has been on loan at the Italian side this season after becoming surplus to requirements at the Emirates.

He has rediscovered his form in Italy and although he has also struggled with injuries, the Italians want to make his loan move permanent

According to ESPN, both teams have been in talks over the transfer of the player, but an agreement has been hard to come by.

The Gunners have lowered their asking price to £10 million, but it appears to be too much for Roma to pay.

The Italians want more discounts and sources have told ESPN that they want the Gunners to help pay some of his £180k per week wages for the permanent transfer to happen.

Arsenal doesn’t see a future with the former Manchester United man and they are desperate to get his wages off their books, however, the Gunners believe that his new form should net them some money from his sale.

If I am getting this right, Roma wants Mkhitaryan for as little as possible AND to have Arsenal pay some of his wages. Now, if the word delusional was ever appropriate, it is now. Someone needs to tell them what is actually involved when a player is sold.

But the really sad thing is, I would not put it past Arsenal to agree to something like this.

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  1. Arsenal has no choice.
    Roma don’t need Mkhitarian.
    Why would Roma pay for a 31 year old who they can get on a free in a years time?
    especially when said player is demanding 180k salary.
    Its Arsenals fault Mkhi is paid 180k p/w all part of the Sanchez debacle.
    The Mkhi problem is all of Arsenals making.
    Post Covid Arsenal does not have a leg to stand on.
    Arsenal is simply going to have to pay thru the nose for Mkhi courtesy of the Sanchez debacle. Ozil’s350k p/w case is the same as was the Ramsey case. Arsenal has to avoid the looming Aubameyang disaster.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. The same would school of thought of making any means necessary to get the deal done would likely apply with many more of our overpaid players like Xhaka, Sokratis, Mustafi etc. I see this as a win-win situation for us, the sooner Mkhi leaves the better no matter the cost.

  2. If he’s that desperate to leave, then he should accept a pay cut. We’ll look ridiculous if we agree to this.
    If you need reminding of why the whole ‘Sanchez/Mkhi’ swap deal was a complete disaster, then this is it…..

  3. Tbh the recent comments by Miki puts him, not the clubs in a weak position. Arsenal want to sell, Roma want to buy, then there’s Miki’s “my time in London is done” comment.

    If he wants the move he has to take a pay cut. If he doesn’t Roma won’t get him cause we shouldnt accept less than 10m. If not we send him out on loan or sell to another club who’s willing pay, simple.

    He’s had a decent year in Italy. Whats to say Inter, AC Milan and Napoli don’t fancy a look or even teams from Germany. Especially Napoli with the amount of players they could lose for nothing this summer.

  4. How can Arsenal always end up in situations like that?

    Man U wants Sanchez and to get rid of Miki; saving money in process.

    We buy average players and can’t sell them!

    Dude has a year in contract, is useless, a crazy wage and can’t be sold even cheap, not cheap enough!

    I can name many: Ozil, Sokra, Mustafi, , Miki, Xhaka, Torreira, Elneny, Luiz, Holding and Pepe who simply must be the most expensive / biggest flop in football history.

    Why nobody is on Pepe but Auba? No one would pay 50M for Pepe but for Auba even with a year left in contract.

    When you look at that list of 10 players, can see them play for mid table & US/China for Ozil. No top teams, some won’t even make first team there.

    Problem, in majority we buy wrong players, then can’t sell them.

    Make a sale and get rid of all of them!

    Get 100M, buy Koulibaly, pay his wages will be cheaper than pay these 10 wages!

    Swap Laca for Partey! Call it a day!

    Bellerin Koulibaly Saliba, Tierny
    Niles Willock
    Nelson Auba Saka

    A well balanced team with Nikes and Willock who are both generous in efforts to help defend, also supporting attacks, can pass & score.; BtoB. A fast team full of energy with Arsenal DNA all over… Very difficult to play!

    We do have options on bench too.

    Subs: Martinez, Cebalos, Rowe, Gendouzi, Mari, ceoares, kolas, Nketiah, Martinelli, and Chambers who can help as DM too.

    This allows to rotate and back up injuries. Get everyone involved. Fresh team and spirit.

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