Roma to beat Arsenal as Mahrez transfer bid confirmed?

If the Algerian international is still on the list of possible Arsenal targets for this transfer window, as Arsene Wenger suggested earlier in the summer, then the Frenchman may need to get his skates on or else he could find that the chances of making Riyad Mahrez a Gunner will be gone for good.

Wenger did try to sign the attacking star last summer after his goals and assists played a huge part in the surprise title win of Leicester City but he does not seem to be as keen this year, although many Arsenal transfer rumours suggest that is because we are trying first to bring the young French winger Thomas Lemar to north London from his current club AS Monaco.

The problem is that if we wait too long and still do not manage to sign Lemar then Mahrez could have already moved on from the Foxes, especially after their manager Craig Shakespeare revealed that the Serie A club Roma have put in a bid for him.

As reported by the Evening Standard that bid was not accepted as they want more but the chances are that the Italian club will try again and if they meet persuade Leice3ster to sell it could leave Arsenal and Wenger empty handed.



  1. Twig says:

    We don’t need Mahrez
    We need a Cazorla replacement

    1. Wolf says:

      Agreed. Nothing has changed with Wenger. He should of walked

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      We need both actually, a Cazorla replacement and one for Walcott

  2. killamch89 says:

    Arsenal were never interested in Mahrez. An italian newspaper came up with that story and as usual it trended. Arsene only said he admired Mahrez and the media did the rest. Even if we were in for Mahrez i’m not entirely sold on him at all. People say he’s a great dribbler yet from what i’ve seen of Mahrez over the last two years is that same fake shot dribble that everyone and their mother knows is coming. When you look at Douglas Costa, Ousmane Dembele and other players you see the difference. They have more variations of dribbling than Mahrez – are way more unpredictable and their crossing and passing game is way better.

    1. Zenati says:

      Mahrez is quality player, he can shake and bake. You say he used the same move. I agree with you but, still he can beat players and according to your theory, messi does the same, he run with bal

  3. Zimbo says:

    For a moment, l thought Wenger had changed when he mad the two signings early on, but it looks like dejavu again. This has nothing to do with our loss yesterday or wanting Mahrez but hoping we do transfers in time. I am sure we knew areas that we wanted to strengthen before the season ended and also that we can’t compete with City, United and Chelsea in bidding for players yet we still delay in making bids or bidding less than what teams want for their players. Why didn’t we sign Lemar when Monaco wanted £40m and they had not lost a lot of players? City and Chelsea are favourites for the title this season because they were stronger than us last season yet they have strengthened their teams in ways we can only dream about. Call me deluded but l think the best we can do next season is to fight for top four again..

    1. Fab says:

      If you think Lemar can change anything in the current squad your stupid and you don’t know which type of players arsenal need. Nothing different from those who said were better after the penalty win against Bayern. Bayern were far strong than us, creating chance after chance, shot after shots, may be they were a bit unefficient upfront otherwise we could have easily lost by over 5 goals in normal time. They performed way better than what Chelsea did yesterday.

      Simply, we’re not good enough, we even don’t know players who can change our squad, thus why most of you still think Giroud is irreplaceable.

      1. Zimbo says:

        And what’s with the name calling? You can’t call me stupid for expressing my views. Grow up mate and let’s be civilized.

  4. Quantic Dream says:

    It is being reported on the mirror Sanchez is demanding Messi”s 500k-per-week from PSG to force a move to Mancity… if true, what a little c@#t this man is…

    1. stubill says:

      Not sure I believe that rumour, why would he bother when he could just say “I don’t want to go to PSG”!

      Nobody can force him to be sold to a club he doesn’t want to go to, it’s as simple as that!

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      Please don’t believe in rumours, they exist just because of that. Even more so coming from a non reputable source. Again judging by the likes, Arsenal fans are way too gullible!

  5. Waal2waal says:

    Like countless guzillions of afc supporters id really like to hear of lemar signing for arsenal. Even better to see him pictured wearing the shirt and video doin keepy-uppies with either foot would be encouraging after all the waiting iv been doin. However, thinking on my exprrience of jobs iv had in the passed and I ponder on whether i mamaged to keep in touch with any employer iv had in my past. The answer is a no.
    Isnt it strange that we appear to be struggling to get any change out of monaco despite announcing how wenger used to manage there yet our competitors have already sealed deals for monaco players like bakayoko, mendy whilst our progress appears stuck in the mud with nothing sealed whatsoever, why? It seems that the truth here may be wenger that like so many employers in our past he has not managed to retain anything close to being a healthy rapport with monaco which could explain the reason we’re left to hope and wait our turn at the back of a queue – announce lemar fgs

  6. John0711 says:

    Most of ur problems stem from the last few windows of inactivity and lack of quality, I know some of you like xhaka but he’s not right for the premier league. He’s too slow and not the best tackler, als mustafi isnt WC which he should hav been for the price
    There is A number of player who could hav been bought for similar prices

  7. frank says:

    Spurs are slowly surpasing us…i kno ppl dnt wanna hear this!

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      I hate to say this but I’ve never seen a team more ambitious than spurs. They fight tooth and nail to hold on to their best players and even when they are forced to sell they re-invest all the money in transfers to strengthen their team. Ontop of that, managers who don’t perform are thrown out immediately not given two year contract extensions for doing nothing.

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      We don’t know that yet whether they are better or not, plus they still have to cope from moving to a new stadium, but what we do know is this Tottenham team is made up of fighters and players who play with urgency and that is not something I can say of Arsenal at this moment in time.

  8. Angad Desai says:

    Don’t worry if we doesn’t get mahrez. We will get lemar if Sanchez goes. It seems Sanchez is on his way to Paris. Wenger is a liar. He said the same thing during RVP but eventually he was sold to our direct rivals man utd. This time also same thing will happen and Sanchez will be sold to psg. There is no point in keeping a player who don’t want to play for you, rather sell him. We should ask for 70M for Sanchez and if we get it there won’t be any problem to get lemar. We will get lemar for 55-60M.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Haven’t come across a manager that openly declare a crucial important player is for sale…

      All Sanchez needs to sulk and spoil the momentum of the team and that will cost games…

      At the end of the season he will still join Man City for Free and strengthen them

  9. Marty says:

    After a promising start to the transfer window it seems we are back to the same old dithering Wenger. If he really wanted 100% another player, be it Lemar, Mahrez or whoever he should have gone in and got them and not put in low offers. City have just got Mendy from Monaco, you might think he’s overpriced but they wanted him so they made a proper bid and got him. I Don”t know if Monaco need to sell any more players but it seems like they don’t like dealing with Wenger

  10. arsenal-steve says:

    How crazy. We can’t even sign players who want to play for us and who are good enough. Wenger is an oxymoron. He doesn’t make sense. Both Riyad Mahrez and William Carvalho want play for us. Buy them Wenger or do you want to find an excuse every year about how unlucky we are? Buy them now to get them ready for the season. What is up with our manager? All the other contenders are strengthening and we looked absolutely useless against Chelsea. An embarrassment.

  11. Steve H says:

    If anybody thought Wenger was going change this season or the next. You’ve got your answer Already. same old Bollocks.

  12. Hearing or seeing wenger s name is just depressing

  13. TW14-TH14 says:

    Should Sanchez leave Wenger should make a move for Martial. The attention is not on him but he’s a far better option for the left wing than Lemar. He’s lost his place in the French squad because of lack of game time at Manchester United and may miss the world cup if his situation doesn’t change. At United he’s unlikely to change that with Lukaku and possibly Perisic arriving. Mourinho doesn’t trust him and he would be willing to come if we show him that we really want him. Again he’s got 2 years left on his contract and by next summer would only have a year left. This means he would not command big fee for United next year unless he extends his contract, which he wouldn’t do if he doesn’t get enough game time next season.
    Martial is a good dribbler, has pace in abundance, close ball control and can shoot. At Arsenal he would further improve and become deadly. Need I say he’s just 21.

    1. Marty says:

      Do you honestly think Mourinho would let Martial sign for us!!

  14. waal2waal says:

    The idea of wanting ex man united and ex-chelsea players is off putting. There was a time when we could unearth our very own gems as in we took relative unknowns and showed them how things are done at arsenal and made them into household names (champions even). Have we come to a point now where we’ve no pride anymore? We don’t need spurs, man utd or chelsea’s assistance to find players – I like to believe that for the most part we find our very own. We have no choice but to believe that wenger will get things up and make it right before the season starts.

  15. big g says:

    Mahrez is not good enough to play as a starter for Arsenal but would be a good back up.

  16. gooner paul says:

    mahrez is good…imagn playing a 4-1-4-1…hoping we dont cash in on alexis and run his contract down…ofcause alexis is a guy who wants to play every match even on his last day of contract he wont pull a tevez or payet on us…so my team can be..

    sanchez ozil ramsey mahrez


    kolasn@c/monreal kostafi hector


  17. Kape says:

    It’s gonna be a mistake letting mahrez join Roma if we can’t get Lemar.

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