Roman Abramovich could have bought Arsenal instead of Chelsea

Roman Abramovich considered buying Arsenal before he bought Chelsea

If things had turned out differently for Roman Abramovich, Arsenal would have won the Champions League and perhaps a few more Premier League titles as well.

This is because the Chelsea owner enquired about buying Arsenal initially before settling for Chelsea.

A new book claims that Abramovich had asked a few Swiss bankers to scout for a Premier League team that he should buy, and they reportedly misinformed him that Arsenal wasn’t on the market.

The Russian then settled for Chelsea who he bought for £140 million and he has helped the Blues win a Champions League and several Premier League titles among other trophies.

Arsenal has continued to wait for their first league title in over a decade and European silverware continues to elude their trophy cabinet.

According to The Sun, the book further claims that if Abramovich had tried to buy Arsenal he would have succeeded.

The report also adds that the Russian spent a good part of his time at Chelsea trying to lure Thierry Henry over to his side of London.

Arsenal is now struggling to fund major transfers while Chelsea has been buying some of the world’s most expensive players under the ownership of Abramovich and Arsenal fans can only imagine what would have been if Abramovich had bought their team.

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  1. Considering the unstable nature of the man in hiring and firing, it is a good thing that he did not buy Arsenal. If so, Wenger would not have been here for over 2 decades and we would not have been the Arsenal brand that we are. Up the Gunners!

  2. Had it happened we would surely have won those titles that Chelsea won when Abramovitch was buying the title under Mourinhos first spell there. Would that have been worth possibly having the Mourinho of old here and not having Wenger? Depends I supposeon whether or not you value class and honour over silverware.
    I have long wished , though do not bore folk with detailed reasons why, for a far more equitable share for all clubs, where the filthy rich cannot dominate with their vast and usually corruptly garnered wealth. There is a massive dilemma for those like me who value life principles over and above our love for a game, administered and run and often owned by little more than “gangsters”, albeit legal ones. Sheikh Mansor and Abramovitch being just two prime examples. Kroenke of course is an honourable man and whiter than white, as all thinking Gooners well know, isn’t he!(irony folks, in case you think otherwise!) LETS BE HONEST THEN , THE WHOLE BUSINESS(not the game itself) OF TOP LEVEL FOOTBALL STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!

  3. What you are describing Jon, is the world we live in today and has been the blueprint since humans invented a class system for themselves.

    I really don’t care what could have happened with our club, it’s what has happened thats important.

    We all waste to much time arguing about the past – it’s something that we cannot change, but we can be active in ensuring that history isn’t being changed to suit a viewpoint.
    That’s why indisputable facts need to be sought out and published with regards to our club and it’s personnel.

    You call it forensics, while I think of it as fact finding.
    If we don’t want to be led down the “fake news” path, then we should all be checking any claims made about our club that isn’t described as an opinion or rumour.

    Would I have liked the trophies? Yes.
    Would I have wanted mourinho at The Arsenal? No.
    Is the world corrupt? Yes.
    Just my opinion.
    Has Walcott played more than a handful of games at Everton? Yes as a matter of fact he has…Happy Birthday Theo, go easy on the weed!!!!

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