Romano gives an insight into what Arsenal’s board thinks about Arteta

Fabrizio Romano has given an insight into what Arsenal’s board thinks about Mikel Arteta as the Gunners continue to struggle.

Arsenal has just dropped points again as they were held to a 1-1 draw by Southampton.

Before the game, the club has had to back the Spanish manager with Edu claiming that he is building something beautiful and they are prepared to back him (Football London).

The former midfielder made a fine start to his managerial career, but things have started to unravel at the Emirates, and he has to feel under pressure at the moment.

Some of the club’s fans even think that it is time for the club to fire him and bring in a new manager, but Romano claims that Arteta’s job isn’t on the line because the club’s board likes him.

He says he isn’t just loved because of his managerial skills but because of his attitude as well.

Speaking on the version of his Here We Go Podcast, he said: “They are with Arteta, totally. Not just as a manager, but also as a person. They love the attitude of Arteta, how he’s working day by day [in] training, they are convinced that he’s the perfect person to take Arsenal back to [their] level.

“Arsenal are convinced that Arteta will be the manager for the future. That’s the position from the club. They are not in contact with any other manager. We will have a lot of rumours – [Mauricio] Pochettino and more – no one is in contact today with Arsenal, just because they are convinced that Arteta is the right manager. Obviously, they need to change something, and in my personal opinion, they need some leaders.”

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  1. Arteta obviously whatever we read should be accountable and if they truly believe he is the future thats not a problem. We all did, i think, well most but there is faith and there is blind faith. If Arteta cant turn things around and turn them round now, its blind faith. There is no ifs and buts, we have been in decline for years now and this isnt funny anymore. There has to be better coming from this group, far better or else he isn’t the one we should put our faith in. I find it strange that all of our legends in the past 20 years are not involved in this club at all but two average players, Edu and Arteta are entrusted in this clubs recovery.

    1. Good post Reggie,
      However, it isn’t always the case that the best players make the best managers or executives. It may well turn out that Edu and Arteta were average players and average at their jobs now.

      Your point about the great players from the past is puzzling, but Wenger was at the helm for a lot of those years, so it could have been a personal choice of his not to involve them. The same could also apply to Arteta. I am not sure that Vieira or Bergkamp would want to play second fiddle unless they were offered an important role.

      1. Sue, i agree nothing is set in stone as to a great player makes a great manager but our great players seem to be overlooked as far as roles in any form at this club. I find it strange.

    2. If Edu and MA were “average” which is laughably wrong -since both were full internationals for Brazil and Spain respectively- I’d love to know what Reggie would call such as Xhaka and Bellerin!

      Reggie, you obviously never saw either play in the flesh and have let yourself down bigtime with this inaccurate comment. Edu was a great player and MA a very good one.

      1. Jon, you couldn’t be more wrong, i saw both play in the flesh and maybe average was a bit of a slur but they were nothing more that good genuine players. I personally never rated Arteta as a player for Arsenal, i thought he was better for Everton playing at 10. Edu was a solid type player, nothing i got excited about but both compared to the standard of player i was talking about were average. They never reached the heights/status of Adams, Vierra, Henry, Bergkamp, Pirez, Cambell, Petit, Wright, Anelka, Cole or to a lesser extent Gilbero, Rosicky, Cazorla and others, they were at a standard below for me. And Jon it wasn’t an inaccurate comment, it was a opinion and that my friend is what i thought.


            No single player can ever be a world cup winner, as it is a team game, but can only be merely a part of a world cup winning team.

  2. I do take the point Reggie has made about the number of ex players not being involved however, Jimmy B.

    We still have Steve Bould in situ, while MA has been catapulted into the same ridiculous workload scenario that saw the downfall of AW.

    Just think of what the likes of Vieria and Bergkamp would bring to the club – yet MA, in his first role as a manager and at one of the biggest clubs in Europe, has just Edu!!!
    It really doesn’t make sense – unless one thinks it could be a financial decision?

    1. Thanks ken, my point exactly any fool can see the blindingly obvious lack of legends involved in our club.

  3. At least someone else besides me can see the blindingly obvious truth, that our club is wedded to MA for the long term. I have been saying this consistently among all the doom and childish hysteria from fairweather fans who have little idea what SUPPORT entails! Anyone who REALLY thinks MA is in danger of losing his job is away with the fairies.


    1. Its all about expression opinion here. None of us know MAs true future but we cannot all express our desires.

      I think reggie makes some great points.
      I think arsenal is clearly in trouble and the board made a bad choice in trusting a rookie in turning the clubs fortunes around. A sensible idea would have been to pay the premium for whoever was known at the time and get us back into top 4.

      Anyway I beleive things will.become clear by January if we touch relegation then that surely will prompt the board into some kind of action.

      Also about the clubs legends and previous players. I agree previous players are not always great managers or bad managers. I mean look at pep. He was a decent player but not a legend. However, I do wonder why someone like viera or Henry was not given the chance. I mean viera has more experience then both of them. And Henry well the man has a bloody statue outside. Half the footballing world are playing because of these guys. Imagine having your managers statue outside of the ground every time u enter. You are sure as hell play for that badge.

      The point is MA never had anything over viera or Henry. He done a fee years as a city no2.

  4. %100 Fabrizio, Arsenal should look for an experienced technical director to work Arteta for a season or two, that way he will steadily improve his all-round technical & management skill, his selections have shown where his weaknesses lie.

  5. To me,poor recruitment is just as culpable as poor Management, in the slump in the fortunes of our Club.They should of course go hand in hand, but I suspect our Managers have been obliged to go along with “strong recommendations” on players who are available, rather than negotiate for top class operators who may not be.I am unaware of the structure of our recruitment team, but if it is led by Edu, with respect he has little knowledge of the English Leagues which we appear to have ignored other than in the case of well paid “frees” like Willian and Soares.The fact that young so called talents such as Saliba and Mavroponas are not even in our playing pool, is clearly examples of how our recruitment team are failing.We should not be paying 25m for Saliba and 72m for Pepe unless they are good enough to improve what is a very average Arsenal side.As fans we need to see some accountability for the individuals who have made these gross errors of judgement which in some industries would be regarded as sackable offences.Time for the Board to take action!

    1. In the real world of business an owner would take action and would havedone so long ago But our owner neither likes nor even cares for football and that is a travesty and also a scandal, morally speaking.

  6. Get Mauricio Pochettino or Brendan Rodgers NOW!!!
    either or…
    Both managers have proven Premiership and Champions League Pedigree..
    Arsenal must get one of them on board ASAP..
    they are too big a club to allow a manger to learn the ropes…
    They should have let Arteta learn his trade in League One or Scotland..
    In fairness to Steven Gerard he knew he needed to learn his trade over a few years in a less demanding league than the premiership…
    Also sack Edu….
    give the manager full power…
    that way the players have more respect for the manager..
    they realise he has the power to hire and fire..
    and isn’t just a coach on the pay roll..
    The Board need to act quickly..
    The Kronke’s are asleep at the wheel as usual…
    Time to sort this great club out!!!

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