Romano reveals Arsenal now have ‘deal in place’ to sign coveted striker

Fabrizio Romano now claims that Arsenal have a ‘full verbal agreement’ with Manchester City over a deal to sign Gabriel Jesus this summer.

The Brazilian has been labelled our priority signing as we look to fill the void left by the departures of both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. While things have appeared to have progressed smoothly, some may have had reservations about the deal with things seemingly taking a long time to agree a deal, but we now appear to have overcome that hurdle.

Romano insists that we now have a ‘deal in place’ after our latest meeting with the Citizens, and we now just need to sit down with the 25 year-old to thrash out the personal side of things.

It feels like this has been a long-time coming, with the striker having been named as our priority signing by TheAthletic on June 1, and we may soon be able to celebrate the signing of our third Brazilian Gabriel in recent seasons.

This could well be exactly what our team needs to continue to build our squad, and I’m already liking the work that our bosses are doing behind the scenes to get the new squad together nice and early. At this rate we could well have the bulk of our team ready to enjoy a full pre-season together, unlike last term when both Aaron Ramsdale and Takehiro Tomiyasu were signed after the PL season had begun, and White was added to the squad a week before the Community Shield kicked off the English campaign.

How big a deal could getting all of our main signing done before we head off for pre-season be in regards to our upcoming campaign?


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  1. Would be much happier if we looked elsewhere. Jesus is highly overpriced and will be an albatross around our neck.

    1. He is over priced, he is a good player but there are huge question marks over this signing. Our front line will be so lightweight, it is probably the smallest attack ever. He has never been a prolific scorer over a season and we have no plan b yet.

      1. I will add, if he is coming as a winger, then thats different. Are we selling one of Saka or ESR, Sakas contract is a problem to Arsenal and they wont be willing to lose money on him, if he wont sign a new contract. We would get good money for Saka to fund this window. The truth is, he either signs this summer (which he hasnt yet) or he will be sold.

        1. I do agree with you about the whole positional flexibility issue, as it’s certainly a positive aspect of this particular acquisition, but, like yourself, I do worry about what will happen with some of our budding stars if both he and Fab are signed, especially with the arrival of Vieira, who likewise plays both through the middle and on the wings

          just imagine if we spent the whole window chasing players in positions where we already had number one options, so that by season’s start we still had Xhaka on the pitch, Eddie up top and players of consequence on the bench because we didn’t properly address our most pressing needs

      2. Some people will be negative no what you tell them. we are getting a good player. sure he might be a little overpriced and hopefully not on a 200k a week wage.

        Could we do better than him? Maybe but He will improve the team.

        1. Alittle overpriced !
          Understatement of the year ,45 million for a player with 12 months remaining on his contract ,that’s the problem we now face ,completely messing up getting CL now every club can do us over because they know we are desperate and always overpay
          Haaland 51 million
          Jesus 45 million
          Let that sink in ,Arteta as just payed his best buddy the Haaland fee for him .

              1. You just accused our manager of not only being a fool in the market, but also of using transfer funds to benefit his friends. If it isn’t hate, then tell me what it is.

                1. Oh let’s not forget he only as 12 months left on his contract .
                  No matter how you look at it he is way overpriced .
                  How you got that i hate Arteta from that is beyond me

          1. Dont compare with Haaland….
            With that price, its very weird there are no bidding wars betwen top europe clubs. But with haaland agent is minorela(rip), its no secret that y must pay agent fee. Its report mino got 20M from pogba transfer to mu.
            Who know how much haaland agent got from city……

          2. The total cost for Haaland is £85,5 million not £51 million. Let’s keep it fair and square even when being biased.

          3. Dan that’s cherry picking. Everyone knows Haaland would’ve gone for well over 100m had it not been for this “gentleman’s agreement”. We or anybody would’ve paid the same for him but he chose City. Other top-level strikers on the market – Abraham, Osimhen, Lukaku, Lauturo etc – have gone for are are being reported to be worth much much more.

            It’s not a bargain but £45m for a player of Jesus’ calibre isn’t bad at all.

          4. Haaland was only bought @51m because of his release clause otherwise he is easily a 150m player…SMH!!!

        2. Ackshay, your comment is spot on. values him at around £43 mil.
          So what we seem to be paying is less than 5% more, and the people who complain is largely the same bunch, who accuse Arsenal of penny pinching.

          1. Yeah I think the annoyance comes from the fact he’s got a year left and we can’t seem to negotiate on that. 45m for Jesus when he’s got 2+ years on his contract seems about right to me, but we probably should be getting him for less, which would leave us more money to play with on other priorities

            1. And u think the team in charge of negotiation don’t know this? Mancity is not Leeds they hav money, they can allow a players to run down his contract without feeling it. Plus it’s not like they dnt need jesus anymore he is d one that wanted to go for more opportunity, so if they are gonna sell him it wouldn’t come cheap. Imagine arsenal delayed d negotiations bcos he has one year left and another club bought him. U guys will still be the one to cry here

          2. I think Dan make a great point, why do you just bury your head and not just try to see what Dans point is. At least he has a point and doest just get personal.

            1. It’s a huge difference between the real price £85,5 million and Dan’s £51 million. I wonder if he has an agenda?

              1. Didrik, you have added Haarlands wages to the quoted deal now add Jesus Wages to the deal and it is not what you have put.

                1. Sky Sports Monday 13 June 2022 17:13, UK

                  Manchester City activated the Norway striker’s release clause and the player will join on July 1 for a total of £85.5m including agents fees and other add-ons; Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said the Haaland deal will “set new levels” in the transfer market

              2. Haaland coast 51 million I’m not sure where you are getting this 86 million from ,51 million was his release clause,why have you added an extra 35 million

                1. Minola’s commission + signing bonus

                  That’s why they included release clause in his contract when signing.
                  He’s done the same with Man City again.

                  Basically he is always transferred well below market price and gets insane commission, signing fee and wages.

                  Makes no sense to compare Jesus and Halaands prices. There’s a release clause on one contract and none on the other…

            2. The valuation from people, who actually know the market prices is around 43 mil.
              So what is your problem?
              You think you know better?

                1. Well, unlike you we want Arsenal to be successful, the name of our manager is less important. At the moment his name is Mikel Arteta Amatriain.

                2. Yeah,jon fox.He just try to bamboozle instead of communicate even his best mates can’t lie that they understand whatever he tries to pass across.

          3. I don’t know why when some fans speak the truth about our situation some of you get angry unnecessary. It is a bad business to get GJ for that price with one year on his contract. Why can’t we go to south America and get good player for for good fee like Alvarez. Since you all think Arteta needs 3 years to get it right. If you think the price is ok then I think it is if we also get 120m for Pepe. Why because their outputs are similar and Mancity is selling GJ for double what they bought him so we also get almost double for him. Or is it only us that have to be taking financial hit on our purchase. We sold a 60-80m player for less than 10m in Guen. What do we have to lose. We are not winning the league anytime soon. So experiment with Pepe as our CF. If Arteta Nketiah is good there I think Pepe will be better with what I have seen from both of them. I pray and hope we will all enjoy our Arsenal.

        3. Its not negative, do you actually read posts, we are not keeping all these players trust me. And at the moment it all doesn’t make sense but as people keep harping, the window is not over. We wont buy all these players and sell no one. Liverpool want Saka and they are now supposed to be selling Salah.

        4. As yes here he is the greatest supporter the club as ever seen ,the great supporter who hoped a certain manager would become ill so he would leave ,if that’s what a supporter looks like you your right I’m not one .

        5. jon you did far worse than Dan during Wenger reign. It was even on record you wished him sick or dead so that he can stop being our coach. Do you have a selective memory or you can’t just remember. What is negative in what Dan. He thinks the money is too much. That is my thought as well for a player that will work free next year. I will like to know what your thought is on the said amount and how much do you think Matteo Guendouzi and Pepe worth is.

        6. Admin—-why don’t you tell me how my post, you deleted again, was any worse than this above post by JF??? like I said, very selective with your editing

      3. If you can’t support us when we lose or draw og make transfers. Don’t support us when we win.

  2. Looks like Jesus’s arrival is imminent, so whether fans like it or not, the fact that Arteta and Edu want the deal to be done means he is coming to Arsenal. All I wish and hope for is that if Jesus and Nketiah are our front line strikers, we need strong and powerful players in the midfield and hope we sign a good strong DM. Jesus is good in the press, has worked with Arteta earlier and scores goals and also has good assist figures, so hopefully, he gives lots of goals and assists to Arsenal. Since it is imminent, I would say, welcome to Arsenal Jesus, Gabriel III.

  3. Ramsdale was not good enough and overpriced for 30m, until he proves us all wrong. Let Jesus play before we start talking. Oshimeh might come and flop, just ask Chelsea about a certain Lukaku.

    1. Exactly, and it is not as if the market is overflowing with easy to buy strikers with huge scoring records.

  4. Who would you prefer?
    Calvert Lewin?
    I am quite excited about Gabriel Jesus. An exciting player who had a good scoring record at City despite not starting all of the games.
    People criticise him for not starting all of the games but fail to realise that Guardiola had in place a squad rotation system so no one started every game – not even De Bruyne.
    With Jesus as our main striker and Eddie having signed a new deal I still believe we are short – perhaps Balogun will step up..

  5. I hope we sign a second striker as well. Schick looks perfect. He is the complete opposite of Jesus and Eddie (big, tall and can score for fun).

  6. Ateta and Edu have done a very good job so far. Jesus is really a great signing. If they could get Raphinha over the line as well it would be a fantastic. It would bring Arsenal on a higher level, that’s for sure.

  7. It seems as if Jesus is coming in then, so not much point in discussing how good/bad that is (if this Romano guy is right).

    The worry is that it says “the guaranteed fee” would be £45m. Which means it could be more with add-ons. That sounds a painful price for someone with 1 yr left.

    I read that Raphinha is turning down offers from PL clubs, holding out to go to Barcelona. I’m not convinced that he’s a good buy at £50-65m but I’ve not seen much of him playing so I can’t really comment – there seem to be other holes to fill rather than another winger (and on who really wants to play in Spain).

    1. We are in for raphina, if we are and we get him, i believe Saka will be sold, there is no way on earth Arsenal wil have two players bought this window sat on the bench. Its obvious there is going to be a surprise out for big money.

      1. Who’s sitting on the bench? Wouldn’t you just move Saka to left wing ? I’m pretty sure he only ended up on the right because pepe is awful and ESR and Martinelli can’t play there. Saka and Tierney had a pretty good link up on the left before the move to the right as well.

        1. So where would Martinelli, Viera Odergaard, ESR, saka, Raphina, Jesus fit into 3 places? Without playing one or two out of position. And dont tell me its for competition for places, it aint happening.

            1. viera and odegaard they will compete for the number 8/10 role in the middle of the park with ESR maybe getting some games there. If we dont go for Tielemans, i can see 2 of them being deployed there in some games as well. So we currently have Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Pepe (and the returning Nelson) as pure wingers, with a possibility to add Raphinha. GJ will also play there ofcourse in some games. My assumption is that Nelson will be gone and if Raphinha is signed, it will only be after Pepe is sold somewhere for 25-30mil. Leaving us with Ode/Viera for number 8/10 role and Saka, Raphinha, ESR, Martinelli as our 4 wingers and GJ as another solid option (could interchange positions with Martinelli when they are deployed together). Imo, that is a pretty decent front line. Lets also consider that not all of the problems/gaps can be filled in one window, but if raphinha is signed, then this will be an amazing transfer window (especially if we all a midfielder as a well, maybe a cover for LB). Sorry for replying under your post, it seemed the most relevant to what i had to say to contribute to the discussion.

              1. No worries Chris but if we get all mentioned we are losing at least one special player. My guess Saka.

  8. Finally, Jesus will arrive and this time North London will be his home. Soon miracles will happen at the Emirates stadium and elsewhere 💯👍

  9. The news of us verbally signing Jesus doesn’t really excite me. I definitely will be excited if we sign Raphinha 💯…..

  10. I suspect Martinelli, Tierney and maybe Smith-Rowe would be sold,
    Just my assumptions, I also feel our frontline would look 👀 like this;


    With a shocking signing for DM, I believe our CFs would be Jesus and Nketiah .

    1. But Saka has not signed a contract, he will be down to one year next year, i believe he is actually down to one but we can trigger a year extra. We wont let his value drop to next year. I believe we may be about to give him an ultimatum. It cant be left, he is the jewel in the crown but would only be costume jewellery next summer, if he doesn’t sign.

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