Romelu Lukaku makes it clear he’s leaving Everton and joining Arsenal lol!

The Belgian Number One striker Romelu Lukaku sat on the bench and watched his star studded team-mates fail to score for 75 minutes of last night’s game against Finland, but he had to wait for the manager to put him on the pitch before he could score the equaliser himself!

This just emphasised his talent, and to top it off he has reiterated his wish to be moving away from Everton this summer, and he is obviously talking about moving to Arsenal as he clearly says he “wants to win titles” and where else is he going to win them except at the Emirates! In the three seasons Lukaku has been at Goodison Park, Leicester, Man City and Chelsea have won one League title each, Man United have won on FA Cup, but Arsenal have won TWO FA Cups! So who has been the most successful? It is obvious he wants Arsenal!

Anyay, here is what Lukaku said yesterday: “I’m at a point where I have to make a good career choice,” Lukaku is quoted as saying in the Daily Star.

“We have a new investor at Everton and out of courtesy I will listen to what he has to say. But I have my own ideas in mind. I want to win titles.”

“I have had a very good season, but it is time for me to write myself a CV. That is why I play football,”

“I got that trophy-winning mindset from Chelsea.

“People in Belgium don’t see me playing for Everton, but I am respected by fans, managers and experts like Jamie Carragher, Graeme Souness and Thierry Henry.”

Thierry Henry eh? Perhaps our legend has been acting as a broker between Wenger and Lukaku? I certainly hope so!



    1. The seriousness of the author with this article can be questioned by the use of “lol” in the end of the title 😉

  1. Damn talk about making something out of nothing lol. Nowhere in this have i seen him say anything concrete about joining us. I really don’t see him coming anyways..Wenger made it clear Giroud would be the main striker AGAIN so let’s expect a foreign good young prospect.
    OT: Manchester City have just confirmed the signing of Ilkay Gundogan

    1. @ras911

      Yea, and thank God we have signed and confirmed Xhaka too!!!
      Let the excitement continue!

    2. Wenger simply said Giroud would start as number 1. He is the incumbent and an international striker. Of course he starts as number one. But if he doesn’t perform then it may be as short as one game. Lukaku won’t get any better from any other team. If I was him I’d fancy my chances against Giroud.

    3. Giroud may start as 1st choice but will he keep that spot?
      It may take a few weeks for the new signing to get use to our players in training?
      A younger CF could see how Giroud is just another obstacle for him to overcome and not that hard of a challenge if you believe in yourself?

      We could get some foreign good young prospect but isn’t Lukaku Belgium (foreign)? Young? and potential still to unlock?

      We could end up with someone like Janssen or Milik but they could make the step up and surprise us all. Anelka and Henry will be used as examples.
      We might ‘splash the cash’ on a young talent that can still develop but already performing on Lukaku, like we did when we got Reyes. I do wish he could have adapted, his career just flopped after joining us 🙁

      For all we know this Morata talk is to try and drive down Lukakus price, would you put it past the board to try and save a few quid?

      All this article has done is reconfirm that Lukaku still wants to leave and got people dreaming again, sometimes dreams do come true… Rare but happened to me when we was linked to Alexis 😛 I honestly didn’t think we was going to bid enough to get him compared to what Liverfool could offer a reduction on the Suarez deal.

  2. Lukaku is confused. Leicester just won the league and Chelsea came in 9th. He thinks going to Chelsea or United will make it a sure thing, not true.

    Stay at Everton and they might do a Leicester. Does he think he can do better then Costa? I don’t think so, neither I’m sure do those three pundits mentioned think so.

    If Chelsea sold Costa and brought Lukaku, Chelsea will be weaker.

    He isn’t going about things in the right way. Can understand completely why Everton fans are so mad at him.

  3. Honestly, I think we can do better than Lukaku. I think he can’t handle pressure. If he couldn’t handle being at Chelsea and is confused at Everton, the Arsenal pressure might destroy him. And he even thinks he deserves better than us. Hahaahhaha!! Get two strikers as a safety net since Danny is out for like 8 months. Then we can think of winning the title ffs. Its been 12 f**** yrs already.

  4. I read about how great
    the Arsenal academy is.
    I also read articles about
    how Arsenal promotes youth.
    It’s encapsulated by the saying
    “At Arsenal we don’t buy stars we make them”
    If that is true why do we buy players at all?
    Ozil 42 mill Sanchez 35 mill Xhaka 30 mill
    Cazorla, Chambers,Gabriel, Wellbeck 16 mill.
    Giroud, Mertesacker, Chamberlain, Monreal, Debuchy 12 mill.
    Now we are being linked to 25-40 mill priced strikers like Lukaku
    We don’t buy stars .., we make em.
    So use Mavadidi who is the same age as Marcus Rashford.
    Akpom and Iwobi at 20, are two years older than Rashford.
    Malen +Adelaide are both the same age as
    Walcott when he went to the world cup.
    And the are all free, well Adelaide cost 2 mill but ya get my drift.
    Remember “At Arsenal we don’t buy stars we make them” apparently…

  5. Well I would rather have a Lukaku than Giroud but the price tag on him is not worth it. I think signing Lacazette would come cheaper and get us more goals with Ozil and Xhaka behind him.

  6. Spuds are trying to sign Lacazette
    Spuds woild be quite good with both Kane and lacacette
    I think with top Players going to top teams that we need BOTh a top CF And winger

    I think that LUKAKU and MAHREZ would do the job.

    Or lots of other players; Reus, lewandowski, Icardi, Higuain, Jannsen, Gotze, Mkhitryan, Greizmann, lacazette, Vardy etc

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