Romelu Lukaku worries Wenger … and here’s why!

The Belgian youngster Romelu Lukaku made a big impression at an early age, becoming the top scorer in the Belgian League when he was just 17 years of age. Chelsea brought him to the Premier League the following year after beating a host of clubs to his signature, including Arsenal.

Despite being only 22 years of age, he has matured greatly and already has over 60 Premiership goals on his account, most of them for Arsenal’s opponents tomorrow, Everton. Arsene Wenger is aware of the threat that the Belgian has become with a recent record of 5 goals in his last 4 games for the Toffees. “We knew him from Belgium, but he went to Chelsea,” Wenger told “He then went out on loan to Everton and I expected him to go back to Chelsea. After that, we were never on the case [to sign him].

“He’s developing well – year after year he’s better. His finishing is better, technical link-up play is better. He is promising a big career, it’s always a sign when the numbers are better year after year.

“We’ve just played against Neymar, Messi and Suarez, so [Lukaku will] give us another headache. Our defenders should take encouragement from the performance they put in against Barcelona.”

Lukaku has also just come from a big game against his old club Chelsea, and he helped Everton inflict the first defeat for Chelsea since Guus Hiddink’s arrival.

Here is Lukaku’s excellent solo effort to put his side on the road to glory. No wonder Wenger is worried….

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  1. Wenger knows how to praise opponent players hehe anyway we stopped conceding cricket scores now we concede wonder goals for fun…soton,watford,barca…who next? Lukaku?

    1. i guess we’d be worrying too much bout entrapping Lukaku that we’d Leave so much goal scoring spaces for the Likes of Deulofeu , Barkley and mirallas

  2. Fact that Lukaku betters all of our quasi-strikers says alot bout it

    Wenger’s egoistic ignorance is one of his many weaknesses

    1. Willock and Iwobi – Watch this space. Two seasons time Iwobi will be an all rounder playing the lone wolf role. Then three years time Willocks keen eye for goal will spark a major rivalry between the two young Guns, they will be so good that both will be a must to play. So Iwobi will play behind Willock. And I didn’t even mention the best part yet – Adelaide will be better than Pires out on left, whilst Donny Malen comes out of the blue to give the manager a proper giant headache. Oh yeah and Bielik Sheaf and Kelechi will form a rock solid beautiful play type of base. Watch this space.
      The future is sorted, 3-5 years time and AFC will be heralded as the new la masia.

  3. Before Barca game, Barca players were like:

    Alexis Sanchez is a beast! He can hurt us!
    Bellerin could have played for the Barca first team 😛

    Then bang, bang, bang! Barca 3 Arsenal 1

    1. I cant remember who said it but one of their players said Alexis gives everything, but then basically said he just wasn’t good enough for the first team of now. I think he might have even hinted around a bit predictable. It was after the first match he said it though. Just like that dumb ex tott GK who said Arsenal are an average team and not only are Watford and Leic better but he named a couple more including Bournemouth I think. They always talk big after the result.

      1. lol barcelona players afraid of arsenal??
        Those are the dumbest words I have ever heard in my life.
        I have heard a lot of dumb things but this one beats them all
        None of their players were playing under any pressure at all.
        Neymar was toying with bellerin.
        Sanchez was in alba s pocket.
        Koscienly was absolutely being ripped apart by msn.

        It should have been 13 2 but barca were just being nice

        1. Have you ever wanted Arsenal to win a game? Arsenal had 20 attempts against Barcelona, but according to you they were rubbish

    2. Yes……… 20 chances……with nobody to bury that…….. Now that’s an achievement


      Ozil must be proud……

      We overturned a 5:1 tie and made it 5:21 …. We are off to the UCL quater final……The football world is definitely in shock

    3. In other words, Barca players lie themselves in order to get motivation.
      So, Arsenal defenders should try this one : Lukaku is too soft, so he can melted like cheap Belgian chocolate. Even M&M taste better.
      We still have fixtures to win. You should motivate or even lie to yourself that we can do it. Supporting Arsenal sometimes will you? Not boo them like forever.

  4. I’m getting a bit fed up of Wenger telling us about every player he missed out on. I think there is a big difference between inquiring about a player and actually having negotiations over players. I think Wenger is calling every little inquiry a negotiation, just because of some talk. We can talk all day about players, then when they become good, all of a sudden it’s “Look we tried to get him” ..before the usual blah blah.

    If we are in all these negotiations over players who turn out good, well then why do we still have players who should not be wearing Arsenal shirts (unless they pay for them). Why do we have vacancies for quality filled positions. Missing out on players does not justify not finding an alternative. If we had of found alternatives well then I would be more than happy to listen to who Arsene had in mind in the first place. Do yourself a favor Arsene, do not talk about strikers who interested you when we have a gaping hole in that very department.

    1. can’t believe u said this Trevor………. One of the most reasonable thing u’ve ever said in a very very Long while

      Can u now see why Wenger sometimes get the sticks?

      1. For sure I can see why, you wouldn’t be a real supporter if the man didn’t bug you or if you didn’t feel let down by him at any time. I agree with about half of everything said about him (give or take) As for the other half, I feel that it’s people exaggerating or going over the top because they are hurt from loss or what not. We all have our opinions. If I stick up for Arsene, it is not because he is exempt from criticism imo, no, it’ll be because I believe he has a point or because people are twisting facts or using insulting behavior brought on through anger.

        Arsene giving to much faith to certain players, not just that, but he has giving them that faith for far too long. This is a major bone to pick with Arsene.
        Not pulling the trigger on player recruits, another huge area of concern.
        Not learning lessons from previous meetings/outings.
        Not gaining knowledge from European football, and not taking advantage of situations on a whole, these are hugely concerning factors.
        However, I’m never going to call the man a deluded fool, and when he gets things right, I have no problem mentioning so.

        1. Trevor, your 2nd para makes for a pretty ugly C.V. Not a shining report for any Manager,let alone one you are happy with and whose salary is beyond reason. I for one am dreading the prospect of another season of watching this stranded and beaten man destroy himself and our club. Of course there is room for compassion but surely that can only be to relieve him of his pain and ours.

  5. The fact that our defenders are being praised and asked to take encouragement from the Barca game, says everything about this manager. Mentally, we have become a tiny tiny team. Avoiding a rape against Barca but losing 5-1 aggregate made us happy. What the hell is wrong with our club ??

  6. Hey guys ……who still remembers this quote (Not verbatim)?

    “Arsene Wenger will have our full backing should he wish to make any major moves” – Arsenal board


  7. Where’s the part about Wenger bulking at offering £10 million for Lukaku, whilst he was an Anderlecht player!
    And then Chelsea stepped in and slapped £18 million on the table for him.

    You can add Mata and Hazard to that list,
    it just goes to show that Wenger was Mo’s scout,
    during his spells at Chelsea,
    Which is probably the reason why Wenger has a complex in the transfer market!

    1. Even Messi was said to be unearthed and scouted…….. How did wenger pass on such a gem?


      1. Hahaha
        Messi could have been signed up at the same time as Fabregas… but some wise guy suggested that he was too small, to make it as a professional footballer! ?
        That’s a true story! ?

        Can you imagine the money Arsenal fc missed out on by not having these young player’s to sell? ? ?

        Yaya Toure

      2. No its not really a mystery. Messi is from Argentina and it is easy for them to get work permits in Spain. Messi would never have got one in England at a young age.

        So basically you are saying that Wenger should personally be scouting every single schoolboy in the world?

    2. Hahaha …yea.. And that explains why it took well over 3months to complete the signature of 17 yr old Nwakali and chukwueze

      did i say he has to become another “school boy Q” in other to scout kids?

      He should forget bout all this Transfer Bs of the past and telling tales cuz they weren’t really his targets as claimed

      Wenger’s scouting prowess is currently on a Yaya sanogo LeveL

  8. baines>monreal
    lukaku>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>giroud and welbeck.

    Everton 6 arsenal 2

    wenger out

    1. @Messiah Yesterday you forecast Everton to win 4-2, then the next post you said 3-0. Now it is 6-2 and all Everton’s players are better than ours.
      Admittedly the facts say they are nine places below us in the table, but I guess trolls don’t worry about facts

  9. Imagine & compare Lukaku and Giroud in your minds. There’s a gulf in quality between the two. Now, people can give me crap about how Giroud should be played to his strengths and bulls**t. A world class striker doesn’t need situations to work for him. He moulds the game according to his prowess. Giroud just chests the ball holding some player up and then hits the floor. He doesn’t even compensate his lack of pace for good positioning in the box. How many times have you seen him poach an urgent goal?! Probably never. Whilst Lukaku took the entire Chelsea defence for a joy ride the other day and has been scoring for fun in a team full of average midfielders feeding him. I can write a thesis on how better Lukaku is with his strength, power runs, guile, touch, link ups, positioning, anticipation and of course, finishing.

    Fun fact – He’s only 22.

    1. Lukaku Takes the BaLL to its destination

      Giroud waits to give the baLL to U and hope u take it to its destination for him

      (and that Leaves me thinking sometimes, what’s he doing up there?…why ain’t he a Midfielder?)

  10. Imagine what will happen if Wenger became Barca manager
    I think Barca will fight for 4th place in La Liga
    SIF (specialist in failure)

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