Rosicky and Campbell should not be ignored by Arsenal

Arsenal: Two players who have been under-utilized by SE

The Gunners have it all to do, if they are to compete for more silverware this season, following the FA Cup win from last May. Wenger’s wizards, after pummeling Manchester City in the FA Community shield, haven’t had an enviable start to their campaign, which, so far, has seen them win two games from five competitive outings.

However, once the international break culminates, Arsenal have a fixture pileup to contend with, and it remains to be seen whether the North Londoners can manage the action-packed months ahead, without rotating their relatively big squad.

While the likes of Sanchez, Ramsey, Monreal and Debuchy have seen plenty of game time – something that will have its ill-effects, as the season rolls along; a couple of other members of the Arsenal squad have reasons to be aggrieved of the lack of chances, even sporadically.

Here are the two players who have been rather underutilized by Wenger:

Tomas Rosicky
The Czech International, who featured 39 times for the Gunners in all competitions last season, has reasons to be disillusioned at the lack of playing time this season. Albeit it’s understandable that the acquisition of Sanchez, and the subsequent changes in formation, hasn’t helped matters for Rosicky, the 34-year old would not be amused by falling way behind in the Arsenal pecking order.

Rosicky said:

“It’s too early to panic. The season is yet to get going, the Champions League will begin and it will be a roller-coaster of fixtures.

“We will see what the situation looks like in the coming weeks and months, how it develops. I’m naturally disappointed not to have been given a chance but not panicking yet.

“All I can do now is to train properly and show that I’m prepared. And when the chance comes, to take it.

“The lack of match practice has been absolutely terrible and, naturally, it makes me very sorry that I haven’t been given a chance yet.

“It is difficult mainly because you know that the potential of the team is elsewhere and we haven’t done well so far. I think I could have helped but, unfortunately, I can’t put myself on the pitch.”

While there are plenty more games to look forward to this season, it’s not given that Rosicky will enjoy game time, consequently.

It’s going to be intriguing viewing, as we wait to see whether Rosicky can find some sort of game time, which is of equal importance for himself and Arsenal.

Joel Campbell
The Costa Rican and his representative have been fuming over Wenger’s decision to not let the 22-year old go out on loan, for the fourth successive season, when it is rather obvious that he is ‘not’ going to enjoy the lion’s share of game time in this Arsenal squad.

Having had an impressive 45 minutes against Benfica in the Emirates cup, it was anticipated that Campbell would feature regularly for Arsenal; but after those 45 inspiring minutes for the Costa Rican, he has just seen 24 minutes of action – 7 minutes in the FA Community Shield and 17 minutes in the draw against Everton – and it is difficult to see any improvement in the youngster getting more game time, as the season progresses.

Why Arsenal could pay the price for underutilizing the aforementioned duo?
From Arsenal’s point of view, they need all their players in top condition, as and when they are required to feature for the North Londoners. However, in Rosicky and Campbell’s case, it’s proving to be the exact opposite; and, if Arsenal are hampered by another couple of injuries, Rosicky and Campbell might be expected to step up to the levels expected of the individual they are replacing, which, by no means, is going to be easy.

Final Thought
Albeit Arsenal are just a month into the campaign, it’s difficult to see Rosicky and Campbell making regular appearances. In fact, with the 4-3-3 system in place, it’s hard to envisage which positions the duo gets to feature at, if at all they manage to see some competitive minutes on the pitch.

Bottom Line is that Rosicky and Campbell are rather under-utilized and Arsenal and Wenger should consider this very carefully….


VIDEO – Arsenal Players Performances in England win over Norway

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  1. Rosicky must play ahead of Wilshere who’s form is of someone who belongs on the bench,we need more energy and directness in our team,the backwards and sideways passing game doesn’t allow us to create enough chances to score!

    1. Wenger has some of his favourite players.He plays them irrespective of how terrible they play e.g.Wilshere,Sczeszny.In turn these players lick Wenger’s D**k.You know this is the truth.

      1. I have not seen any players licking Wenger’s d**k, so pardon me for not believing it to be the truth. Wenger has a lot of faith in his players, especially young players, so he plays them constantly regardless of form. is it good or bad? its up for debate. but its what defines Wenger sometimes. (Campbell seems to be the exception currently).

        However I would stick by Sczeszny. he has cockiness in him, but his improvement is for all to see.

        1. Rosicky and Campbell are both crucial parts of the squad and will play a vital role this season, I am sure Wenger has told that to them. We have only played 3 matches and 35 more to go so they need to be calm and wait for their chance. I personally think Campbell should be given a chance ASAP, maybe a 30 minute substitute appearance wouldn’t hurt anyone. He will definitely get his chance for the cup matches. Rosicky I am surprised about the lack of his appearances this season so far, he is a fighter and will prove that once again this season

    2. I know this is extremely unlikely that Wenger will play this team, but I believe if we want to win the City game this is the best option.
      Debuchy Chambers Koscielny Monreal
      Ox Ramsey
      Sanchez Cazorla Campbell

      This team has pace and it’s solid.

      Szczesny, Debuchy and Monreal are shoe-ins for this game as Ospina and Gibbs are not ready yet. We know how solid the Kos-Mert partnership is but Mert has been poor lately and I would feel much safer if we had Chambers instead of Mert.

      Wilshere has been performing much better than Ramsey this season but in big games you need a big-game match winner and we have that in Ramsey. Over his Arsenal career, Ox has played in central midfield twice. The first was in the second leg Round Of 16 against AC Milan after they beat us 4-0. He was sensational as we ran out 3-0 winners in an amazing team performance. We were kicked out but it led us into an amazing run which saw us finish in the Champ. League. The other was in the 2-0 win over Bayern and he was amazing. This is the game for him. Ox and Ramsey can share defensive duties.

      Sanchez has had a good break and should come back refreshed. Cazorla deserves his chance in the middle. Every Arsenal fan and his dog wants to see Campbell and we need a true winger to stretch them.

      To complete a pacey team we stick Welbeck upfront and seeing he’s a lifelong United fan he wont need any motivation to score against City.

    3. Rosicky is quality and a more complete player than Wilshere, who for me is still learning his craft. There will be times to play Jack so he can develop further as Ramsey has, but there are many occasions when we have needed Rosicky’s ability to change a game and he has been ignored by Wenger. For me the Leiscester game cried out for him to come on and inject his pace and skill on the game.

  2. 3 games in. so cannot talk a lot about rotation currently. will have a better idea after cups and leagues go simultaneously in near future. but currently Campbel has to start ahead of Sonago.

  3. Campbell’s game is much more developed than that of the OX. You can see Campbell getting 10 goals + assists if played regularly this season. I’m afraid I can’t say the same about the OX.

    1. I have no hesitation in admitting I’m a Joel Campbell fan. The finished article heis not, and he may never make the greatness I envision for him, but playing him on our left wing seems a “no brainer” for me. He’s left footed, breathtakingly skilful on occasions, fast, has an eye for the goal (per TH14) gets behind defences and has played left wing. A great tackler he ain’t, but his natural instinct to go to the left means we hold a better shape defensively, especially if Gibbs or Monreal have gone on a run.

    2. The day that JC plays a few full matches for us can’t come soon enough for me. Then people can simmer down and stop eulogising about JC as if it is the second coming (JC being Joel Campbell that is not Jesus Christ). I feel like I am in a parallel universe with people chatting incessantly about Joel this and Joel that, future Ballon d’Or, Arsenal legend in the making blah, blah. The kid is OK and could become very good. But way too early for his agent to be spouting bollocks about not enough game time etc. Can dribble and is tricky but his passing and ball retention need improving. And we are talking about someone less prolific in senior league goals than both Welbeck and Sanogo(!) and look at the stick they have gotten – 13 in nearly a hundred games doesn’t really inspire. He also needs to get fit and pace himself because every time I have seen play a match he is out on his feet after 65-70 minutes. It is possible, and I suggest only possible, but Wenger may have a better clue as to why he is not starting at the moment and why he may be bedding him slowly. He should also look around and see there are a dozen other players in the same situation. He will play/feature in 20+ matches this year and he can make himself undroppable if he performs.

      1. Wow you are a sour grape mate…. Hopefully Wenger will move on and you can go and support his next team…

  4. Surely if either player or for that matter,any other player in the squad was doing it on the training, pitch their chance will come.Did Rosycky moan signing the 2yr extention , no,he knows how it works more than anyone one.3 games in, his time will come as will other,squad members.

  5. Pro footballers live in a
    rarefied Universe.
    70 – 150 k per week.
    Some are paid more in 2 months
    than most people earn in a lifetime.
    Can any pro footballer in the EPL
    have any reason to quibble.
    I don’t think so.

      1. It’s also many many times above what Joel Campbell gets paid per week, even though I would love his 10Kish per week.

  6. With the amount of football clubs are required to play these days there is no such thing as a first eleven. The variety of challenges before them in any given season is enormous and requires a range of skills as any modern day manager will tell you. I can only guess that many hours are spent on the computer as well as the training paddock. Rosicky is a favourite of mine but he`s getting on in football terms , he`s got a high maintenance missus and the money to suit so best he waits his turn and enjoys life.

    1. totally we need 2 first 11…

      An A Team and a B Team

      22 world class players to rotate every game…..

      38 EPL, 1 FA cup (minimum) 1 League cup (minimum), 6 Champ league games

      with 46 games minimum a season

      each players should get 23 games minimum a season……

    2. Yes, it seems that many have forgotten the implications of better squad depth, 25 in to 11 doesn’t go. Do we want squad depth or not? 3 games in to the season is a ridiculous time to start chatting crap about certain players not getting game time.

  7. a big mistake in missing out Balotelli….he can provide the aggression in training and off the pitch entertaining with Wilshere

    1. There are a lot of stories about Balotelli, but when you listen to managers and players they say he is not any where near as bad as he is made out to be. Balotelli’s problem seems to be his level of intelligence (yes he is very very intelligent), but that sometimes leads to a level of boredom and his game form seem to dip dramatically because of it. I have no doubt that a good managment will get Balotelli to become consistent. i think Wenger could have done it, my worry is that Brendan Rodgers will be able to do so too. Once again I agree with you Hafiz

      1. Did you see the interview with BR a week ago or so where he was asked whether he was excited about MB being there and asked if he noticed all the clamour and excitement with people climbing on cars and people’s shoulders to get a look at Mario arriving at the training ground. The look on Rodger’s face was priceless, can’t quite describe the awkward grimace he gave off – he looked mortified that possibly someone at L’Pool was more press-worthy and interesting than himself……adding mournfully “I’m sure they weren’t there just to see him”.

        1. Don’t get blinded by your own prejudices.. Just because BR doesn’t manage Arsenal or Balotelli play for us doesn’t make them rubbish. Just because I see quality in BR and Balloteli doesn’t mean I think less of Arsenal than you either. If you enjoy sport you can appreciate others even if they are your opponent, in fact if you appreciate there qualities your less likely to underestimate the possibility that they could in fact beat you.

          1. Finished your sermon yet? Wtf. Mate, you need to get up to speed and fast. You have this very special on-line gift of only hearing yourself – if you are going to respond to people with insults have the minimum courtesy of being on point. I expressed an opinion earlier about Joel Campbell and you came back with some bollocks about me going off and supporting Wenger at another club. I then related an awkward facial grimace by Brendan Rodgers in a press interview and I am now afflicted with “blind prejudice” and rubbishing Balotelli. I know you are new on here, but I fully supported the idea of Balotelli signing for Arsenal. There is not one syllable of what I said that even hints at prejudice never mind saying it. Stop your inventions, there’s a good chap.

            1. I’m afraid it does, your prejudice as is many others, is against those who question whether Wenger is still right for the Arsenal job. You jump to his defence far too easily and try to rubbish the comments, views and opinions of those who think otherwise. I may be new to the site, but I’m long in the tooth, and have supported Arsenal for much of that time. For your info’, I had been told about Joel when we first signed him, and I have followed the lads career since, watching him as well as other talented youth players when the opportunity arises. Yes I do have a few friends in the business, that is why I jumped to the defence of agents, and my knowledge of sporting injuries is pretty good actually, both personally and from having worked with a prof of medicine in London.

              1. btw, you have chased me around enough, to make me realise that you don’t want my kind of views on this website, so I happy to oblige.

  8. Just like someone had already pointed out, AW has his favorite players and he likes sticking with them regardless of their performance. The plan truth is; Rotation isnt the issue here. Though, i maybe a street and amateur footballer. But it not hard to understand that in football, nothing pains more to see yourself being under-valued without been given a good chance to prove yourself.

    There time will come? Yes, but who knows exatly when will that be? Its so deppressing been on the bench seeing the same set of guys week-in week-out roaming the pitch with nothing to show it and yet we are talking of FAITH? please, didnt the ones on the should atleast have an iota of such a BLIND FAITH?

    Please, where is such faith when the likes of Carlos Vela kept scoring sublime goals at in charity shield [where he sees handful playing time] yet he was offloaded? Can someone make me Understand what is faith when the likes of Özil kept playing full games [Even when its obvious he is down] while Rosicky rots on the bench? What faith makes Sanogo always starts ahead of Campbell even after a good Worldcup in that same role?

    My fellow Gunners, its just funny we are now at a point that we are now contempted with Average. God! Even Adebayor during his full season gathered up to 25 EPL goals & won himself the Golden boot & African Footballer of the Year [And yet, he was been forced out by fans]. Alot of issues needs to be checked, thats if we must all [The Board, Manager and the fans world wide].

    The board should start seeking for more progress on all front. Arsene should always check his tactics & approach all matches on at a time. He should curb rewarding and pampering averages. But starts substituting, benching and even offloading players who are down when necessary. He should start balancing the camp spirit and pick his team in all fairness [ and start given Dudes like Rosicky & Campbell their due chance]. And on the other hand, we as fans should know our roles too. We shouldnt be pushed to join the queue of supporting a blind faith. Am one of many Gunners who believe we should moan when we should, cheer when we should. Players can leave, manager and the board members can quit, but true-fans remains for better, for worse till death.


    1. Good post. To add on a bit to it AW clearly has no idea how to play certain players in their best positions. Seeing Ozil on the wing, sanchez as a central striker, Wilshere in anchor role etc it’s just farcical and like you said he keeps playing his favourites (in the wrong positions) regardless of form.

      Wenger could easily dismiss fans for nothing having managed before but it’s just so bloody obvious that an elderly grandmother could identify the shortcomings of his tactics.

      Seing Campbell rot on the bench is shamefull. Not buying an additional centre back is equally so.

    2. Wenger has his favourite players, and, Rosicky IS one of them.
      He stood by him through all those years of being injured most of the time.
      Gave him a new contract, at an age when he would NOT for most players.
      We have played 3 games, and Tomas WILL get game time, but, WE, as a Club HAVE to look to the future, and as such, the younger players HAVE to be given priority.
      I am sure, when Wenger feels he needs him to play, whether injuries, lack of form, or, to get him match fit, he will, and Tomas will not disappoint.
      As for Joel Campbell, he has just arrived, and, though impressed us at the WC, he is now playing in the EPL, in a new Country, new tactics and new teammates. Just maybe, Wenger feels he needs more time to adjust, get fitter, and, show in training that he is a real option to the players chosen. If, you look at the options, IS he REALLY better.
      Ozil and Alexis are top class, if not WC.
      Sanogo is NOT better at the moment, but, Wenger has now bought Welbeck who IS, both used to the English game, and, an England International.
      Giroud is , same as Welbeck, but French.
      When Theo is back, it will be even harder for Joel, but, it is up to him, again, to show in training, the HUNGER and talent to force Wenger to give him the chance.
      I too, like Campbell, and, want to see him play, and he will, Cups, and, as a sub when we can give him an opportunity.
      It is certainly NOT favourable to his chances to be asking for a loan as soon as he arrives.

  9. Just listening to “little mozart’s” statement you cant help but feel for him! He clearly loves arsenal and its only fair that he should be given more starts, thomas played a major role last season for us! That screamer against spurs last season is one of my personal favourite goals! Lets show him more appreciation! Coyg!

  10. Mozart said he can help arsenal win those tough games and he’s absolutely right, i would sub him in after the 60 min so he can reignite the engine. I honestly believe wenger wanted to quit after winning the FA cup, he said “i could have left arsenal” and that to me means “i wanted to leave arsenal but they talked me into staying”

    The board know what they have in Arsene, i believe they will continue to work with him for 3 more years while they pick out his successor and by then the english core should come of age and be in their prime. actually the whole team.

  11. The reason why rosicky and Campbell have not been receiving much game time is the fact they are direct competition to wengers english core, OX and JACK. Wenger is ensuring that both OX and JACK get enough game time so that they can represent ENGLAND.

    OX and JACK are not a certainty for ENGLAND team anymore, because there are a lot of young talent popping up all over the league. So for Wenger to help build england he has to give them a lot of game time and therefore Rosicky and Campbell will suffer for game time, although its the Detriment to Arsenal because both Campbell and Rosicky are far better.


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