Rosicky AND Ozil injuries leave Arsenal on the brink of disaster!!

Maybe it was a bad idea for Arsenal to put a revolving door in the treatment room. That is certainly how it feels for the Gunners at the minute, as no sooner do we get a few players back from injury than they are replaced by other members of the Arsenal squad.

The latest to join the Gunners in the treatment room is our Czech Republic international Tomas Rosicky, who was on the bench as his country beat Kazakhstan to top their euro qualifying group ahead of struggling Holland. But as a report in The Telegraph reveals, the Arsenal midfielder was never going to play as he could not even sprint.

Rosicky himself explained what was wrong with him after the game, and we will have to wait and see what the medical diagnosis says once he returns to London and undergoes some tests. But it does not sound too encouraging.

The 34-year old said, “I couldn’t do any sharp movement, couldn’t sprint. If I tried to play in one tempo, I wouldn’t make any difference for the team.

“I’ll come back to London and we’ll see. The doctor said I have something swollen between the muscles.”

So with Mesut Ozil already out of action, the Arsenal midfield is now taking over from the defence in being stretched to breaking point. With Ramsey still unavailable, you would assume that Wilshere plays in the box to box role, so that leaves just Cazorla to fill the number 10 role.

At a pinch, Arsene Wenger could use Flamini and Arteta together or play Oxlade-Chamberlain alongside one of them and push Jack further forward. Now would be a good time to hear that Abou Diaby was fit to play again, and we could do with Lukas Podolski stepping up to fill that wide left role as well.

But with Champions League games as well, can Arsenal cope with all these injuries?

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  1. Not really. What would be a crisis would be for Koscielny or Mertesacker to get injured. We’re well covered in central midfield, bless!

    1. dammit twig! let the man instill panic amongst arsenal fans unnecessarily.
      some phrases for the panic stricken:

      what are we gonna do?
      oh my god!
      no, please no!

  2. WTF is going on? Anyway we are still a bit covered in that area.

    As for when Ozil returns, I want him to improve on his game. I want him to adapt to the fight and physical nature of his new environment. More of the Chelsea performance -only with a bit more fight and determination in the tackles.

    He shouldn’t change his game. It is just perfect as it is! It is what made him a super regular for Real Madrid and the German national team. It is what made him a star at Weder Bremen.

    PS: In the Chelsea game, I saw him run at players, dribble and create a wonderful goal scoring chance from deep in midfield. But he was easily tackled.

  3. a bit melodramatic there… this is the area of the pitch where we have the most backup. Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere, Diaby, Coquelin, Cazorla for three positions still, and even Ox can play there if need be. If anything, these injuries will force Wenger to start playing pace on the wings so that the best of our remaining midfielders can stay in the middle.

    1. @Tidan.
      I completely agree and certainly hope these injuries will somehow make us return to the basics and play better consequently.

      PS: I fear Wenger will unnecessarily play Welbeck on the wings at some point.

  4. En guard – I’ll let you try my German No.10 style


      1. This season is Lex Diamond Story but he is coming with German Linx 2 which takes him back to his peak.

  5. Gazidis say ” It is hard to replace Wenger”. Well i don’t know about that Mr. Billionaire. But yeah if the manager hunt has similar philosophy like we hunt players in the market, then it would be surely a pain in the arse.

    1. hes terrible in the market aint he?

      sanogoo stared/ top scorer at the u21 world cup

      ozil world class

      frimpong replaced by flamini reliable cover for dm (rated as the man of the match vs chelsea source squawka)

      mannone former italian youth international replaced by viviano italian international

      park somone who played 6min last season replaced by sanchez one of the best south american attacker

      sagna french no2 replaced by debuchy french no1 right back

      fabianski replaced by ospina second best keeper at the world cup (source squawka)

      bendtner replaced by welbeck england international

      djourou permanent departure replaced by chambers became england international for his arsenal performances

      the only negative you can say is he could have kept carl and replaced vermaelen

    2. i agree thataw would be hard to replace.
      just throw in the names of whoever manager should coach our team now and you will see, they wont be easy to get, and they cant be one “a la Moyes”

  6. @Invincibles49

    It is always hard to replace a successful “financial” manager (in any company)…!
    As far as a “coach” is concerned, with Wenger’s wages in place, we can have anybody in the current football market… Easy!

    1. i dont agree (and i am not picking a fight like the ones i see around) but who would be on that list ofavailables thats easy to get?

  7. “Rosicky AND Ozil injuries leave Arsenal on the brink of disaster”

    No we are not… Wenger said that “he had a massive and compact squad”…!!

    I think he knows what he is doing and has been doing so for years… Look at the trophy cabinet! They are expending the North aisle as more Cups and accolades are coming…!!

    As a reminder, this what Wenger said few years ago (and I just quoting him):

    “The message we give out is important. If Fabregas and Nasri leave you cannot pretend you are a big club. A big club first of all holds on to its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs they just cannot come in and take them away from you.

    Imagine the worse situation! We lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that.

    We worked very hard with these players for years to develop them and now it is a time for us to keep them together.” 🙂

    From Arsene Wenger mouth…

    Guess what happened next?

  8. SS Arsenal FC
    The Brig of disaster
    Arsenic Avenger
    Awho? Deadabi
    BlaBla Sirknowsghouls
    Eek-Heil Hearteater
    Scourge Gnasty
    Mesh#t ErZilch
    Tu@d Metastalker
    Lowrunt Crushallknees
    Ranti carstaller
    Gollum (Gas) Chambers
    Lewda#se Poltergeiski

    1. u really do put alot of effort into your humour…
      u should be a writer davy…or in custody…cant decide which 🙂

  9. this injury thing…man….i am not even tired anymore i am more like expecting the next one.

    i wonder if the physical aspect has to be more looked at, i just read a comment on ozil being easiyl tackled in the Chelsea game, maybe wenger should put some focus in training in order for that physical aspect to grow in our players, i am sure we do excercise a lot on the planning and Smart part of the game but lets not forget (better yet, wenger, dont forget) that football is a sport, a sport of contact, and sport means being physically fit for it.

    otherwise i am a great sportsman sitting here drinking my coke and eating my madeleines 🙂

  10. i am not an ozil hater before anybody starts typing , but , i do not think ozil is not as good as he was at madrid . i think he is a spent player in fact . i also think that the team will do better without him than with him .he is a has been and is wengers biggest mistake ever . he will go on the list of wengers blunders and failures before he takes off and saves his diminishing career in his homeland come january next , and good riddance to him i say .sorry ozil lovers but i really think you need to face up to the sad truth.

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