Rosicky confirms he wants to leave Arsenal

The brilliant Czech midfielder Tomas Rosicky is now in his 8th season at Arsenal, and has always performed brilliantly when called upon to play for the first team, but due to various injuries and Arsene Wenger’s choices our Little Mozart has only averaged 20 starts a season in all competitions, and another 10 per year as substitute.

Now at the grand old age of 34, TR7 is aware that his opportunities are even more limited in our new star-studded squad, and he has admitted that he has talked to the Gunners about moving on as soon as possible. In fact he wanted to leave in January, but was not allowed, but is hoping that his exit talks can start again very shortly.

“We’ve talked about it in September, October.” Rosicky was quoted as saying in iSport. “Then the transfer market was closed, so I couldn’t do anything. When in December I had not played a single game and the market then opens, it’s obviously a very real issue. Then you start to think about whether or not it is time to leave. I was no exception, it was very real. But Arsenal said that I wasn’t for sale and that was it. The rest of the season will go very fast, then we’ll work it out. Arsenal has another option on me next season, they have everything in their hands. When I get back from the national team, we’ll begin to deal with it.”

Despite his age, Rosicky consistently proves he can continue to play at the highest level when given the chance, so naturally he is unhappy languishing on the bench with his talent. Does anyone begrudge him the wish to finish his career playing regularly somewhere else, rather than sitting on the bench at Arsenal?

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  1. Please rosicky don’t leave arsenal
    When you play, football actually becomes symphony
    I want rosicky to finish his career at arsenal

    1. Let him leave and enjoy his last remaining years in his homeland if it s what he wishes.
      When you get that old ,the pressure to play for a big club fighting for trophies means you will less chance than younger.
      Let us not be sentimental and strive for rutthlesness in the pursuit of glory.
      Arsenal should dump all the floss of the club,those who are too old or not good enough and build a team of titans in order to crush Maureeno and ugly chelsea.
      With Affection,Go in peace soldier Rosicky

      1. You realise sentiments like that would have had us ship out Bergkamp before he was part of the Invicibles?

        Do you want a player like Rosicky to be the next Lampard – scoring a winning goal past us for another big team?

        Yes – he could leave and we should not stop him, but we should really be trying to play him more and keep him if possible. Loyalty breeds passion.

  2. I think it’s a shame for him to leave as he’s been here so long and been such a positive part of the Arsenal squad throughout a rough time of transition. I don’t begrudge him wanting to leave and if he chooses to, I think that is his choice and he has earned the right to finish his career with dignity and with actual minutes on the pitch. That said he’ll be a big loss as GREAT cover and an excellent personality to have around. Would really hate to see him leave, but it’s one of those things that happens. Seems a shame we didn’t rotate the squad more in order to accommodate him with game time that he richly deserved.

    1. No offence.. i love Rosicky and even think he would have been useful in times of Invincibles… but Legend. Legend like World class is thrown around lackadaisically. What has Rosicky done to be a legend, what have any of our players done post Invincibles to be hailed legend.

      I am a Wenger fan and think we done a very fine job with financing Emirates move and keeping a steady ship… all the same however we have done nothing legendary in this time.

  3. I would hate to see him go.. An amazing footballer.
    But I would hate even more for him to be held at the club against his will. He has been a loyal servant to the club and always been professional. Never puts in a half-assed shift.
    If game time is his main priority then unfortunately it’s hard to see who falls out of the XI to accommodate a first-team place for him.
    He’s in the twilight of his career and deserves to be on the pitch.

    1. I don’t think he’s looking to play 50 games a year mate, think you’ll find he just wants a greater crack at the whip wherever he is. I feel for him completely, he’s easily good enough as rotation in our first 11 – nobody can sit here and tell me he wouldn’t have been better off in a number of games than Ozil/Cazorla who are run into the ground.

      It’s poor stuff to have a player that good, and that valuable just sitting and watching guys in his position get flogged. Same situation with Theo watching Alexis right now, why have we persisted with an average Alexis the last 11 games where he has a goal? Surely a fresh Theo could’ve played 4/5 games and given him a rest.

  4. Xavi was in d same position last season…today he is glad he stayed with baca…playing week in week out at 34? am really not sure how it helps the player…if he leaves i will always hv good memories of him…

  5. Would be very sad to see him leave but he deserves to be allowed to leave if he is genuinely feels so.

    One of the most talented players ever to wear the shirt.

  6. Be a real shame to see him leave, and if there’s truth to this then Wenger needs to take a good share of the blame for his absolute inability to properly rotate a squad of players.

    We suffer so many needless injuries, and now it seems we manage to malign players as talented as Rosicky to the point they don’t feel part of the squad. Simply amateurish.

  7. He can not leave! He is way too good to leave! Forget his age he is still pretty damn good! He is our Giggs! we should play him more often!

    1. Been thinking,there has to be more to this is he really that fit to play more than 20 minutes, he has had quite a few setbacks that mabey the medical staff say that he has limitations and to use him sparingly. Shame because he lights up the game every time he comes on. 20 minutes is better than none I wish him well reminds me of Pieres great player. CB

  8. If he leaves, the pain would be equal to when Henry left. They are different in stats, they are different in status, they are different in achievements. But one thing that is same for those two is that both are the living and breathing physical form of Arsenals’ soul. Even today Rosicky’s appearance on the field makes me euphoric and so excited. He is ageless, he is a fighter, he is a legend! And he would always be. Ohh how i wish to see him retire at the Emirates. Thank You Rosicky for everything.

    1. Again.. Legend?

      Shall we give him a statue. When we say Henry Bergkamp Vieira Legends… how great really were they when Rosickys a legend also. If i say to you in forty years time give me names of Arsenal legends do you think Rosicky will spring to mind.

      Rosicky is a very talented player who has never achieved his full potential.. sad but true. If he was this legendary player do you not think he would oust Ramsey and Jack.. dont give me that Wenger favorites shit. I love watching Rosicky on form.. but his best football has come in the past couple of seasons sparingly.

      I remember watching Rosicky when he was a teen, you could see there was something special. Then with each club move he impressed less and less… consistency he lacked. We gave him every opportunity but still… he never became the player he looked destined to be.

      1. Fair play mate sticking your head above the parapet on this one – guaranteed monster thumbs down fest coming your way – and mine too because I agree completely. I see some have already turned this in to an anti-Wenger rant – the same people who “only want whats best for this club” and for the club to progress and to see ruthless management and build proper squad depth are getting teary eyed and eulogising over a fantastic, brilliant, exciting player with almost perfect technique who for whatever reason has never lived up to his potential. He wears his heart on his sleeve and fans love that, I geddit, but you can give me all the pre-assist nonsense and injects urgency arguments you want but consider these numbers:

        TR7 Last 6 seasons: 155 appearances in PL/UCL 12 goals 13 assists
        Santi Last 3 seasons: 118 appearances 23 goals 30 assists
        Mesut Last 2 seasons: 52 appearances 9 goals 17 assists

        He has had over 20 appearances in all comps this year so not sure how much he expects/deserves to play. Having said that I hope he stays and I hope we find a role for him but calm down on the legend thing folks.

  9. Be great if liverpool have gerard,skertal,sturridge and lalana missing for the game that will give us a huge advantage that we must make full use of and take the 3 points that will take us 9 clear of them and cant see them clawing that back. Having said that we have a lot of players away on international duty and highly unlikely they will all come back fit we always pick up 1 or 2 injuries so we may have important players missing as well fingers cross for a change we have no injuries and everyone fit for liverpool game also we should have arteta,chamberlain and wilshire all fit to be in the squad!

  10. ‘If I come back from the International games, we ‘ll sit down to have a talk on the deal. Arsenal still have an option of 1 year. It’s up to them’. Apparently, this Guy – Rosicky a popular Gooners’ Gunner still want an extention of his contact at Arsenal at the age of 34 years old. Hmmm. Due to his sickness, he couldn’t travel to Monaco for our CL game and we got knock out. And the boss brought him on at Newcastle. But was he lackadaisical in his playing? Because I know I am out of contract in the summer, what is the point of me killing myself in Arsenal games anymore? Let me keep myself save from injury and look for another club in the summer that is willing to take me. I believe Rosicky must have thought to himself. This Rosicky is often injured of recent and hardly contributed any tangible play to Arsenal playing save a rarely good display by him at Brighton in an FA Cup game. But the big question is, should Arsenal continue to live on a good rare performance and win titles with it as we the Gooners want Arsenal to be winning titles? We should remember that we are the ones who have been telling the boss to offload any dead wood or any resemblance of that at Arsenal to accommodate the younger vibrant players. How come now that we are making a 360 degrees U turn on that call?

  11. Very few players can play at his level at his age.
    If he goes it will be a huge loss
    I want him to stay for another season

    That said, I completely understand his frustration. He is behind Ozil and Cazorla for CAM.

    If Rosicky and Walcott leave, I would say we should go for a top who can play both wings and CAM, like Sanchez. A name that comes to mind is Reus. I know he signed a contract but Dortmund is struggling. Or any player who can play 2 positions or more like El Shaarwy who can play LW, CAM or CF Or Greizmann LW, CF striker, etc. Any versatile player.

    Again, I don’t want to lose Rosicky (our little maestro) but understand his situation

  12. judging from his contributions since his arrival, I’d say he is worth at least a year extension. From his loyalty to arsenal football club, I feel he needs 2 retire at d club.
    Little Mozart- arsenal legend.

  13. Excellent servant but time to move on.Being harsh but sentiment has no place in the running of a football club.We must evolve. The king is dead long live the king.

  14. The last of my favourite crew (Hleb, Cesc, Rosicky). OMG we played some of the best football Arsenal has ever seen, it was just orgasmic watching these 3 guys interchange 1-2 passes with so much precision, Rosicky could quicken the passing and it was just so amazing the way we cut through defenses, kept possession and scored amazing goals. Now it’s just slow, lethargic and sometimes painful to watch.

    1. And not forgetting “Flamini” back then in that season of his, he was absolutely monsterous as our DM, but he dropped a bomb shell on us when the team was coming along nicely.

  15. The reason why Wenger plays less of Rosicky is that he knows he is at the end of his career and he rather give younger players a chance. I think therefor it is better for Rosicky to leave and I am sure the fans will miss him, me included.

    Today in the news there is a change coming up in the number of non home grown players we can have. The FA wants to reduce is gradually from 17 to 13. Also they want to change the home grown rules whereby players only qualify if the played for 3 years up to the age of 18 in England.

    That last rule if not implemented gradually would mean Coquelin, Szczesny, Zelalem, Gnabry, Bellerin & Martinez would not qualify as homegrown anymore. I have not read how this rule would be implemented but it will have massive changes.

    1. Our academy will need to stock more English players than foreign players.
    2. We need to give more chances to academy players in the first team. Dan Crowley.
    3. English academy players will go more on loan after they reach 18 to gain experience, these loan spells can now be at teams abroad. Like Chelsea does with Vitesse in Holland.
    4. Prices of home grown players will go through the roof for a while until more home grown players come through.
    5. We need to keep Walcott, Wilshere & Jenkinson
    6. Wellbeck and Chambers were good signings.
    7. We will sell players like Podolski, Campbell, Silva, Sanogo (fringe players that take up valuable Non Home Grown slots).

    Arsenal is better placed than City, Chelsea and Spurs when it comes to home grown players. City will need to overhaul their first team which will be costly and they will need to start playing more of their academy players. This could bring a dip to City as also FFP will even make it harder to invest insane amounts of money.

    Chelsea have got to buy more homegrown too and they have the largest amount of players in their academy and out on loan. Some of their loan players may qualify as homegrown.

    Wenger’s idea of English core is great and could help us in the coming years and maybe even help us winging the EPL.

  16. he doesn’t even play like he has just one year left in him….. more like 3yrs left. one of the fastest runners in d squad @ 34, unquestionable technique, and the way he changes the pace of the game,…let’s not even forget his outside of the foot pass he does ever so deliciously…….. give him atleast 2yr contract, that guy’s a legend!

  17. he needs to be kept on as a coach he is a very clever tactical player and would be able to teach the youngsters good technical skills i would like to see him and arteta kept on as youth team coaches there experience would be invaluable to the club.

  18. In the second half of the Newcastle game, every time Ramsey or Coquelin had the ball I was sure they are going to give it back to Newcastle players and most of the time they did. But with the introduction of Mozart I was relieved, hardly any stray passes from him. The control was more than excellent. So so relieved when Mozart walked into this game. How can we let him go? Ramsey, Coq still make me nervous!! Full confidence with our little Mozart.

  19. I can take a lot of crap from wenger but this is one of those things he should have played better. Yes we have some awesome midfielders but he could easily have given Rosicky more way playing time. Maby not next season though..

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