Rosicky is not amused with new Arsenal contract

Arsenal’s little Mozart Tomas Rosicky was complaining about not getting any game time before the Christmas transfer window, but it seems that Arsene Wenger threw him a few bones by putting our Number 7 on the pitch for a few games. The Czech’s contract was set to end in June but Arsene Wenger took up the Gunners contractual option to extend his stay for one more season, but since that happened Rosicky was once again put out to pasture.

He does not sound very happy with the situation. “Since the moment Arsene Wenger used the option in my contract, I haven’t even been on the bench.” he said in The Express. “I am laughing, but it’s not funny.

“It’s frustrating but I am a professional. Even if you lose your place, you must still be prepared because the situation can change.

“I’ll start the summer preparation with Arsenal and that’s the whole of my plan for the time being.”

Well it would seem that Wenger knew exactly what he was doing when extended Rosicky’s contract, but I am having trouble understanding his motives. Arsenal have around EIGHT other midfielders ahead of Tomas in the pecking order, so why not let him leave so that he can finish his career playing every week, as he wishes?

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  1. This! I do not Understand……. And despite all the injuries ravaging our midfield …… There is still NO CHANCE for Rosicky to pLay……. Really i don’t Understand ………….i Like the guy…. And i want him to stay, but i care bout his Happiness…… I’m having this “i’d be gLad u’d go, but sad u’d Leave” kinda feeling

    1. Wenger is pi$$ poor at squad rotation it has to be said, Ozil is not an “athlete” by typical understanding, so why Rosicky wasn’t used more to keep Ozil fresh and Tomas more content I’ll never understand…

      There’s blatant patches where Ozil is a passenger, it’s then Wenger should locate his testes and yank the 40million pound man off the field and replace him with the veteran. However some names just find their way onto the team sheet regardless of form or fitness (Ozil, Alexis, Giroud, Cazorla..).

      1. Champagne Charlie….

        You don’t pay 40m for a player to leave him on the bench, in regards to your Ozil “finding his way on the team sheet”.
        Also, Cazorla has been our most consistent this year, so again, point proved.
        Giroud also hit a good run of form, which made him undroppable at one stage.
        And Alexis – he’ll never be benched.

        The above must start.
        That’s why we’ve finished third this year – it’s no coincidence that when they’ve all played, we’ve won the majority and played some great football.

        1. I dont think it can be said.. Wenger useless at rotation, when all big clubs try to keep the same 11 and bench as often as possible. Che, i can recall at one time was said they used the least players.

          We probably used more different players than most teams mainly due to injury but it is not better rotation i look back and rue upon, it is the fact we couldnt keep our first eleven and bench for entirety of season.

          I too would like to have seen Rosicky get more games and even think there where times when he might have deserved some games ahead of Wilshere Ozil and Ramsey. Ox maybe got fair amount of games, besides those two and Gab who else would you have liked to see come on and on for who?

          Maybe Gnabry but he had his injury troubles and i must admit that in the past he hardly looked dangerous.

          1. Some positions need rotation vs others, ideally the back 5 and DM should be the same all campaign, but wingers, the engine room, and the St should all have options to compensate for fatigue and poor form.

            Poldi, Campbell, Theo, Rosicky have all watched game after game as players in their position were having a mare or dead on their feet yet they barely got a look. Question ability all you like but rotation and freshness can win a game which can win a title. Fergie was brilliant at it, brought the fringe lads into the equation to rest the big guns for the big games, seems obvious to do it but managers fear losing points in these smaller games and the pelters they’d get for not playing X and Y.

            Wenger needs to find a better balance, this much is obvious as Poldi, Campbell, Rosicky, Theo have barely kicked a ball all season when completely fit. None are starters in my books but all could come in vs the bottom half teams and put in a shift, even Campbell who I don’t rate. That’s the point. In doing so Alexis/Ozil/Giroud would all be top of their game for the last 4 games and we’d maybe nab 2nd or go 1 better.

        2. So a players price tag dictates whether he plays? Christ are you serious? Here I thought you should get into the Arsenal 11 on merit.

          Ozil has had patches in the season when he’s been ineffective or simply sub-par, it’s these times a manager should use his squad and entrust Rosicky to come in and add what he can when Ozil cannot. That’s basic management.

          Cazorla same thing, he’s had a terrific season in general….but you have a short memeory if you’re forgetting how poor he was at the start of the season. Again I didn’t see Rosicky coming in showing we have competition for places etc.

          Alexis, well he went 11 games without scoring and looked shattered right around january….most saying the intensity of the league was starting to show. Theo was fit, fresh and on the bench for all 11 games so why couldn’t Theo play 3 or 4 games just to get the energy back into Alexis’ legs?

          Giroud, THIS is the major issue as cup final aside where there was a media debate as to who to start for the showpiece, Giroud plays when fit. Simple. Why? he has no good alternative, and before you say Alexis/Welbz even Theo…just don’t because none flourish there. Hence why we need a Jackson Martinez to keep Giroud honest and the team sharp.

  2. I love Rosicky. I don’t want him to leave ever. Even he don’t get regular place in first XI, I like him to be given game time here and there. Early FA ties, Capital ties, comparatively easy premier league fixtures and introduce him for last 20 minutes in normal game play.

    If we start the game well and put us in winning side; everyone will get their chance to play.

  3. Wenger did a good job the 2nd half of this season.

    But one remaining complaint from fans was that he failed to rotate the squad – almost the same lineup game after game until the last game of the season. He will need to do better in this regard – otherwise what is the point of having all these CAMs just sitting around.

    1. Fans complaining about rotation? Well not me, I’m a supporter of arsenal football club, home and away and I just want to see arsenal win. For me that means playing your best team and your fittest players as often as possible.

      Rosicky is approaching 35, he did not have to sign a 1 year contract with a 1 year option when he did, but he did so because his injury record was poor and no other offers were in the table.

      I personally think rosicky will still leave this summer and in taking the option the club has made a financial decision. My guess it was not even wenger that made that decision, but if he did and we get a £3m offer for a 34 year old bit part player, then use that £3m to bring in a top youngster on a 5 year deal then I will applaud that decision.

      The club are already in a bad position with arteta and diaby out of contract, but with rosicky, flamini, podolski, jenkinson, campbell, sanogo and ryo all in their last year, we have an opportunity to add £25-30m to the transfer kitty. That could give us a player who will make the starting x1 or at least the bench, whereas none of the above would make the 18 if everyone was fit.

      1. Sorry to read your comment – mostly because you are just wrong. The reality is that Arsenal began to struggle at the end of the season due to the scenario you favor – keeping the same lineup.

        Of course you want your best team on the bitch But……

        All big clubs need to rotate their squads to a certain extent because of the heavy schedules. That is just the reality and the limits of human endurance. Sorry if the laws of physics get in the way but that is reality.

        Some clubs have a clear starting lineup which makes it harder. Arsenal only has a clear lineup in some positions – not all. Who is best at RW? Certainly not Ramsey but he starts there often. Is it Walcott? For me, it is Ox! Who is best playing deep next to Coq? Ramsey – maybe. Cazorla – probably.

        When Sanchez is worn out do you keep starting him anyway or do you give one of your very capable players a chance to keep in form??

        Giving Coq a rest and inserting a fresh Walcott into the lineup helped Arsenal win the FA Cup.

  4. I just read about this as well and frankly I think there may have been a bit of friction between Wenger and the Arsenal management on this one. I don’t see Rosicky being part of the 25 man squad.

    Wenger was very short on the question of TR7’s option being activated – “Yes. We have taken up the option”. NOT, “I see Tomas playing a bigger role, etc, etc…”

    This is simply not Wenger to keep a non-key player who wants to leave. I smell Dick Law’s involvement in all this.

    1. Really?

      Dick law (a negotiator) does not have the final word on who AW is to have available in his squad..ever.

      1. Dick Law was appointed to take responsibility for player contracts in support of Gazidis and Miles.
        It would be a mistake to think of Dick as only a negotiator.

        1. Maybe not, but I think AW would most likely have the final word on who is and who is not going to be in his squad.

  5. I read that French fans jeered Giroud in their recent 4-3 loss.

    Call me kooky but when you lose 4 – 3, the offense is NOT the problem.

    1. They were down 1-4
      with ten to go Belgians
      just fell asleep at the
      end coz the French were so useless.
      Giroud was invisible whole game but
      was just a friendly so…
      Felaini man of the match..Lol.

      1. To be honest Felaini has been doing great for his country, better than Giroud.Yes this is a friendly but last time when they played two Europe qualifiers he scored 4 goals.His has contributed really cc well for Belgium.

  6. Rosicky is a great player, very much underrated.

    I remember him starting every champions league game for us two/three years ago.
    He would often not play for weeks, and then his name would make the starting XI against the bigger teams. Man Utd, Chelsea, City, Tottenham etc.

    He was a big game player for us two seasons ago, obviously we’ve bought and he’s fallen down the pecking order, but I’d be sad to see him go.
    He’ll forever be a hero in my eyes for that banger against Spurs.

  7. Wenger on TR7….He was wonderful. A player we all love. If you love football, you love Rosicky. On top of that he’s a fantastic character, scored and I’m very pleased for him.

    The option being activated is definitely not Wenger’s doing…

    1. Id say liv and spu would use him every week possible if they could, sou too, with Schneiderlin leaving we should offer player swap plus cash deal.

  8. If he is not going to get an opportunity AW should have let him leave! He has been a good servant to the club and deserves to play even if it’s somewhere else.

    Get rid of a CAM spot in the squad and make some room and cash for other more needed positions (ST, DM, RW, GK).

    So worried I’ve not heard the story of AW holding a jumble sale for Diaby, Poldi, Ryo yet! The clock is ticking..

      1. What you mean the broken ox?
        Or Walcott who may or may not be sold?
        Or Wellbeck who is not a natural winger?

        IMO we could do with a top winger such as griezmann to offer some natural strength in depth in that position that IMO we have been unbalanced in.

        1. What I’m saying is less makeshift and more players playing in their best and natural positions to better benefit the team.

          Less round pegs in square holes.

        2. The Ox, Walcott, Sanchez, Ramsey, Rosicky, Podolski (whilst he’s here and Welbeck are all capable of playing wide.
          I agree, a natural wide man would be ideal, BUT it isn’t a priority, the above can play there and do more than a decent job.
          We’ve established the priorities here, with what Arsenal need, and another wide man certainly isn’t it.

          1. @Nick the ox when fit is best there IMO. The others are make-dos, makeshifts, poor substitutes.

            Great teams have specialist wide men (and in other positions) that they excel in. Not just, yeh they can do an ok Job for us there.

            That is the difference IMO between having a cohesive, almost automatic and flowing system as opposed to a unbalanced one with reduced potential .

            This is one of AWs major flaws in my option. Trying to fit, convert players so they make up a team as opposed to having a system of play and then finding the best/specialist players for those positions.

            1. Also Sanchez isn’t gonna bang in 20 odd goals from a wide right position. He can’t cut in on his right peg otherwise!;)

              And where else would the goals come from?

  9. If tr7 isn’t happy all he has to do is put in a transfer request, there are 8 players in the squad that could leave (arteta, flamini, diaby rosicky, ryo, campbell, podolski and sanogo) and do not even make the first two teams, which in my eyes would be.

    Bellerin Mertesacker koscielny monreal
    Coquelin cazorla
    Ramsey ozil alexis

    Jenkinson Debuchy Gabriel gibbs
    Wilshire chambers
    Gnabry chamberlain welbeck

    Ok those two x1s won’t be everyone’s choice, but pretty much the 8 left out would be most people’s first out of the door and I’m certain no one would put any of the 8 in the starting x1.

    1. Yes those 8 and we
      are still to sign 3 more.
      Wellington wants to come.
      Plus we have Zelalem Bielik Hayden + Toral
      16 players and unfortunately most won’t go
      because their wages are too good at Arsenal.
      Time to push the delete to the
      recycle bin button.

  10. I love Rosicky, but our CM and AMC position are so strong this season, I just dont see how Wenger can fill game time to Tomas. If i had to redo the season, I would not play ROsicky as well, because truth is we finished with FA CUP. maybe if Rosicky had played we miight have lost, we dont know. But Wenger was spot on this season. If it werent for Coquelin, Rosicky would have played much more and we would have lost many games as well.

  11. the way arsene wenger is holding on these players i.e arteta and rosicky should worry us…diaby too….how can we sign more midfield players with such midfielders getting contract extensions…? will not be disappointed if Wenger buys no CDM … We all know him very well…we have heard him say we don’t need to shake our balance..we have heard him speak of top quality…maybe he thinks there are no top quality available to better arteta n rozza

  12. Rosicky is a fantastic player but unfortunately he’s coming towards the end of his career and there’s far more to lose if you start leaving Ozil’s, Cazorla’s, Ramsey’s and such out of the squad they’ll be key players for the future Rosicky is at a stage where each year could be his last. No denying he’s a fantastic footballer and better than most on his day. Also injuries have plagued his career and I think Wenger wants more consistency in his squad selection. It’s not just about this season it about keeping key players happy and finding what’s best for the future letting him have a good look at the potential team for next season and where it could be improved.

    1. If he does leave this summer it’s quite a sad not to leave on but his chances of playing at arsenal on a regular basis is unlikely. I would like him to stay one more year he’s a top player to call upon if needed but I think his time is up. Wish him all the best in the future.

  13. Get used to it. We re not a feeder club anymore, so we’ll have players who don’t feature as much and may even want to leave. That s the way it goes at he top clubs.

    You can’t cry for a squad and then complain when you freaking have one.
    if he wants to go, wenger will let him. He is not kne to keep ppl unhappy.

  14. Arsenal Players Weekly Salary 2014-2015 and
    Contract Details :
    No Name (Age) Contract
    1 Wojciech
    4 Years
    2 David
    Ospina (25)
    5 Years
    3 Per
    3 Years
    4 Mathieu
    5 Years
    5 Nacho
    3 Years
    6 Laurent
    3 Years
    7 Calum
    8 Francis
    1 Year
    9 Mathieu
    Flamini (30)
    1 Year
    10 Jack
    4 Years
    11 Aaron
    4 Years
    12 Mesut Özil
    4 Years
    13 Mikel Arteta
    1 Year
    14 Tomás
    2 Years
    15 Abou Diaby
    1 Year
    16 Santi
    2 Years
    17 Alex
    4 Years
    18 Lukas
    2 Years
    19 Alexis
    4 Years
    20 Theo
    2 Years
    21 Joel
    2 Years
    22 Olivier
    Giroud (27)
    2 Years
    23 Yaya
    3 Years
    24 Danny
    3rd highest in england
    1-manu, 2,man city, 3,ARSENAL 4.Chelsea.
    rated 4rth richest by forbes behind manutd,berca and real madrid though this can be doubted as b.munich,mcity and chelsea are real powerhouses.
    maybe in revenue we top there but dont forget the fortunes that both munich and chelsea have collected in UCL

  15. If Rosicky leaves (I hope not) and Walcott becomes CF then it would make sense to get Reus (if we can) because he can play both wings and CAM

    Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla, Reus, Walcott, Giroud, Oxlade, Welbeck would be all we need for strong attack

    Otherwise if he stays get a top striker like Martinez, Lacazette or Higuain

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