Rosicky joins Podolski in voicing Arsenal frustration

Most of the Arsenal players (the uninjured ones anyway!) are now away on international duty, and Lukas Podolski was the first to tell his country’s press that he didn’t understand why Arsene Wenger rarely played the German frontman, despite the overwhelming injury problems at the club.

Now we have Thomas Rosicky also expressing his frustration at not being used by Le Prof, which is even more bewildering considering the bad form of most of the midfielders Wenger persists in selecting.

Rosicky said: “I understand that I am 34 years old and that it probably plays a role, whether I like it or not. That’s without a doubt,”

“However, I’m not in physical decline. When I played for the national team against Netherlands, I ran 12 kilometres and according to the tests at Arsenal I’m in the top five in terms of speed.

“Wenger and I are on good terms, so I do not really know what it is. It is purely a coach’s decision. It’s not my decline. My health is fine too. Of course I want to play, but there’s not much I can do about it.”

The Czech midfielder played some excellent football last season and played 39 games in all competitions, but this year has only started in the League Cup defeat by Southampton, and has been a sub just three times in the League.

Wenger has come under fire for his tactical choices and substitutions this season, but why have two such brilliant experienced players like Podolski and Rosicky (and Campbell I guess) in the squad – but fail to utilise them?

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  1. The board and fans seems to be on with everything if not they won’t be buying ticket..only a fool keep doing the same thing and expect result..

  2. i don’t care whether he is 34 or 40. last season he outran all our youngsters and honestly i feel that when rosisky is on the pitch i expect something special to happen . even his defensive work rate is better than the youngsters. So what does wenger do? He benches him and screws his form! over the years wenger has definitely improved at one thing, ie, screwing up a players career just when he has hit the ground running! Rosiscky should have left for bayern when he had the chance too! what a talent rotting on the bench while the likes of wilshere, cazorla play week in week out!

  3. the decisions made by wenger from subs to tactics and even the playing 11 have come to a point where even pro-wenger fans cannot defend him anymore.still the wenger’s defiance makes it sound like he is right and everybody else is wrong.time and time again,he buys players but as always squad is a signing or two away from being genuine title contenders.that for me has been the most frustating thing from him…..first it was almunia when everything else was fine,then silvestre,and then fails to replace likes of g.silva and rvp.maybe he wants to make things this difficult so that he will look like a genius when the team wins trophies.fact is wenger is trying to prove a point which he never will !!
    and oh,how will wenger ever justify playing ozil on wide,arshavin on wide when its PROVEN they are most efficient is mandatory that wenger has to always change positions,eventually for them to be labelled flops ? guess he read too much into fact that henry and rvp successfully converted from wings to central position……

  4. I do feel sorry for them, especially Podolski. The guys first season with us as a LW, and he had the highest number of assists. Also his goal to game time ratio really is superb. On the other hand, it must be quite difficult for managers sometimes to orchestrate the perfect team and formation – which only comes from testing over time. Perhaps Podolski was not part of that plan, that is why he was left out. Us as fans also do not see what goes on behind the scenes, at training etc so all the factors involved as to the decisions Wenger makes really are out of our grasp.

      1. Also his decisions have been ineffective since past 3 seasons, so he will be questioned. His stupidity will not be tolerated.

    1. No offense but that is nonsense.
      Everyone apart from you can see that Wenger is inept at team selection, tactics and transfers.
      He puts his ego above the good of the club.
      This is a man who made a substitution with 20 seconds left on the clock and the man he brought on: was it Podolski, the man with the best goal to minute ratio in the club? No, it was Sa-no-goal.
      Seriously, you still stand by him after that and tell people the reason he doesn’t lay good players is what he sees in training?
      Pah, he sees unicorns and white mice!

    2. Sorry you defend Wenger too much… At what point does him selling Vermaelin and loaning Jenkins seem remotely sensible, and these points were made prior to the injury spell… Both needed game time last season over and above that what they got.. This season Rosicky, Podolski and Campbell should all have had a lot of game time.. Possibly more than some other regulars who make it week in week out. So now you have Three very talented players looking for a way out of Arsenal… Wenger is a liability the club I have supported for over 45 years no longer needs.. He makes no excuse for letting a player go when he no longer performs at his best and that should be the same for Arsenal with there managers.

    3. That’s why he’s paid over 8 mill a year.To get the right ammount of milk in the coffee, then throw away the dregs!

  5. Nobody ruins a player’s carrear better than Wenger ……. And those he even tries to develop, he ends up playing em outta position, benching em, Loaning em out to wherever, showing Less ambition to keep em or selling em directly to rivals… What does wenger really want for Arsenal aside money making???

  6. Given all the injuries and the fact that Carzola, Ramsey and Wilshere have been poor and Ox has been hot and cold, it is a crime that Poldi, Rosicky and Campbell have been given so few real chances to play. Inexcusable!

  7. Özil tells SKY Germany that he will return from injury in 7 weeks
    Podolski set to leave in January. Inter & Fiorentina will both bid joel Campbell too likely to leave if we get 25m total for both hope wenger buys a cdm/cb & a striker

    can’t belive sanogoal gets chance but not Campbell/podolski

  8. Wenger’s loyalty to certain players among other bad traits that he has is killing the club.

    He insists on playing the same bunch of players whether there off form, have knocks or unbalancing the team. His lack of making substitutions at good times in a game in order to give chance to all the players also puzzles me, what’s the use of having a bench if you cant utilize it.

    Any other coach would use our squad better and to its full potential.

  9. One thing i hate about wenger is the the old man doesn’t substitute player at 60 mins or seventy, to create chance for squad rotation and keeping the energy level and also helping other players pick form in other to improve competition in our game, you see, that is where it hurts, man! Atleast all our players would have had to know every other players style on the pitch of play not in the training ground, i used to say akb but honestly wenger is not acting like the acronym, something has to happen the man has got to wake up or step down, but im scared of change cos it is like a gamble, a new coach with a new philosophy and style, it might take time to adapt and that time would be enough for other teams to step up thus demoralsing the club, both fans and board, wouldn’t like us to do a porchettino, look at Liverpool, if its gona be a new coach its gotta be one of em arsenal ol boys, who knows what it is like to be called a gooner, that’s just my thought on this matter,

  10. Hate to see our once respectable coach come under so much fire from fans. He is mainly responsible for where we are today as a club, and one of the main reasons our fans still want Wenger at Arsenal is to see him lift the Champions League Or BPL at thee end of a season to send him off on a high note. how we all wish for it to happen it simply wont and the time has come for Wenger to bow out because under his management fourth place will be the best we’ll ever achieve

  11. 1. Losing the dressing room. Check
    2. Losing points. Check
    3. Losing the Fans. Check

    I think there is no other check required to show Wenger the way out.


  13. I knew this time would come, so far we have rosicky, campbell and poldi voicing their discontent, others will follow. If they actually are going on record as unhappy imagine the players unhappy keeping quiet. Wenger continually messing with the team and formations must be a real headache for the players and wengers support staff. A storm lies ahead even if we sign players in Jan. Poldi and campbell will go, (but their value will have diminished as no ones seen them play) rosicky I guess will go in the summer.

  14. Bring Klopp in and we can get the entire Dortmund team for free….

    every players from Dortmund are world class players

  15. This is a Rosicky thread, but very similar situation here for Poldi.

    Jogi Low just said he most likely will start Poldi in the Euro Qualifier tomorrow despite of his form and lack of match practice. He believes his quality is still there, just worry about his physique.

    So this player cannot get minutes from Wenger, but a regular for German NT. See the problem?
    Rosicky and Poldi are established experienced NT player and Joel Campbell is a true rising star for Costa Rica. Yet, Wenger handed the chance to Yaya, and out of form Cazorla.

  16. How about everyone who wants wenger out on this forum start a campaign , I want him out aswell, there is one good place that can get everybody’s attention .. *Unboxing* “TWITTER” We could do a HashTag on twitter and instagram, Get the post to rank 1st then the media would do the rest.. And every other person who would see the match live at the emirate would ready their banners.. Who is in ? #WengerOut

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