Rosicky was sublime – but Arsenal’s performance……

Arsenal back to their usual selves against Brighton by KM

Ahh the FA cup strikes again. After seeing City, Spurs and Chelsea crash out all in one day, it was game on for Arsenal against Brighton. No matter what they say about it, the FA cup is the FA cup and it’s a trophy. It’s one that we now have a realistic chance to win amazingly for a second year in a row.

We absolutely hit the ground running with 2 goals from Walcott and Ozil coming before the 25th minute. We had a good advantage at half time and we did exactly what we usually do, make our life difficult. Out of nowhere we let an easy goal in. Chambers was looking at the referee hoping for a free kick rather than chasing the ball, Flamini was his usual useless self and Koscielny really had a bad game.

So at 2:1 our best player on the night, Rosicky, struck an absolute beauty of all after a nice Ronaldinho like pass for a one two with Giroud and a great volley. Then we allowed Brighton to score again from nowhere. Monreal has been fantastic as a left back, but him and Koscielny in the middle didn’t work. We broke our back line, Flamini was nowhere to be seen and we conceded again.

At the end we deservedly won 3:2. The main talking point for me was the changes. We made rotations and still put out an incredibly strong squad. The major difference between the incoming players and the squad that beat City 2:0 at the Etihad was the desire to do the defensive job. We managed to silence a Man City squad with some of the finest striking powers in the land, and we shipped in 2 goals by an average Brighton side.

Reason number one, the keeper. We put back Schezny and he brought no sense of security to the back line. We have to stick with Ospina and go for another keeper in the summer to replace the Pole. Another reason for the defensive trouble was the lack of Coquelin in the squad. He really anchored our midfield. His introduction immediately put some protection to the back four. Flamini was so bad I hardly see him being with us next season. The problem is Coquelin’s contract ends this summer. We will definitely need a DM in the summer, regardless of whether the Frenchman stays or goes.

The full backs; Gibbs was awful. Monreal is miles ahead in the left back picking order. Chambers – He made an early assist for Walcott but, just like Gibbs, he was more interested in attack than defense. Bellerin at the moment seems like a far better choice at the right back. And the final reason – support from midfield. Cazorla was immense at City, not just in attack but in winning the ball back. Chamberlain and Sanchez also helped the defense, something we didn’t see from Ozil or Walcott.

The ever so likely introduction of Paulista is one we do need, but it doesn’t tell the full story. Exposing our back four is the bigger reason for us shipping so many goals in, but that does not mean a new CB is not needed. Some of our full backs are more interested in attacking than defending, and Flamini is a sorry excuse of a DM.

But our squad is looking good. We still have a few injuries and we filled a strong bench today. One player on the night was head and shoulders above others and that was Rosicky. What a sublime player. This is the one player whos career could’ve been up their with the very best if he wasn’t injured for so long. I really hope we win another trophy while he’s still playing because he really deserves it. He’s never asked for an amazing wage, and his commitment, desire and quality cannot be questioned.

With him, and Cazorla, in form and the players coming back, I wouldn’t worry too much about midfield. If we adjust the protection of the back four and we stick with Ospina, the defense is also looking good. One top quality striker in the summer and another DM and we are looking set for a serious challenge.

For now, the FA cup is looking really promising….


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    1. I hope he retires at Arsenal. I think the last player to have retired at Arsenal was Dennis Bergkamp… nearly 10 years ago. Can you believe that?

      It’s nice to see such a great player stick with us till the end.

    2. Look why do we have to slate Flamini he came at a time when we had no one but Arteta who we did not rate at the same time Ramsey had a great year last season but this year he seems to want more glamor by pushing forward and looses out then puts pressure back on Flamini to hold out Coqulein is so different he knows his job and doesn’t try to be a player like Wilshire and Ramsey who wins the ball great then goes on a run looses it so all that good part in winning the ball has gone Coquelin wins and distributes the ball he is going to be the first name now on the sheet Why because he does the job perfectly As for Flamini if he is not there next year wish him well as more players are gonna go the same way if they don’t perform for at least 65 minutes at 100 percent Ozil Wilshire Oxy need to lift there game CB

  1. If Rosicky keeps playing like this, teams are going to start to forfeit the day before the match

    1. Whilst they are both on fire reckon Wenger ought to put both Santi and Tomas on the pitch just for the hell of it – they have 64 years between them and the heavens may never align so perfectly again. Would it be possible for Santi to have his “Man City game head on” at the same time as Tomas with his “Brighton game head on”?

  2. Rosicky has always been my favourite Gunner! He may not be the best player to have ever played for us, but the passion and commitment he has shown in that Gunners jersey is priceless… I think he deserves more game time.

    Although I think he is still good enough to play against the big clubs (he is still sharp, and is in the top 5 fastest players at Arsenal), he should at least be starting games against the mid/lower table teams to give guys a break and to keep him motivated and content!

  3. “He was wonderful. A player we all love. If you love football, you love Rosicky. On top of that he’s a fantastic character, scored and I’m very pleased for him”.


    Need I say more…

  4. My arsenal top four players are:
    Cazorla and Rosicky (same level)
    Sanchez (he is a phenomenon)
    Koscielny (only steel that we have, waiting for Paulista)

  5. IDK, although Rosicky didn’t have too bright career such as henry and bergkamp, he deserve his own statue at Arsenal. His loyalty and passion are unbelievable.

  6. I have been telling that little mozart is not old, he’s just dis guessing to be old. That no look passes wow. If not Dinho then who??

  7. And on top of that, how good was that to see him wear the Captain’s arm band yesterday..!! Absolutely love Rosicky for his tireless runs, always trying to produce something exquisite.. He came up with one for that Ozil’s goal and another for his goal in second half..!! rightly said by our boss “If you love football, you got to love Rosicky”..

  8. When you have Flamini_Szchzesny and Chambers on the same pitch, believe me you are going to concede. Flamini…..Past it
    Szchzesny…..Lost it
    Chambers….yet to get it.
    That’s it

  9. the guy is amazing…I like his more direct approach, ability to cut out the side passes and dribble all the way forward…very good at seeing space in front of him and making use of it…

  10. Rosicky at his age…have to be used wisely and sparringly….

    he cant play week in and out….

    but if hes given enough rest to recharge he can perform…..

  11. We played with an open back and a weak shield. In the first 10 minutes we swarmed them. We defended from the front and didn’t let them have a moment on the ball, regaining possession high up the pitch and flying at them with pace and technical ability. After the first 10 we paced ourselves more, exerting our dominance with better ability and keeping their penetration limited to hopeful long balls. By half term we were 2-0 and cruising.

    THEN it changed. Our pressure up the park eased off more in the second half and Brighton were starting to find pockets. Flamini should have been filling those pockets but just appeared to get lost instead. Ozil and Walcott failed to challenge for the ball and then we had some bad luck for them to score their first goal. Bare in mind, the ball in to the guy who jumped onto Chambers was direct from a moment where the linesman failed to see a clear offside. The player jumping on chambers makes clear contact in the back with his hands on Chambers’ shoulders. This is a foul – soft or not. Despite that, the first goal is a result of poor strength by Chambers, poor clearing of our lines, lack of pressure from the midfield and no leadership in the centre of defence. Too many issues there for an Arsenal team who can do much better.

    We then get a goal back ahead after giving them far too much space for a bit. At 3-1 we should have had it wrapped up but then loose, high lines with no shield in front of the defence and poor pressure from the midfield leads to another goal and we spend the remainder of the game holding on. Terrible.

    What can we learn from this? Flamini seems to have lost his way, even if the passion is still there. The midfield players coming in with Walcott and Ozil are not yet up to match fitness and could not sustain the high press we really needed them to. Chambers needs to get his head down and work on his game – he has all the raw talent but he needs to progress technically and physically a little. Monreal and Koscielny as a partnership is wayward and loose. While neither are bad in at centre back, it is vital we do not allow for the tactical openness of that style of defending.

    Still, we got through and showed some positive signs. We should have been 4 or 5 up by half time really.

  12. Another article slighting players, and not a single mention of how average/underwhelming Ramsey was.

    Give it a rest already with “his work rate and ground covered was immense”.

    Flat out the kid is not playing well, and should be dropped for Tomas at the weekend.

      1. Yet again though, what are you basing your belief on that he deserves to get the nod in the Spurs game? Especially if Tomas plays well against Villa.

  13. Rosicky is playing with more flamboyance and freedom than ever before – i think its because he knows he’s approaching the end of his career, and embracing every minute-

    its great to see, and he is the first name on the sheet for me (after Sanchez)

  14. “There is a short spell every season – usually just after Christmas or early in the spring – during which Tomas Rosicky becomes the Best Player in the Premier League…. For whatever reason, it doesn’t usually last for more than three or four weeks. We must savour it while it lasts.”

    ~ Culled from the The Mirror

  15. The Mirror will eat their words this season. Rosicky is going to have the best season yet. The most awazing thing is that he has still a few more years left in him at the top level!

  16. here we go! slagging off whoever is not performing. a while back people on here were writing that cazorla is “passt it”. now wilshere, szesny are passed it too. mertesacker as well and gibbs ,when before mon real was “utter shit”

    arsenal players are of high quality. players are in and out of form, and just blaming one player is crazy. i was reading comments of poeple suggesting oezil should maybe be soled. thank goodness you guys dont run the club. memories of about 2 seconds.

    arsenal playera are of quality, back them for goodness sake!

    flamini wasnt at fault that we were biting our nails towards the end. im sick of ppl changing their minds about players. learn the difference between fkr and quality , back the f*cking lads and dont buy in to cheap arguments, where everything is one players fault.

    COYG! #backourboys

  17. “Imminent Arsenal arrival Gabriel granted work permit”

    Whoop whoop. Cant wait to see him wear our colors soon so we get to see what he can offer us.

  18. Rosicky if used like gifts was towards the end of his career, with the second part of the season with the cups and leagues he can be so important. And I see his off field presence equally important.

    What a great lad to have. Most would kill for him

  19. When u are here,u either join the bandwagon and bash an off form lad or u get the rather childish thumbs!Anyone who thinks Szcezney is useless and should be released in the summer just like the author of this rant wants us to believe is deluded.
    U will always find small things to use against guys u are hating on but Szcezney was not even directly to blame for the two goals we conceded.
    I guess there are so many women on this site bse where i come from,men don’t change their minds in a twinkle of an eye!

  20. When we begin to be overconfident, that’s when the worst happens. People here are already writing off other teams, the Arsenal the only Cup favorites. When the Arsenal are the favourites,… they don’t often win.

  21. Well it’s no surprise the defence wasn’t great, because as usual Wenger decided to start players out of position yet again. We started the game with three players out of position, including 50% of our back line. Wenger seems to have this delusional belief that his players can play in a multitude of positions, even retaining this belief when these out of positions players consistently put in poor performances.

  22. Chelsea play Liverpool on Tuesday then City on Saturday. Chelsea will put out a strong team on Tuesday so City have a decent chance to draw or win.

    We play Villa on Sunday at Home

    This may be a good chance to gain points on both or either teams

    We MUST WIN Sunday

    Rosicky, Cazorla and Ozil are good Attacking Midfielders. However, I think the team should have Rosicky and Cazorla. Ozil should be on the bench. We can’t have all 3 out there obviously


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