Round-up of possible Arsenal outgoings this summer

Arsenal have brought in only two players so far in the close-season, while at least one more is expected to join, but which players are still believed to be leaving the club?

Arsene Wenger is adamant that Alexis Sanchez is staying put in the current window, although the saga will continue to rumble on until deadline day most likely, I actually believe we would be better off selling to Paris Saint-Germain this summer, than keeping him for one year and losing him for free to rivals Manchester City next year.

Mesut Ozil was strongly linked with a possible exit from the club, but all the latest reports tell me that he will be staying beyond the August 31 deadline. I would put money on him staying.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a continuing saga, with Chelsea believed to be keen, and without the guarantee of regular football, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually allowed to leave. I would hate to see him go, especially to join a rival, as he was just beginning to blossom last term.

Aaron Ramsey is another whose future remains up in the air somewhat, with only a year left on his contract as with the three above, but there is little talk of interest in his signature, although Neymar’s PSG move may well see Barcelona re-ignite their interest in him.

Jack Wilshere is expected to leave the club this month, although his wage demands may prove problematic, but a move to Serie A is being mooted, with the player having grown frustrated with his injury situation.

Mathieu Debuchy and Carl Jenkinson are both for sale, although we will likely have to lower our asking price if we are going to find potential suitors. Kieran Gibbs was previously linked with an exit, but appears to have a place in the squad now.

David Ospina and Olivier Giroud were both linked with moves, but are now keen to stay and fight for their places, and could feature more often than previously assumed.

Which of the list must we prioritise keeping? If we manage to keep them all, we may well have the strongest overall squad since our last title win…

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  1. Keep = Alexis and Ozil.
    Discount Sale = Debuchy, Jenkinson, Gibbs.
    Sales to hold out for a respectable fee = Wilshere, Ramsey and Ox.

    Can loan out Jack if no buyer by end of transfer window, yes it will mean lose for free in 12 months but Jack is a youth product and I think it would be nice for him to get a 12 month trial at a new club… as long as most of his wages are covered as part of the loan deal. If his style didn’t invite so many injuries then he could have been great. Plus if he does do well to the point of making Wenger want him again then he could be eager to sign so he can stay.

    Ramsey and Ox could show extra fight if they believe they are playing for their future, either at AFC with a new contract or at potential new clubs, it also allows for Jan sales. Plus HG quota, don’t want to throw all the HG players out without replacing some of them, kids can do the job but need time.

    1. You can’t sell a player in jan if he has one year left. He will be free to negotiate with any club he wishes and we will lose him on a free. So i dont get why you saying we will sell in jan

      1. You can sell a player in January in so far as he is still contracted to the club even if his contract has less than six months to run. However, many players in such situations usually prefer to run down their contracts to be able to negotiate higher wages or sign on fees.

  2. Still cannot believe we have loaned out Martinez. One of our weaknesses has regularly been dealing with teams who like to cross the ball. We don’t practice defending against this as much as we should. Having a GK who is actually quite good and is proud of his ability in dealing with the aerial threat, it makes him just that bit more important. Ospina has great reflexes, but his handling is quite poor and his judgement when leaping can be found wanting at the best of times. He punches allot, when instead, a calm comfortable collect of the ball is what’s needed. Add to that Wenger not being decisive enough on who the no1 should be, with them both getting games like as if it was playschool. Martinez looked ready to take that no2 mantle and he would have relished the challenge. I loved hearing him say how he’s good at catching high balls but he still practices it 50 times a training session. Cech doesn’t fumble like Ospina, but allot of the time he will stay on his line and try to save a shot, rather than collecting the danger from the air. Martinez leaving is an asset that we have just given away for the season. I think there are some things Arsene will never take as seriously as he should’ve and could’ve. Like with pre-season, and regarding forward play above all other play, he has a blind spot regarding the GK role. He used to have a massive blind spot with this area, now I would say he needs glasses.

    1. The short term it doesn’t make much sense but EM is still young as GK go, if he can play weekly as a number 1 on loan and gain experience then it could lead to him being a better number 1 in a couple years.

      I wanted to see him stay and Ospina to be sold, would have loved to see him as cup GK and nipping at the number 1 spot but there are benefits to him going out on loan.

      1. Thibaut Courtois of Chelsea horned his skills on loan at Atletico Madrid for two seasons ( he help them win la liga as well as get to the champions league final) before coming back to displace the very same Petr Cech!
        Martinez can aim to do same. He’s got the physique and reflexes to make it. Just needs to improve his decision making ( which he can only improve via regular game time)

  3. I i would keep Ozil, Alexis, and giroud,
    Cheap sales, Debuchy, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Perez and chambers,
    Also sell the Ox If he doesn’t sign a contract
    Bring in lemar, carvalho and mahrez
    Also Jean Michael seri

    1. Yes loan chambers still young think he will come good, If sell with buy back option sell the rest, Debuchy i think is free to go, would agree with your incoming but would never happen, I said way back when we bought Lacazette that we would not bring anyone else in, Unless poor start panic buy which could definitely happen.

    2. you started out great… the ending, however, falls under the category of FIFA aka “wishful thinking”.

  4. …its looking everyday towards us retaining the services of most of these players as if to tell them to prove themselves as deserving to wear the arsenal jersey or else they wont feature in wenger’s final year swan song. If this is so – then several of these can count there lucky stars the manager cannot find it within to put emotions to one side for once and sever the deadwood in order to seal the epl.

    * Id like to see more of nelson, maitland-niles perhaps nketiah

    1. i think thats Wengers point.. sign a new contract or we will make you see out your existing kne and in the last year you have to compete with the new young kids coming through… when ramsey etc see Nelson Maitland-Niles Reine-Adelaide Iwobi and others maybe they will play harder for a new contract or to be attractive for a new club … good competition for places perhaps !

  5. How can Jack Wilshere think he is in a position to make wage demands?
    For his entire career he has either been injured or contributing very little due to his inconsistency.
    Jack Wilshere offers absolutely nothing except an unnecessary drain on financial resources.
    The sooner he and the rest of the dead wood are gone the better…
    And that includes Wenger himself…

    1. Wilshere is the new Diaby…the only difference is Diaby had the decency to not pick up a pay cheque at the end of the week when the injuries got too much..

  6. Almost choked on laughter when i read Barcelona may reignite interest in Ramsey. Obviously smoking the best stuff of all time. Some of us have to tighten grasp on reality; way too emotional about some of our players.

    Ramsey is pretty good 2nd choice option coming off the bench, but not a player to stabalize midfield and bring balance and discipline.

    Ox had a good run, but will it last this time? What makes anyone certain he figured things out finally?

    All the deadwood speaks for itself. No way they giving up charity wages Arsenal offer. Perez has enough ambition to want out but the rest need to be escorted away. Debuchy and jenkinson not necessary now with young players looking dangerous and exciting.

    Seriously concerned deadwood not shuffling off Arsenal coil

    1. the AKBs fell for the fake news of ramsey to barca last year and want to give the yoghurt man an excuse for not spending by suggesting his shadow spending on him and Sanchez is 100m so with the 50m on lacazette … Et voila I av spint an undread an fivty melion zis zumer

  7. A friend of mine in London said Jack Wilshere looks very good at open training at Emirates today……A Fit Wilshere can make the team so dangerous from the middle again, instead of relying on Sanchez magic every time…..Am so happy to hear, that most people that witness the training were impressed with what they saw today……I love you Jack Wilshere…..Stay fit and fight for your right….may God keep you fit and shame those deluded Arsenal fans that downgrade your potential…….

  8. Ozil and especially Sanchez can leave . Ozil does it have what it takes to make us title contenders . Sanchez us our best player but if his heart is not with Arsenal then he must go … abroad, not to our premier league rivals. Ramsey seems to be returning to form which is why I would say play him further up field as a No 10 if Ozil is sold, if he does not preform then he must be sold . I think with Calum Chambers and Wilshere we should experiment with playing them as a CDM , Jack has the bravery and skill but his glass legs hamper his progress and Calum just needs more game time to develop . Perez should be gifted back to Deportivo for free as a gesture of apology for treating him so poorly . Debuchy and Jenkinson should be released from their contracts just to get rid of them . Mertesacker and Carzola as well should be released from the sqaud to free up the wage bill but retained within the club as coaches or mentors for the young guns .

  9. Barcelona interested in Aaron Ramsey? Hahahahahahahahahaha

    Are Real Madrid after Theo Walcott too? Maybe Bayern Munich are hoping to sign Gabriel?

    I have read a few reports that Arsenal are struggling to off-load players due to their high wages. But I guess we all knew that would be a problem ages ago!

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