Roy Hodgson worried about Arsenal’s firepower

Arsenal are set to face an improved Crystal Palace side this weekend, with most Gooners bemused by our lack of goals this season, and we have to admit that we are not very confident that we are going to cope easily with Wilf Zaha and Co on Sunday.

But the fact is that despite our lack of belief in our strikers, we have actually scored 5 more League goals than Hodgson’s side this season, so it is no surprise that the Palace boss is worried about facing Arsenal’s top level attack. He told “They’ve had a good start to the season, they are very, very dangerous with their front players. They’ve bought in a very expensive signing and they’ve promoted a couple of their own players from the U23 side. And of course [Alexandre] Lacazette is fit again.

“We realise we are going to face a team with enormous firepower and a team that run a lot and team that are very good with the ball.

“It’s our second game in a week in which we will probably have to accept that possession will be hard to get and there will be long periods of the game where we are going to have to run and contain the opponents without seeing much of the ball.

“We need to be very mindful that when we do get the ball back we’ve got to use it very wisely and ask them some questions.”

We may have the firepower to score goals, but the biggest worry we have is of course our defence, who concede much too easily, and even Palace have a better defensive record than us. So we have to answer the question: Do we think we will score more than them?



  1. We do have the firepower but Roy needs to only take over the midfield then you’ll see how our attackers will struggle plus I don’t trust the line up that will come up.
    We’ll be going back to the slow motion master gameplay a.k.a Xhaka.

      1. Good morning Pat… How’s Pat preparing for his game tomorrow?
        I seriously forgot to ask you how he’s been reacting since they lost 7-2 to Bayern and their current form😂😂

        1. 😂😂😂 Eddie, Pat and I are on the same level, I pray Tottenham don’t get better before us. (7-2) I gave him cuddles through out the night 😂😂😂😂😊

      1. QD,I didn’t see the game, but most of the stuffs I read online, especially on YouTube while watching the highlights, I kept reading Torreura playing 10 on Thursday it was Willock and Niles anchoring the midfield.
        Is that true?😰
        From DM to B2B and now no 10?

        1. 😂😂 ESR was no.10. Torreira was in his “favoured” DM spot but was pants. He moved to CM but remained pants. In general, everyone was just pants in that midfield especially Willock. It was such a shocking display. Even when we won Emery didn’t celebrate, he just sat there and stared into space.

          1. Midfield improved with Guendouzi and Ceballos. Unfortunately, I am concerned that Torreira has not settled in London and is pining for Italy.

          2. Oh boy!😮
            Though I think Torreira could still do a good job this season though. In his favorite position and he needs to be given a good run of games.
            So far the only players that has gotten good run of games are our terrible starters, they keep playing every games.
            I don’t think Torreira will just find his rhythm when he keeps going off and coming on. I just know he could be real useful for us of used the proper way

  2. Some one suggested here we should have gone for Rogers…i so much regret now why we did not go for him. Fantastic manager under whom players enjoy their time and produces some of the best attacking football. We should sack UE and go for him next season…till then let Freddie be in the hot seat but please sack UE now. It’s torture to watch Arsenal play with so much attacking quality but defense minded clueless manager

  3. I am strong supporter of Arsenal. But I am so worried about the next game. The best is a draw. Crstal Palace has been tormenting us in the past and see no change with UNAI situation now.

  4. We need better midfielders than Xhaka, Torreira, Ceballos and Willock. These guys are mediocre as hell. None of them would get into the Leicester midfield as others have pointed out and I fully agree. From Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, we have these guys? Depressing.

    1. From Emil Petit, Patrick Viera, Gilberto Siva, Ray Parlour, David Platt, Liam Brady, Allan Ball, Peter Storey, Ray Simpson the list goes on. Real men in midfield.

  5. Hate to say it but we need ozil .
    He really enoys me with his body language and I wish we let him go in January and get in some real midfielders….
    Next summer I hope arsenal are rid of mustafi…sok.. kolas..xakai.. AMN..ozil..

  6. I am a strong arsenal fan as well…I don’t enjoy arsenal football again…because of one useless coach…I am a better coach that unai…even give this arsenal team to British coach and u will be amazed…Roger Gerard

  7. We have week players and a week manager .
    Imagine young players like martinelle …saka..smith rowe what they think arsenal are about when they see ozil..amn..pepe..when they lose the ball they loose the ball they just turn around and causally jog back how they would have learnt off adams..keown..viera..parlour ext..

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