Roy Keane makes a bold prediction about the Tottenham vs Arsenal game

Roy Keane has made a bold prediction for Arsenal’s weekend game against Tottenham.

The Gunners are facing yet another tough opponent in their bid to win the Premier League, and Spurs will want to spoil the party.

The Lilywhites also have something to play for as they challenge Aston Villa for the final Champions League spot.

This gives them a reason to win this game, so they will not make life easy for Arsenal when both clubs clash.

The fixture will be close, but Arsenal is the most in-form of both clubs and has yet to concede a goal on the road in six successive games.

Spurs will be keen to tarnish that record, and Manchester United legend Keane backs them to win.

“I think Spurs will get a result. I think 1-1- or 2-1 Spurs, I don’t think Arsenal will win. It could be a mad game and Spurs could turn up,” Keane said on Stick to Football Podcast.

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It will be a difficult game for us and Spurs will fancy their chance of winning, so Keane is free to make that prediction.

However, we alone can make the outcome pleasing for ourselves, and we expect our boys to know this.

We travelled to Manchester City and returned without losing, so we can preserve that record across the road at Spurs, too.

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  1. A lot of pundits are too emotional and I don’t always care about what they say.
    Yesterday before Liverpool game one of them sais Liverpool will be second; now they’ve already slipped off.
    I am very confident of Arsenal getting a result. It’s going to be tough but we can win. I’m seeing something like many goals on both sides. So Arsenal 3 Tottenham 2

  2. Arsenal will beat Tottenham Hotspur by 0-4 wallop final scores away win on Sunday. At their New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium unfailingly.
    Even Daniel Levy the Tottenham chairman, the Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou and the Spurs players are all fully aware that Arsenal will beat their Tottenham Hotspur team side in the North London Derby Epl match encounter on Sunday.
    So, Spurs honouring the match fixture is for formality sale. Because they have known before hand already that the result outcome of the big game match will utterly be to their disfavour. Whether they like it or not will be pf no any concern to Arsenal.
    For, all that matters to Arsenal is to beat the Spurs in the match and beat them squarely too in it no matter what unfailingly.
    Nevertheless, let the Gunners eschew any form and kind of profigacy in front of Spurs’ goalmouth when the match is being played. But bury the chances they will create in the match to the back of the net for Arsenal. And also bury to the back of the new the chances which accidentally fell to them in the match..
    And on no any account SHOULD the Gunners allow Spurs to have the kind of chances which they had allowed the Blues in our last home game. But which the Blues didn’t take any of those chances allowed them.
    But Spurs may bury such chances if they are allowed to them by the Gunners in the match to take.,

    1. SAA, Arsenal needs to win this game to retain their pressure to win the EPL
      Spurs will be trying to take points off Arsenal to finish as high up the table as they can.
      The incentive can’t be higher for Arsenal to win and take maximum points.

  3. I am not so confident that we will win and by the margins suggested. It is going to be tough. Spurs would love to dent our chances. That is the measure of their success. I hope Aston Villa beat Chelsea in the last minute on Saturday to apply pressure on Spurs. We have to be defensively strong. They will not be as toothless as Chelsea were against us. I cannot see Son missing a chance like the one Jackson missed. I hope we can nick it again in the last minutes. Then the pressure will be on Man City in their away game at Nottingham Forest.

    1. @Indian Gooner London
      Sound assessment Gooner. We have to show up and show out against Spurs. We ain’t win nothin yet…Jus sayin

    2. IGL Insufficient PROPER THOUGHT by wanting Villa to beat Spurs to fourth place and the CL spot. I, by contrast, am well aware that in the final league game of the season Spurs host City , so if Spurs need a win or at least a draw to make fourth place it will spur them on massively. Pardon that unintentional pun.

      This is quite likely to be of crucial difference for our Prem chances, although it MAY not be.

      But if Spurs are too far behind Villa by then to get fourth place anyway, they will be less determined and already certain of fifth place, which gets a Europa spot.

      Ideally, we need Spuds and Villa to be neck and neck going into that final game , FOR OUR SAKE, OBVIOUSLY.
      Ideally Spurs win it, but still miss fourth place. But either way it is PROBABLY vital that City drop points at Spurs.

      1. Fair point Jon in your thinking.
        But I disagree with you completely. In my view you have not thought it through fully. AV winning means they have to go for broke against us. This would leave gaps for us to exploit.
        If we do not win against Spurs the best we can hope for is 2nd place. The game of Spurs v Man city is irrelevant.
        If Man City are going to drop points it is likely to be against Nottingham Forest or Fulham away. I cannot see them dropping points against Spurs especially after that demolition of Brighton where some thought they would drop points.

        1. IGL I can scarcely believe a man whose views I have come to respect across some time past now, has actually written the Spurs v City game(meaning result) is “IRRELEVANT”.

          It is just possible that it MAY be, but very unlkely, given so few games left.

          Surely it far more likely that both we and City are likely to lose points against Spurs than against any other opponent both still have to play. Both City and us are AWAY to Spurs, not even at home.
          Unwise to say what you did!

          1. Jon
            I also respect your views on many posts. Respect does not mean agreement.
            We play Spurs first. If we do not win that game, the PL title is over for us regardless of the result of Spurs v Man City. I cannot see Man City dropping points in 2 out of 5 remaining games. Surely, you do not believe that City are going to drop points in 2 games! Therefore, the result of that game is irrelevant to us.

      2. jon, one thing you can be sure of is that Spurs will not “be less determined” to defeat Manchester City. Ange Postecoglou wants to win every game his teams play, tanking a game is not part of his psychy.
        Any player who doesn’t give their best in every game they play will not have a future at any club he manages.

  4. Once a hater always a hater. They are in for a painful era starting last season to the next at least 5 seasons.

  5. He is entitled to his opinions, but does not give any evidence to support his guess.

    “…don’t think Arsenal will win…”
    based on what? any analysis or insight? injuries? physically exhausted? or just guessing?

    “….I think spurs will get a result…”
    “…it could be a mad game and spurs could turn up.”

    again, based on what? Is their recent form great? Are they getting players back from injury? Have they solved their defensive issues? Just guessing again?

    He is a muppet. Best to just say “I have no idea, but I hope the spurs win.”
    At least I would respect his honesty and opinion. However, he offers no insight, no sound reasoning, just bloviates about his guess.

  6. So Keane thinks Spurs could turn up
    If you’re a Spurs supporter that should be a given. Does he not think Arsenal will turn up then?

    1. Sue, you truly believe Keane DOES ” think”?

      I suggest he merely reacts and “thought” is something that his excess of testosterone makes it difficult for him to do.

  7. I think it would be a dicey match.

    Arsenal should be very cautious and be businesslike. Jesus and Martinelli should start. Arteta should learn that all his substitutions should happen on or before 60min. Trussardi should come 54min for Jesus. Bringing a player in after 60m is counterproductive. Again, the Board should terminate the contract of all the inactive players going forward.

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