Roy Keane takes a ridiculous swipe at Arsenal following 4-0 win over Newcastle

Roy Keane has slammed Arsenal for their celebrations in their 4-0 win over Newcastle United at the weekend.

The Gunners have been struggling to win games under Mikel Arteta and this was only their second league win under the Spaniard.

After their training camp in Dubai, they were expected to produce a fine performance against the Magpies and they did.

The players were obviously delighted to be back scoring and winning a game, but Roy Keane believes their celebration was over the top for a team that isn’t in the top four just yet.

The former Manchester United man enjoyed facing the Gunners in his playing days and still thinks that Arsenal are a big side compared to Newcastle United and they shouldn’t be celebrating a win against Steve Bruce’ men in that manner.

Acting as a pundit for Sky Sport watching the game he maintained his normal take-no-prisoners approach to everything by claiming that Arsenal’s celebration was over the top and it appeared as though they were top of the league by a huge margin.

Keane said as quoted by TalkSport: “Arsenal? No, way over the top.

“When I was watching it, I thought they were ten points clear at the top of the league the way they were celebrating towards the end.

“No no. Forget Arsenal. Way over the top celebrations for beating Newcastle 4-0. Ridiculous.”

OK, where to start? This is the Roy Keane that got owned repeatedly by Patrick Vieira, the same Roy Keane that betrayed his own country by walking out on them in a world cup finals, the same Roy Keane that has failed miserably as a manager, the same Roy Keane that tried to break an opponents leg.

Not sure if he is the man to be criticising others.


  1. I have no respect for Keane but on this occasion, I agree with him. The celebrations were to me over the top.

    1. Considering what the team have been through all the know it all’s complaining and changing a manager in the middle of the season drawing games left right and centre, yes they do deserve to celebrate a bit.It’s just releaving some stress that’s been building up that’s all but let’s delve into the psyche of the arsenal players and see why they celebrate for no reason……jesus no wonder this guy doesn’t coach anymore.

  2. Quote with which I humbly agree;

    “Patrick Vieira is considered to be one of the most influential midfielders to ever wear an Arsenal shirt – and one of the greatest players of the Premier League era.”

    Keane will get over his inferiority complex one day.

  3. No reason at all to make such a big deal of a comment by bone crusher Roy Keane. It could have been left alone and no-one would have missed it.

  4. The celebrations was about us getting back on the right track and Laca scoring after 2months, as behind the scenes there has been so much negativity and it’s nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel…

    Keane is right in a sense, I respect his opinion & career as he is straight to the point as a pundit but he doesnt understand what it’s like at Arsenal and doesnt like the club as we all dont Utd. Its football and the mans a winner, His titles speak for themselves…

    Arsenal are going in the right direction and that’s all that matters

  5. He is mentally affected. And jealous of arsenal progress. If not, a team that came from series of playing draws to a win, why can’t the celebrate? Nonsense.

    1. What Arsenal progress?
      We are lying TENTH !
      How is that progress?
      This season has been AWFUL.
      I cannot stand Keane but he is right about this.
      A great win not withstanding we celebrated it like we had won the Champions League.
      This is how low we have sunk and we have to go an awful long way to convince me that Arteta is the solution.
      The lack of ambition permeates from the ownership to the management to the players and finally it seems to the supporters…

  6. The celebrations were totally justified and one only has to see how happy Laca was and how happy all the Arsenal players were for Laca. Also after such a long run of draws it is highly justified to celebrate after such a huge win. As far as Keen is concerned, the man is simply jealous of Arsenal and he cannot forget that he could never get the better of our Vierra and his opinion does not matter a bit. Up the Gunners!

  7. There is no way Manchester United has the capability to out play Newcastle United the way arsenal did. Roy Keane never happy to see arsenal in any progressive form neither wanting them to win games but he will surely be disgraced.

  8. A great win for Arsenal and something to be enjoyed.
    They played really well for 45 minutes but come on, lets get a grip on reality and not forget all the garbage dished up before this and the rebuilding that must take place – we are light years from being where we need to be.

  9. Other teams fans saying we will be releasing a dvd of the game as our highlight of the season. We dish it out with similar comments about spurs so have to be able to take it too. Anyway, it was a throw away comment by a has been and we have no need to give him more coverage of it on here.

  10. I think you would have to say all teams goal celebrations are over the top,I like his straight talking but he does seem to have a problem in picking out Arsenal more than most,perhaps a certain Veierra may have something to do with it.

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