Rumours about bustups in Arsenal dressing room – True or false?

Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez looking very unhappyNews went viral earlier that Alexis Sanchez had practically confirmed that he had no intention of remaining at Arsenal beyond the summer, after a supposed dressing room bust up left him being granted special leave away from the club.

The rumours broke that the Chilean had a ‘bust up’ with his fellow teammates in the aftermath of Arsenal’s mauling by Bayern Munich on Wednesday night and that he had become so disgruntled, that the club granted him leave to travel away from the club. It was suggested that he had travelled to Italy, a country in which he spent the early stages of his career in, before being told he would report for training the next day.

Arsene Wenger has denied such rumours this morning however, stating that there was no ‘bust up’ as such and that he hadn’t been granted special leave to travel to Italy.

Instead it is now being reported that Alexis flew to Barcelona on his day off from training, in order to attend a Spanish court. The court case is in relation to the allegations that Alexis defrauded tax earnings from Spanish authorities, during his time with Barcelona. Wenger said:

“He has a court case in Barcelona. He will be back in training tomorrow.”

In regards to the supposed bust up, Wenger said: “No. Not at all. Everybody was deeply disappointed but there was no incident in the dressing room.”

Although his words may seem straight to the point on paper, in the press release he made a significant pause between his initial words and the subsequent reason he gave. Wenger’s excuse come across as less than convincing as a result.
Rumours of a bust up in the dressing room may be a tad far fetched or exaggerated, but I do not doubt that the atmosphere was argumentative and with the passion Alexis shows, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chilean had become very frustrated with his teammates, would you?

Whether this latest incident plays any thought into his plans come the end of the season, we will have to wait and see. However at this current moment in time, from a professional’s point of view, you can’t blame Alexis for having thoughts about not staying at Arsenal. From what we have seen of Alexis’ passion at the end of losing games, I would say it was more than likely he DID let off steam after the game. What do you think?



  1. Ramterta says:

    probably true.
    You cant expect a guy like sanchez to stay in the same dressing room as coquelin
    Two players with a whole load different level of class and ambition

  2. Aussie Jack says:

    In the absence of a captain it seems Sanchez has taken over and given his thoughts to the team in no uncertain manner. Someone has to! Can`t see him being with us next season unless we get a new manager he approves of.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    I think there was probably a bust-up, but of course Wenger would deny it, as would any manager. He doesn’t want to give the media even more ammunition, especially now that we hear the Chilean people have had enough of Wenger as well!

    It’s sad, but Wenger’s been damaging his legacy for years, and it looks like he’ll pretty much destroy what’s left of it this season. It’s not nice to see, but I have no sympathy because he’s brought it on himself, whilst being one the highest paid managers in the world.

    Only two FA Cups in 12 years…disgraceful!

  4. Godswill says:

    Things are not well.
    Overhaul is needed.
    How long shall we continue like this because we are afraid of the future.
    After Wenger, there’s life.

  5. RSH says:

    “Arsenal need to win. Wenger always puts young players in but there will be some big hitters. The FA Cup is a trophy they need to go for. They’re not going to win the Premier League.
    Every single year, they start off well and then drop out of one competition after another, all within weeks. Players get injured, they lose form and they dip. Failure after failure.’”

    Quote from our opposition tomorrow, in case anyone still thought Arsenal was a respectable club and not a laughing stock now.

  6. Raoh says:

    I hope it is true at one point enough is enough and players have to know that. As well not everything in the locker room can be handled by the manager.
    Name it Wenger or Conte or anyone. I bet you that in the big big teams there are voices that man up when such defeat or lack of things rise up within a game. Be it at halftime or at the end.
    It is good for the growth of this team and it’s players that it is coming from one of them. Let them know how digusted, unhappy he is or they are about the lack of anything!!
    In Wenger’s case why hide it it shows that they care and the “nice” label that we attach so much to them isn’t 100% that.

  7. pubgooner says:

    News: Thousands of Chilean football fans planning an organised protest on March 1st demanding Alexis leave the loser club called Arsenal. The Chileans are tired of seeing their hero and idol Alexis working by himself to get his team through. The new club does not have to be Barcelona or Madrid. We want to see him go to a team where all 11 players are working equally hard as much as Alexis does. Does not matter whether the team is rich or poor.

    1. pubgooner says:

      I do not like this, Alexis leaving. Why do not we pay him Ozil’s salary and retain him at Arsenal. Ozil can be shipped off to China.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      Something fishy about that. Said they couldn’t give a s**t who he plays for, that doesn’t sound like someone who has his best interests. I think someone started this mischievously and duped people into signing it. I’d say they’ll get allot of signatures but won’t get them all marching, not even a third.

  8. HA559 says:

    People might hate this but what I want to see is getting rid of players who aren’t certain to stay and players who have been here long enough but failed to proove anything.


    Sanchez, Ozil, uncertainty of contract situation. No doubt they are good players, but sometimes they do their own things. If they don’t sign the contract soon, sell them
    Walcott (10 years), Ramsey (7 years), Ox (6 years).
    Jenkinson and Debuchy – Gabriel can play there as 2nd choice and 4th as choice as CB.
    Cech – he is a good guy but we can’t keep him as main GK.
    One of Nacho or Gibbs – neither can block crosses, how can they, they are so far away from the opposition when they’re crossing it.
    Obiviously Sanogo.
    Manager as well.

    Use the money to build from back to front. GK, LB, CB, DMF, AMF, RW/LW, CF. You don’t have to get all of them in one window but start from the back. Defence has alway been the problem, this season coupled with poor midfield, not enough ball winners and not enough creativity.

  9. TherealGunner says:

    Also not enough opportunity given to fit experienced players to get back to top form. Look per mertesecker he is back n fit but no game time, welbeck is now an FA cup starter and EP sub, Giroud our main striker sits on the bench while Alexis a winger plays his position making us use Iwobi a good Buh inexperience winger. Lucas Perez a good and experienced player sits out on the bench. What happens every February is lack of team rotation these players are not physically fit to go all season wenger uses the same team every time. Bench Ozil n play Perez there he connect well with players too

  10. Wilshegz says:

    some players like Ozil,Ramsey,Ox etc needs a manager that can give them the hair-drier treatment n be brave enough to make the harsh decisions but sadly Wenger is not even close to doing that to himself let alone those spoilt brats.
    Viera used to be the one that brought that mental and disciplined balance to players in the club.

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