Rumours gathering pace on Mesut Ozil’s departure from Arsenal

The Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has been in the news for many different reasons lately, from his attitude while leaving the pitch and, of course, his very public denouncement of China for their treatment of ‘fellow Muslims’.

Of course, all this publicity has been with the background of the Gunners going through their worst run of form since the creation of the Premier League, and I am not sure it has been a welcome distraction and the German has hardly looked happy on or off the pitch lately.

But, according to the rumours that are gathering pace, our highly-paid midfielder could be toddling off to Turkey for the rest of the season at least, if the club can come to an agreement with Fenerbahce.

The Mirror is reporting that Damien Comolli, the Fenerbahce Sporting Director, has come to London to thrash out a deal, while the Star insists that Mesut Ozil will meet up with him as well.

This is now looking extremely likely, in my opinion, with the Arsenal management distancing the club from Ozil’s political views, and probably hoping that they could give our new coach a break from the massive distraction that is Mesut Ozil.

In fact, the cynics among us may conclude that Ozil’s tweet about Turkistan was merely an excellent bit of PR to cement his status as a returning hero ahead of his return to Istanbul, where he has recently bought a 10 million dollar mansion to live in with his new wife Amine Gülşe. Considering that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was his best man at the wedding, there was little doubt that Ozil would be moving to Istanbul at some point in the future, so why not now…

Now we all know that there will be mixed opinions on Ozil being moved on, but right now I think l that this would be a good start to the Arteta era (however long it may last), and hopefully give the players a chance to concentrate on the football rather than the never-ending media circus around Mesut Ozil…


  1. As much as I really liked Ozïl, he’s a busted flush and it would best for all concerned if he leaves for pastures new before Arteta takes over.
    I’ll wish him the best of luck wherever he goes but recent events, on and off the pitch , have harmed the Arsenal name.

  2. It would be good for both Ozil and Arsenal, although Arsenal would suffer financially

    Ozil would live like a king and worshipped there. Whereas Arsenal would be freed from one of their problematic deadwood, albeit they have to pay the remainder of Ozil’s salary and lose one of their biggest shirt-sellers

    I don’t think Ozil would want to be instructed by one of his ex-colleagues and I believe he would like to escape from the relegation prospect

  3. Pat-The media circus surrounding Mesut Ozil is typified by the sheer number of Headlines created on this site and the seemingly willingness of both you and Martin to offer your own thoughts as typical of everyone else, which they obviously are not.
    Be serious.Do you honestly feel ANY Turkish Club could afford the player?And if you feel Ozil is likely to end up in that country as opposed to America then again I would question your reasoning.
    Mesut Ozil will be going nowhere until Mesut Ozil decides?Why would he? The Club offered him the contract. Mesut Ozil signed it.Why would he walk away from that money when he alone decides?
    You may want him out, along with the ( seemingly ) vast majority on this site, but I can tell you the player will not be leaving any time soon.And Arteta is no fool.He would want a firing Ozil in the team without a doubt.If the new manager can make that happen then that is a bonus for everyone.
    And for all those that call Ozil a leech,parasite paririahetc etc.Just read @Ken1945’s article when it’s published on this site,That is of course if the two blatantly biased Admin’s dare any article that shows Mesut Ozil in any form where not portrayed as Satan himself.

    1. Completely agree, what is wrong with ppl bashing Ozil always. Problem is ppl don’t understand what sort of player he is and expect him to run through whole team on his own like Messi or Ronaldo. He is the new Scape goat now…Arsenal fans are such big moaners, it’s really hard to please you guys in any form. It’s like we become obsessed with targeting n scrutinizing single player if it’s not Xhaka them Ozil n now auba n laca as well….where we are in table is down to fans as well. We just can’t seem to be happy with anyone or any situation.

    1. He won’t even travel, apparently hurt his right foot.

      Big problems at left back kolasinac confirmed ligament damage. Toss up between luiz, AMN, Xhaka, Saka, Medley or give a debut to Bola

  4. It would be great to Ozil leave….and Mkhitaryian and Luiz and Elneny and Socratis and Xhaka, and possibly Maitland Niles. Our midfield is a disgrace too and lacking any creativity. Our defence has shattered. What is so wrong at our club is that the ‘management’ of Venkateshambles, Sanllehi and Edu have made themselves more important than the coach/manager. Who are choosing the players? Why can’t we have a REAL manager like Ancellotti or Pochettino? By getting Arteta the statement is a cheaper, weaker option by the spineless, heartless Kroenkes. Who is the better supporter….the one who watches the team regardless or the supporter who wants to get the Kroenkes out and will not give them their money and stays away? If we don’t get the Kroenke’s out Arsenal will become a distant memory of a once great club. Should we support with a full Emirates whatever happens, or should we stay away keeping the Emirates empty until the Kroenkes are finally gone?

  5. Why would Ozil wants to leave,he’s on a huge salary he’s living in one of the best city in the world, why would he want to leave. Let the fans keep booing him as long as he keeps getting that big paycheck he doesn’t care. Ozil is the biggest fraud in world football.

    1. So how exactly is he a fraud? He was offered a mega deal.He decided to accept the offer.So please explain how you decided that is a fraudulent act

      1. @Phil

        A bit literal there I think. If you know what a quality performance looks like, and what value for money means, you would never defend Ozil. Amazing that some fans have actually mentioned Ozil and Bergkamp in the same breath!

      2. Or again Lenohappy, he is doing exactly what you say he should be doing – funny how the big paycheck bothers you more than anything else – I love the way you insinuate that the fans keep booing him as well…that was the first time I heard that happen on Sunday.

        1. Ken1945 and Phil.. I keep wondering what you guys keep seeing in ozil that majority of the fans are not. Now here’s the double standard. Last season, Iwobi wasn’t performing half as badly as ozil is right now, yet you two were the front runners when it came to thrash talking him. At least clubs were interested in Iwobi to get him off our hands at a cool 30mill. Who came in for your precious ozil? fact is no matter how much a player is paid, if he’s quality enough, clubs will swoop in for him. Ronaldo was over 400k a week and getting old when juventus came and got him, Same as neymar when PSG came for him. Nobody rates ozil anymore. last time ozil was consistent was in 2015. the two of you especially who keep defending him Still view him as that. wake up, you’re in 2019 damn it.

          1. kstix, sorry but you are wrong regarding Iwobi and me – check back to see that I remained neutral in the main, only joining in the banter with pro and anti posts.
            Phil has his own opinions, some we agree on and others we don’t – AW being one of them.

            Furthermore, I vary rarely post an anti content piece about our players, unless, as I personally see it, it is a lost cause.
            Such is the case with mustafi, luiz, soks and xhaka..just MY opinions though.

            That is why, when Ozil was given a 2, while the equally dire and gutless outfield players were given 5’s, I react to the complete injustice and blatantly biased comment that he humiliated those who support him.
            They all humiliated us with that performance, but who was singled out once again AND with everyone knowing that would be the case? Ozil.

            However, with Mikel now the coach, I will give him the opportunity to make up HIS mind on every single player (including ozil) and back his decision to keep or let go those players as he sees fit.

            That is the difference with you and me over Ozil…three managers have not seen him as all the negative adjectives used on here by fans and, as all three worked every day with the player, their opinions should be more relevant than those who see a great big £350,000 a week on his head.

            The silliest thing of all though kstix, is your immature way of trying to belittle me with the “precious ozil” comment.
            He is no more precious than any other player at The Arsenal and, IF EVER, the official site comes out and says he is for sale, then that is what will happen (I won’t lose any sleep, cry myself to sleep, have a tantrum, or go and support whatever team he goes to), perhaps that is why no official bid has been made or accepted, is that to hard to understand?

            But until that OFFICIAL STATEMENT, not BS from fans making him a No.1 scapegoat, I will support the player, the man and his right to hold the club to the contract they offered him, when he could have gone elsewhere on a free and commanded a massive signing on fee.
            Does that stop you wondering why I support him?

            As for the majority, once again I have to ask if you actually go to games and hear the backing for the player? That is the majority that counts on a match day wouldn’t you say?
            Or are you referring to the ghostly “vast majority” that came to life on this site?

          2. kstix, so what are your thought regarding Mikel Arteta’s words regarding Ozil?
            Seems as if he rates him, not only in 2015, but in 2019 damn it!

            Well that makes three of us, according to you…and how interesting that he should mention him as such a big asset to the club – Phil, will you and I EVER get anything right?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      3. PHIL,I’ll answer your question with ease. A fraud is someone, anyone in fact, who accepts a fee, quite irrespective of how much or how little and yet gives nothing back in return. Ozil is far from being the only fraud we have. Most of our players simply do not work hard. Defenders do not mark or close down and turn their back on free kicks and shots on goal, midfield does not track back, close down or make forward runs(like Ramsey did)), forwards do not work hard, make space or make runs enough. In fact Phil, I will say that after the Jan 2021 window, (NOT 2020) I suggest most of our regulars will be gone and I rejoice at the thought, as with lazy frauds, as at present, we are constantly doomed to failure. It is not mainly about one or two players but about a whole mass culture of idleness and failure to earn the exhorbitant wages that all Prem player receive. This started several years back into WeNGERS TIME WITH HIS SOFTNESS AND EASY GOING MANNER INSTEAD OF DRIVING HIS PLAYERS ON TO THEIR UTMOST.
        Arteta’s comment about all his players having to give 120% will have scared most of these frauds sh..less and so most are NOW keen to go. Ozil however, on his huge scam wage, stupidly awarded by the poison Gazidis wil continue to hang around like a bad smell. But I do think a way will be found to move him on, though it might take time. Good riddance to all frauds.

        I am amazed that someone of your age, who well remembers such as George Armstrong who “played on both wings at once” as it was said and who remembers all the real MEN who used to sweat blood in our shirt would still, EVEN NOW, be making daft excuses for your pathetic hero Ozil.

        Unlike Emery, who I admit I got hugely wrong and who had a huge language barrier that was one, among others, reason why the players could not understand his coaching, Arteta come sinwith a work ethic long instilled , an understanding of our club and an intolerence to laziness thatwill give himtime among thre fair minded fans who realse just what apoisoned chalice he has inherited.

        I expect no better than 9th at best this season and our current form is relegation form. At worst I expect 16th but no matter what, I for one will stick with him while he gets all the frauds out. Which I am sure he will, though it will take time to get them ALL out.

        1. Jon, you do insist on bringing AW into every conversation, even when he has nothing to do with the current state of affairs, as you state it was gazidis who awarded him the contract along with kronkie of course.

          What has age got to do with knowing a good player…or come to that a good coach such as UE Jon?
          Us oldies are just as likely to get things wrong as anyone else, wouldn’t you agree?

          I seem to remember you glorifying in UE’s statement that we would press the opponents in every game, again comparing him to your nemesis AW….look how that turned out for you.

          I’m rather pleased we witnessed Arsene’s team of softies with easy going manners compete in the CL 20 years in a row, 20 top four, 3 PL titles and 7 fa cup wins…tell me Jon, with your vast knowledge, how was this achieved?

          I have asked you this so many times, but you always fail to answer – how, with such mamby pamby, mentally frail, dross, lazy players did he pull it off after 2006, when you started your crusade against him?

          1. Ken My “crusade” as you put it started in 2008 not 2006, and after that date, about the time Gilberto left, Wenger began bringing in a host of small physicallly light midfielders and also continuing his long running rubbish CB’s, Kos apart and of course Campbell, who were the ONLY good enough CB’s he ever brought in, not inherited . I never rated Gallas or Merts, in case you mention them. He totally Uturned from his glory days when powerful midfielders and defenders were common. No one has ever been able to explain why he went down this wrong road. I accept you can have one, possibly two littleuns in a team, provided that all are warriors but you must have a base of power and strength, esp in the Prem of all leagues, as Mourinho knew so well and which worked for him at Chelea.

            Only a self denier would disagree that the softness began way back under Wenger and a culture of laziness was begun that has now mushroomed so that almost ALL our current regulars are too frail mentally and often physically and don’t like it up em! So they got bullied, whilst Wenger always blamed bad refs, which all teams suffer.

            But of the four men I held responsible I most blame Kroenke, who employed the useless and highly damaging Gazidis AND Gazidis himself. Emery’s main trouble was that he never understood how the Prem works and also the language barrier. He was a real tinker man, confusing all the players and the fans with constant changes and his man management skills were poor too.

            As time has passed since Wenger left, I do now find myself thinking way, way back to his glory decade and thinking more fondly of him, esp as a human being. And you may have read my post yesterday praising his great human qualities. I mean it too! But I do not forget the last few damaging years wher drift set in . Wenger, unlike the othe three responsibe did and does love the club and that will always mean that he will be remembered with historical affection by us fans. But it does not absolve him of his share of blame.

            If I may be a little personbal it has come to my notice that you are socialist in outlook, whereas I am liberal. It is ironic then that I consider your attitude to AFC as being ultra conservative and IMO, not welcoming quick change when necessary. I am the first to agree that if it aint broke, don’t fix it. BUT when it has been so clearly broke and for some years already, it is imperative we act quickly. I believe that Artetas appointment will probably be the most sensible one the club has made this century. It remains to be seen,though. I will be extremely patient, as I know, as do most others too, though not all,(and some are still forecasting top four this season!!!) that Arteta has a hell of a job to do and with Kroenke holding him back, as he did with Wenger and Emery too, he will need all our support for a good time to come. In fact, Ken, all the time he is here. Let us hope it will be as long as Arsene.

            Aa to your last question , I do not accept the premise in your question. Yes, we won FA cups but that was not a lot for what we had back in 2006 after which things began to change for the worse

            Merry Christmas my friend. I call you all the rotten names under the sun but still luv ya!

        2. Jon – it’s very interesting you bring George Armstrong into your post.Especially as Geordie played in the Double Winning team of 1971.As did George Graham.The sane George Graham that you simply fail time and time again to answer a most simple question I have put to you.Makes you a bit of a fraud in my eyes.Happy to give out your version of whatever to whoever whenever.Except when you don’t. Because you can’t I suppose

          1. Phil I HAVE twice answered your red herring GG question and as you have NOT seen my replies( which is not a crime either, as neither is mine when I do not read EVERY post on here). YES, we agree GG was a Stroller and he was but what has that to do with anything today? He was not a stroller whan he managed but a strict disciplinarian who insisted his players gave their utmost. As you well know he fell out with Charlie Nicholas who refused to give his all all the time. And he was right to let him go. Of course no one condones the way GG left and that will always be a stain on his character. But it is irrelevant to the work hard matter.

            MY CENTRAL POINT, THAT YOU WISH TO AVOID, BY CHANGING THE SUBJECT AND INJECTING RED HERRINGS, IS THAT MANY YEARS AGO COASTERS DID NOT LAST IN TOP LEVEL TEAMS. NOT FOR LONG AT LEAST. Wee Geordie was possibly the hardest worker we ever had in theteam but almost all gave a lot more than the lazy frauds in the present team do. LEAVING OZIL TO ONE SIDE, do you agree that the present team gives its all or not? I’d love YOUR answer Phil.

  6. Of course a Turkish team can afford ozil. He will be prepared to lower his salary in return he will simply get enhanced image rights, may be 100% exclusive, it simply go on loan.

    Imagine how many fans will want his name on their shirt out there. Fenerbache could Loan him for 5 months, which will cost them around £7m in wages. They could add a £13m loan fee to that with a view to paying Arsenal a further £10-15m in a permanent deal. I would say that is a fair and affordable deal for all concerned.

        1. Ackshay, didn’t know he had a fan club.
          As you seem to be a member (of his fan club of course) how do I join?

          Wonder how many followers he has – ten, twenty, thirty? Last count it was millions, so I hope gazidis worked on a contract for Phil’s presidency – then we can really get stuck into him!!!

      1. So Jon- despite what you say, you still have not answered the question I put to you which was, in very simple English, Did you give the same abuse to that lazy work shy George Graham when he PLAYED as you do to Mesut Ozil.
        A very simple yes or no is all that is required.
        There is no red herring as you imply.This is not a trick question to lull you into a fight.It is a very simple request for an answer to a very simple question.
        I await………………..again …………..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzz

        1. PHIL, IF YOU HAVE SCOLLED UP ON THIS THREAD YOU WILL HAVE SEEN MY REPLY TO YOU ABOUT GG, IN MY POST AT 3.44 TODAY. If you have not seen it than i suggest you scroll up. I fail to see what RELEVANCE ONE LAZY PLAYER IN THE MID/LATE SIXTIES ONWARDS HAS ON TODAYS LAZY SQUAD. GG WAS AN EXCEPTION IN BEING LAZY AND YES, I called him a lazy so and so, as did most fans, I expect including you. I have always hated lazy players but decades ago they were very rare. Not now sadly, esp your “hero.” YOU REMIND ME OFF CRIMINAL BARRISTER LOOKING FOR INCONSISTENCIES IN MY MANY POSTS BUT ON LAZINESS I HAVE NEVER VARIED AND NEVER WILL. Let me ask you a question though; do you think laziness is ok and do you think, leaving OZIL ASIDE FOR NOW, THAT THE PRESENT SQUAD IS HARD WORKING? If ,which I doubt, you do, then you will be in a tiny minority.

          1. George Graham, although he “strolled” around the field, contributed to the Arsenal winning the European Fairs Cup, the First Division title and the FA Cup under Bertie Mee in 1970/71. Enough said.

  7. It would be great for us.
    He was awesome in 2015-2016 when he nearly broke Henry’s assist record. In hindsight I’m glad he didn’t even though at the time I was rooting for him.

    But since then he’s been next to useless. Even Mkhytarian has been a bit better. He doesn’t score assists, doesn’t score goals, doesn’t defend or try to get the ball back

    Also he is using up valuable salary that can be used on 2-3 players

    He’s got to go

  8. If only Erdogan being his best friend could some how give him a sponsorship deal or something to entice him to return to Turkey

  9. If anyone bothered to read what the man himself says, then speculation would stop instantly.
    “I have no intention of leaving Arsenal, I love the club and would not consider playing for any other premier league club.
    I will see my contract out”.
    That, in so many words, is what Mesut Ozil is saying as confirmed by his agent, less than two weeks ago.
    Now, the only way for Arsenal to supercede that, is to pay him the salary agreed in his contract up to 2021 OR find him a move that suits him…not The Arsenal or those who want him out…suits him.

    Love the player or hate him, it is owner of the club who offered him this contract and I don’t think anyone considers a reported £350,000 weekly wage can be justified by anyone – no matter what your profession, dedication, abilities or number of followers are.
    BUT, it was just another example of kronkie’s inability to find a CEO who was up to the job, after sacking David Dein.
    There had to be three men involved in this, AW wanting to keep the player, gazidis for putting the contract together and kronkie for agreeing the deal.

    Has Ozil performed any better or worse than the other first team squad (apart from Leno and Martinelli)? Is auba earning his salary, or lacs, pepe etc?
    Of course not and the bias that Phil speaks about could not be more clearer than the marks given after the city game. Every single outfield player was awful, gutless, mentally frail, tired etc etc but who was singled out as the scapegoat?
    Ozil, supposedly, humiliated those of us who called for his inclusion, well I can only say that I was humiliated by the whole bloody lot of them and everyone who wanted the other nine included should have been humiliated as well – but no, it’s focus on one man again.

    1. Reggie,

      I certainly accept that Ozil should not be made a scapegoat for all the ills that surround the team at the moment. A lot of the players have not performed for the club, the team, or themselves and this has left the fans absolutely disgusted – me included. A lot has been left to be desired by much of what has been going on at Arsenal from top to bottom.

      However, the average fan doesn’t earn £350,000 per week, and whether or not the board were right to offer such favourable terms, it would have looked better for Ozil as the top earner if at least looked as though he was trying. I’m not sure if he is the longest serving current player (Bellerin perhaps) but as such a senior player he hasn’t, in my opinion, covered himself in glory lately. Off course, I do not blame him one bit for seeing out his contract. Who wouldn’t?

      1. Sue, im not involved in this debate? There is no debate Ozil is the biggest fraud by an absolute mile in this team, no debate but thanks for including me.

          1. Reggie my fellow gooner, I only wish you health and happiness and the opportunity to support The Arsenal for the length of time I have – is that what you mean when you say “scarred for life”?

            See how other fans are starting to connect your name to sensible, thorough, fact based arguments and views?
            Or could it be they see you as an old idiot when reading YOUR actual comments?

            Have a great Christmas and let’s hope Arteta waves his magic wand and we see a fan base undivided in 2020.

      2. SueP, what a sensible post and one that says it as it is.

        The whole team is at fault, along with the club, from top to bottom – but the only names we hear are kronkie, ozil, xhaka and mustafi.

        What has changed since gazidis brought in the new regime? Nothing at all and, in fact, the toxicity and mistakes have grown to bursting point.
        Instead of “getting our Arsenal back” it has drifted away from the fans at alarming speed it seems.
        Note I say fans and not supporters, because the word support sums up the difference in thinking about our current situation.

        kronkie has shown no signs of selling the club, but time after time we get the fan saying how it should be done, while others carry on turning up for games, supporting the shirt and whoever wears it.

        You are correct in saying that if he looked as if he was trying, but that is the man and no amount of trying to call him ridiculous names such as mentally frail, lazy or dross is going to change the way he lives his life – he is laid back by nature.
        I ask again, has any outfield player this season justified his reported salary? Of course none of them have, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about relegation issues.

        “Who wouldn’t” is the really telling point of your post in my opinion…let’s see if anyone comes on here and says they wouldn’t – perhaps they should work hard at their god given talents, impress an owner as stingy as kronkie to part with a reported £350,000 a week and then watch those who haven’t got the ability to do such a thing, cry out in rage over the injustice of it all.

        1. KEN IN REPLY TO YOUR LOWER DOWN POST: As you will not believe my well expressed opinion that I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR PREMISE, there is little more to discuss. Onr point on fairness though; I ACCEPT YOUR OFT EXPRESSED OPINION THAT YOU STILL RATE OZIL , EVEN THOUGH TO MY MIND , IT COMES OVER AS LUNACY. But, I do accept it IS your opinion. Why then, by contrast, do you NOT believe my comment that I do NOT accept your premise on Wengers later years? Do you actually believe that you have the right not to believe my own words! Do you? Because if you do, -and it is your choice alone- there is no point in us EVER conversing again. I am not one to be bullied as you well know and I WILL NOT BE BULLIED BY YOU. My view on WENGER REMAINS AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON HIS LATTER PERIOD. Either believe me or don’t bother replying.

    2. Did you have this same energy when Xhaka was blamed for everything when he walked off? Ozil put a target on himself acting like a child and his performances are trash. Also, nobody is picking on him. He’s the most talented footballer on the squad and is garbage. It’s not unfair to expect at least a half decent performance.

    3. Ken, Yes I too have no doubt that this fraud is desperate to stay. Living in vibrant London on £300000, or more, a week and not having to bother working, whilst his deluded but fast shrinking fan club still worship him and continue to defy the plain evidence that their eyes see but which their brains will not accept. As a conman who plainly has no self respect, at least football wise, why on Earth would he want to leave! He plainly is desperate to stay. And his Gazidis stupidly awarded contract makes it next to impossible to force him out. He may the very last of ALL the current frauds masquerading as proper players to be forced out. In fact he MAY ACTUALLY SUCCEED IN STAYING TIL HIS CONTACT ENDS. CHEERS GAZIDIS, YOU SLY PIECE OF FILTH! As I wrote in reply to Phil, above, I believe that by end of his third windowm ie Jan 2021, Arteta will have all the frauds gone, except maybe, I say MAYBE, Ozil.

      Being a realist and not a self fooler or deluded worshipper of a fraud and hasbeen I will be satisfied til that third window with just achieving the good riddance of all the frauds and not worrying overmuch, except if we look like being relegated. Between Wenger, Gazidis ESPECIALLY, Emery and Kroenke, we have been brought to this parlous position where players coast and there is a well established culture of laziness and sloth throughout the team. Until and unless that changes utterly we will never again remotely challenge for the top positions. It will be a long job but I WILL BE PATIENT, SINCE I AM A REALIST.

      1. After all that Jon, you still haven’t answered the question, which was – who woudn’t?

        Your !fast shrinking fan club” piece has been going on for so long Jon, one wonders if there was any truth in it from the beginning.


        1. Ken I have answered it, above. I just do NOT accept the premise in your question and never have. I do NOT agree that post 2008 we achieved nearly enough, considering the base we had back in 2006 . 3 FA Cups, one of which the ref “won” for us(Hull and that wrong corner from which Kos equalised) and in another playing 2 non league clubs, even though we then beat Chelsea and City. You are far more easily satisfied than am I and your question wrongly assumes that I think as you do . I do not. And now you have your answer!

          And do I assume than that you (and Phil) are NOT fan boys of Ozil, cos you give a wonderful impression to the contrary?

          1. Further to the above, yes , of course all players will gladly accept whatever huge money the club are daft enough toaward them ( even though some want even more) All fans know that all Prem playrs are vastly overpaid but most fans, myself included , accept this ridiculous state of being,PROVIDED THAT , AND ONLY PROVIDED THAT, each player gives his all all the time. But most do not and OZIL is by far the laziest and accepting of his stupidly awarded on going financial “lottery win” thanks to Gazidis!

          2. Jon, there is no “premise” involved and you know it!!!

            It is AN UNDENIABLE FACT, that since 2008, we qualified for the CL every season up and until the 2017/18 season and qualified for the K/O stages every year.

            It is AN UNDENIABLE FACT, that since 2008, we finished fourth four times, third three times and second twice, a total of nine top four finishes.

            It is AN UNDENIABLE FACT, that since 2008, we won the fa cup three times, making it seven under AW and a record in the oldest cup competition in the world.
            Everything above is a FACT, NOT A PREMISE- shame on you Jon.

            Please don’t use the word premise (Dictionary: a statement that is ASSUMED to be true) because that is not the way a REALIST would try to wriggle out of an argument is it Jon?????

            So, let’s try again, how did Arsene Wenger manage to do this, with dross players, who were, perhaps, not dross, OR was he, actually, the brilliant manager that you accuse of being useless.

            Come on Jon, a straight answer to a straight question.

  10. Please let him to go as soon as possible. Ozil is one of the most problematic players found in Arsenal squad at the moment. I can say , he is the root cause of Arsenal’s FC current disastrous situation. Personally, I want him and other similar players to be out of the club soon in order to get a chance of signing other suitable and committed players.

  11. Arsenal was 3rd in the league before we all screamed for ozil to be brought back… let that sink in for a minute. The ranting of the fans was an addition to what unsettled the team.

  12. Both those article are referencing Turkish sources, who regularly print untrue things. Ozil will be here till his contract expires because he wants money and is fine with his career on the bench and not being respected anymore. Apparently half the playesr are ready to move on from Arsenal too. You’d think Mesut would be one of the first hoping to restart his career and not waste the few left in his career being a fringe player.


      1. Jon, in case you missed it, I replied to you at 6.53, looking forward to debating the word “premise” with you.

        As for the post directly above at 7.42… regarding his “honour” and being a “fraud”, those words will come back to haunt you my friend – mark my words.
        The same goes for you RSH, with your “not being respected anymore”.

        This goes beyond disliking a player for what you both perceive him to be, it is attacking another individual personally and I find it really quite distasteful.

        1. And pray explain why these true words of mine will “come back to haunt me? ALL THAT HAUNTS ME ABOUT HIM IS HIS CONTINUING STAYING. There is no post of yours at 6.53, just one at 6.43 to which I rplied above on this thread. As for the word “premise” I am well aware, given my good English language degree, exactly what this word means. I used it correctly as I do in most things. But you have not told me why you will not believe my opinion. If you will not believe my opinion , then I repeat(as above) do not bother replying.

          As I said to Phil, on a separate post on this thread , he reminds me, AS DO YOU TOO, of a criminal barrister trying desperately to find inconsistencies in my many posts . But on laziness , you will find no inconsistency. IT IS MY LIFELONG LOATHING, IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE, AND FOOTBALL IS NOT DIFFERENT. Ken, I will ask you the same question I asked Phil; leaving Ozil aside, for now, do you think our present team works hard enough?

          1. Firstly Jon, I am just about to send of a post about Ozil, that I am sure Pat will deliver. Then you and RSH will see exactly what I mean about “honour”, “fraud” and “not being respected anymore”.

            Surely your good english degree tells you that the word “premise” cannot be used when irrefutable facts are being discussed?
            What you are doing, is hiding behind the word, in order not to answer a perfectly reasonable question regarding your views on AW and his dross players.
            I am equally educated enough to know when one is not willing to answer a direct question, instead deliberately, it seems, using any means available not to answer, because it proves you wrong whichever way you answer.

            As you say, you are putting forward your OPINION and I am challenging those opinions with FACTS ( NOT A PREMISE ).

            You would be laughed out of court if you said that the FACTS i gave you are a premise and you know it Jon….your posts are not inconsistencies, they are put forward at every opportunity and with the same forcefullness that has made me challenge you for an answer so many times.

            That is why you and I debate so much, we are consistent in our views and, in particular, our differing views on individuals within our club.

            So, although I know you won’t/cannot answer the direct and simple question of: How did AW and his team of dross players achieve so much from 2008 onwards (with facts to support that claim)? I will ask you once again for a simple plain answer…

            To show you how easy it is my friend, I will answer your direct and simple question:

            Our present team, full of AW, UE, Gazidis and Raul players, is the worst team I have seen for decades.
            They not only don’t work, they have no passion for the shirt, the fans and each other. They are a sham, every single one of them (except Leno and Martinelli, both brilliant buys) fail to earn their money week in week out and in between as well!!
            I am ashamed and humiliated to be associated with such a spineless bunch of losers and the sooner MA sorts them out the better and I am NOT leaving Ozil out in that appraisal either – NEITHER am I using him as the scapegoat for the rest of the lazy bu**ers either.

            So Jon, I hope that is clear enough for you as to where I stand and the word “premise” doesn’t come into it – no hiding just being honest…over to you for the same candid and, hopefully, full answer to my simple question.

  13. For anyone to suggest that Wenger has nothing to do with the mess our team is in is a failure to recognise what is clearly factual evidence to the contrary.Mustafi and Xhaka are examples of costly errors of judgement made by our former Manager who seems oblivious to his failings .As for Ozil,he was in his day a delightful ballplayer but since the 2015 season he has declined steadily and cannot compete in the “high energy” game which is the hallmark of teams in the Premier League.

    1. I sincerely hope that, if and when Mezut Ozil returns to Turkey, he takes up the issue of his good friend Erdogan’s treatment of the Kurds, as passionately as he has taken up China’s reprehensible treatment of the Uzghars?

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