Rumours persist that Arsenal man will be leaving this summer

Some rumours will just not go away even when there have been denials and that appears to be the case with Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira.

The speculation first started following comments made by the Uruguayan when he spoke about settling in London, the weather and so on. This was taken by some to mean that he was agitating for a move back to Italy, albeit not to Sampdoria the club we acquired him from but rather AC Milan.

The thinking is that because Torreira played under new AC Milan manager Marco Giampaolo at Sampdoria that he would be keen on reunification with his former boss.

Then add into the mix the reports that Giampaolo has identified the midfielder as his number one target and you have all the ingredients for a juicy transfer saga and that is what appears to be unfolding.

Arsenal is now apparently preparing for a bidding war though how that would be the case when it is just AC Milan being linked I don’t know.

There may or may not be something in all this but what I do know is that this one will run and run because if what is being reported is true then AC Milan definitely wants Torreira and he would welcome a move back to Italy

As things stand today, AC Milan will persist and it is believed in Italy that Arsenal do now consider the 23-year-old as sellable.


    1. Since Ozil sucks as a no 10 and as a winger, Emery might as well assign him in between those positions

      Which is as a half-winger or mezzala in 4-3-3 formation

      He does not have sharp vision anymore, but his preference to hog the ball and slow down the flow might be able to distract the opponents from our wide players

  1. While I admire Torreria for his enthusiasm and his aptitude for hard work with, and without the ball, he does not have the physicality to make a real impression in the PL in my view.If he wants to move to Milan I would not stand in his way subject to a £40m transfer fee which we could use to buy the talented Llorente from Real Madrid.He has been linked to Athletico recently so time may be of the essence to get a real done.As it is the deals will probably never happen.

    1. It’s his first season. Some players adapt slower than others. He also had a good first half of the season. With fitness goals and tactical changes, he could still turn himself around

      He can work on his body fitness with both weight training and cardio. He should be given another season

      It’s unfair to dismiss him so soon

  2. it will be stupid of Arsenal to sell Torreira, let alone for as low as 40million for someone still having four years left on his contract and still very young. why sell him? when he is the best midfielder we’ve got… I repeat it will be stupid to even think it

    1. Absolutely ridiculous. If it is not like insane offer, I won’t even think about selling him. Give me 40£ plus a player that we need or 80+ million.

  3. Just Arsenal or Just Wonder how many players we have been linked to since the TW started and Just how many have we bought ?

    The rumours are about as spot on as me getting the part of Poldark`s illegitimate brother from Jamaica going by the name of Ivor Darkpol !……………I am deluded too as I`ve been seen nude sunbathing in the port of Charlestown in Cornwall where where they film the series.

    Been in Hospital down here having tests on my Heart, the first one was an X-Ray where they found something strange!………I have a skeleton inside me !!!
    Just had a Ultra Sound scan where I tormented the nurse by allowing her to rub gel over my six pack body !
    For two days I have been stuck on a ward with people who look amazingly ill and with no TV or laptop so didn`t know whether AdMart had written a post on someone we had actually bought !
    The wife came to visit me today and the joy and emotion was unbelievable, I ran to her with tears of relief with my arms greatfull to embrace the laptop from her hands and duly shook her hands and thanked her for the visit.

    1. I wondered where you were, Le Coq!
      Are you ok??
      I bet you’re a right handful – always pressing your buzzer for the nurse! Flashing your abs to all the patients & their visitors!! Have they put you in a room by yourself yet??!!
      Your poor wife ? although she’s probably used to it by now. Would you have been happier to see her if she came in wearing an Arsenal kit?! ?

      1. Absolutely Sue !…………….wearing an Arsenal kit but with Danielle van de Donk inside it instead !

        I`d Bonk De Donk !

        1. ?? brilliant, Le Coq!! I just hope to God there are no conjoined twins in that hospital ?
          So your mate Ornstein has been pretty quiet lately…. the crumbs aren’t telling me owt either!!

          1. When Pornstein talks we listen !

            Seriously though Sue, I`m of the opinion like a few others that any deals will be seen when we officially unveil the Adidas Viagra Collection…………….erectile disfunction will be a thing of the past with that home shirt…………you may not be safe going to the Ems after July 1st ! hahahaha

            I could walk down Shite Hart Lane and even Spuds will be aroused and they have`nt had an erection since 1961 !

            Peter Crouch was a Spud, does that make him a Crouch Potato ?

          2. Walking down shite hart lane – bell ends with erections!!!
            Haha it is a lush top though! Not long now & your Missus can model it!
            Crouch potato – ??

  4. Football is business so if they want him let them cough 80 million cash then we enter market for serious shopping.

  5. I don’t really believe the story but who knows?
    But….. if it’s true and Milan want him and he wants to go, then screw Milan for as much as possible.
    Chambers could take his place and the money spent in more urgent areas!

  6. Absolutely ridiculous that we’re considering selling, unless the player’s not happy.

    Can’t believe the lack of reaction from most of you regarding this.

  7. I rate LT as a player and truly
    believe his best futbol in an
    Arsenal jersey is directly in front
    of him. WTS if the young man misses
    the Italian weather, culture and
    lifestyle to the point that it
    adversely effects his futbol than
    Raul and Emery should seriously
    consider either selling him to
    Milan or for £50M+ or swapping the
    Uruguayan for Kessie and $$$. I
    watched the young Ivorian feature
    for Milan on a few occassions and
    was impressed with his physicality
    and technical acumen in the center
    of the pitch. TREMENDOUS upside
    for such a young player.

    Chambers development @ DM when on
    loan @ Fulham makes such a decision
    on Torrerias future a tad bit easier
    for the Arsenal brass.

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