Rúnarsson in talks to leave Arsenal after just one year

Arsenal’s “horror” signing set to leave club

Arsenal’s goalkeeper Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson is reportedly on the verge of leaving the club for Turkish side Altay Spor.

However, the deal is still to be finalized and it could be a permanent one. That comes as music to the ears of the Arsenal fans who will be extremely happy to see the back of the Icelandic international.

The 26-year-old was signed last year, from the now relegated French side Dijon. Many people questioned the Gunners’ move for the goalkeeper, who had lost his place in an extremely underwhelming side, and that too to an aged shot-stopper.

Rúnarsson penned a four-year deal last summer, however his stint at Arsenal is looking likely to come to an end just a year after he signed for the London side.

No Arsenal fan would have complaints on the impending deal, which was awful to say the least. The Icelandic made six appearances for Arsenal conceding seven goals.

Most of his starts came in the Europa League against far inferior teams, which proves how he ended up keeping three clean sheets.

Several Arsenal fans took to social media to show their delight on the latest development on the transfer front.

Arsenal have done right to move him on before the pre-season starts so that they can have a good time to ponder on signing a solid back up to first-choice Bernd Leno.

Rúnarsson’s departure would leave Arthur Okonkwo, Karl Hein, James Hillson and maybe even Dejan Iliev (who’s already 26) as Arsenal’s options for a shot-stopper in the upcoming pre-season.

The North London outfit are set to play six games in the close season, and the young guns can be handed invaluable minutes. The most highly rated of them is Karl Hein, who is already a full international with Estonia, and Okonkwo, who is expected to be the third-choice goalkeeper at the Emirates Stadium from next season.

Personally, I would be looking a close eye at them in the pre-season. Having a young, academy goalkeeper making mistakes is better than signing goalkeeper not cut out for the top stage.

Liverpool’s Caoimhin Kelleher impressed when he was handed minutes ahead of a more experienced head than Adrian. Same can be the case with Hein or Okonkwo who can become crucial squad members in a few years’ time.

Even before the news of Rúnarsson’s departure came out, it was clear how lowly the Icelandic international is rated, as the Gunners have already looked at several goalkeepers to replace the Iceland international.

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  1. We paid 1m to Dijon – a Ligue 2 outfit – for his services. What exactly did everyone expect? An Ederson clone?
    Look at who was responsible for this signing…. always looking to do things on the cheap!
    It didn’t work out, are we surprised? His confidence has taken a complete battering.. he’s been abused by his own ‘fans’… disgusting.
    I wish him well in his next venture and perhaps he can reactivate his social media accounts now (smh).
    Thank you, Alex… Good luck!

    1. Sue said everything that needed to be said about it and i reiterate my good wishes to him!a question to admi does this site has to post negative articles/ having digs at every player that is linked/announced as leaving the club? most recent articles about Guendouzy Xhaka now Alex having been exactly that”most fans will be happy to see his back he won’t be missed…”i find it sad and classless!

      1. 👍 I often wonder if our fans are satisfied with any of our players!!
        The negativity is relentless, especially towards certain players…

        1. Humbug Sue! What about YOUR own constant negativity towards our manager then? Seems to me very few fans are satisfied with our manager, which is way overhasty and ridiculous.

          Much of his criticism is biased, unfair and unconsidered. Just constant barbs from the same regular tedious fans , like REGGIE, HH, SEAN W, DAN KIT, ETC and you too.

          1. 🤣 Coming from the King of negativity.. Still harping on about players from yesteryear, struggling to let it go! Yawn!!!
            You were the one that claimed Arteta ‘wasn’t the one to take us forward’ not me, in your grovelling apology to us all….

          2. Sue, Jon will conveniently forget his grovelling post, if MA does bring back the good times – either that or he will claim his words were taken out of context and call everyone who remembers it as lying about it!!!

          3. 👍I roared with laughter reading that comment, Ken, how on earth that could’ve been taken out of context is beyond me 😂

  2. I just cannot understand the fans vitriol towards this kid. He did his best but he obviously wasn’t good enough. Did anyone expect him to turn down the chance to sign for the Arsenal but it didn’t work out. I hope he finds a club at his level where he can play regularly.

    1. Agree with you Marty, Siamois and Sue, the abuse on line for him and this article headlined “horror signing” and negativity of it is classless and doesn’t need to be on here. Best wishes Runarsson and hope you find peace and love at a new club soon.

  3. So so sad, was never comfortable with Arsenal, for no fault of his. Best of luck Alex and hope you are happy wherever you go. The powers that be must think twice before making future signings, Saliba is another example, loaned out before he can even prove himself, just because he hurt someones ego, very sad and sorry state of affairs. Personal egos come before the Club interests which can only take our Club, which every gooner loves most, down and down.

  4. Poor bloke
    He did not deserve to be treated so awfully by the fanbase – blame who scouted him instead and perhaps his agent who was not looking after Runarsson’s proper interests.
    I hope he can rebuild his confidence and have a good career

    1. Well said !good to see some well wishing comments!Alex getting abused by some of our own fans was another low i find it hard to believe that some of these people are parents themselves unbelievable! Can someone tell me what happened to some of the club’s values ??

  5. He got a chance most goalkeepers dream of……it didn’t work out here but who knows …….good luck and I hope you grow to meet your own expectations…….ignore the fans…..it is part of being a professional…..

  6. My take is that the lad had one howler of a game and so many turned on him, what about the costly players who cost us millions in transfers and wages and hoped /skipped/jumped on the pitch or got injured sitting in the stands under an umbrella, those types are considered as saints by some fans.
    What about the abuse Mikel has been upto when the man tried his best to straighten dogs tails over here.

  7. He made a sudden huge jump thanks to Arsenal scouting team and MA, given very few opportunities, only 3 or 4 matches in EL before going to face Mancity. He made a mistake that led to a goal but we received other 3 anyways, because Mancity outplayed us.
    It is not easy for all GKs to bring their best game if he is not regular, he should consider that in his next club. I have seen good keepers take a match or two to step up.

    Fans scapegoated him. He is only 26 which is young for a GK, he can get better with time, regular playing, patience, and support. Good luck to him.

    1. Fans don’t select the team or put players up for sale – ask MA why he is selling him.

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